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Grandson`s wedding-Sunday Oct 7th, 07

Hi everyone,
Just a quick note to let everyone know I will be leaving in the morning for Virginia to attend a grandson`s wedding. This wedding will be held on a large boat and will be cruising out for a few hours after the wedding and reception ( or during, I `m realy not sure which).

I am all packed and we will be leaving home early in the morning (Sat.). It is about an 8 hour driving trip. My new son-in-law and his wife ( my daughter) will be doing all the driving. My oldest daughter will be riding in the back seat with me. My son, the father of the groom is driving down today with his youngest daughter and his 2 grandkids. My youngest daughter and her husband will be driving down later tomorrow. So, most of my family will be there for the wedding. I hope I don`t doze off on the ride down as I have sleep apnea and my machine will be packed in the trunk. In the past I used to snore bad before I found out the snoring was caused by the sleep apnea and I was put on the cpap (CFlex) machine. If I should doze off, I sure hope I don`t snore. That would be bad. Living alone, I have no way of knowing if I do still snore without the machine. Just know that Walt used to tell me I suddenly started snoring. Back then we didn`t know it was a medical problem that needed taking care of. I was too worried about Walt to think of myself at the time. I did know that I often stopped breathing at night, because Walt said he would shake me, I would let out a gasp and start breathing ok again. At the time my heart used to be very irregular, but not as bad since using the machine. So, it not only is keeping me breathing while asleep, but has also helped my heart. If only we had known years ago, Walt wouldn`t have been so worried about me. It would have made his life a little easier.

Well, I will miss you all and try to catch up with what everyone has been doing when I get back. Have a wonderful week-end everyone.

Dot, do convey my good wishes to the young couple....and you enjoy yourself!
Have a great time and I hope you get to dance with everyone and shake your booty a little "wink"
Dot, I do believe our friend Walker was wishing he could be at the weeding because he knows there is always dancing going on---and he wants the chance to dance with one of his favorite bloggers. Yes I happen to know you are one he respects and enjoys very much and something tells me he would enjoy a dance with you.

I hope you enjoyed this very special time.
Thanks geets. Here I am back from the wedding and I had a marvelous time. Thanks for the good wishes for the couple.
Nice to hear from you again.
Thanks Walker. I did have a great time and did a lot of dancing. I think this might be the first time I danced with everyone who asked, even an ex-daughter-in-laws new Husband. Glad my son didn`t mind. Actually he told me that her new husband was a nice guy. Guess he had met him before. But the granddaughters say he is a big drinker and not as polite to their mom at home and they have spent vacations visiting their mother.
I am glad her husband isn`t jealous over the closeness she still has with me and my family.
Hi Cara,
Thanks for the nice words. I sure did enjoy myself.
Between you and me, if Walker had been there and asked to dance, I wouldn`t have said no. I bet he is a great dancer. I do love dancing and don`t get much chance anymore except at weddings.
I miss the shoulder I used to lay my head on during the slow dances, but Walt wasn`t one for doing many fast dances- he prefered the old style dances. But he trusted me to dance them with others. He knew I wasn`t one who could dance with just anyone if I thought they were one to look out for. Easy at the wedding because they were mostly relations to either the Bride or groom, plus some trusted friends. Some were friends who were in the Marines with my grandson. I got a lot of respect just because I was grandson Walt`s grandmother. He is one very tall, broad shouldered well built ( no fat) strong looking lad. I could see how much his friends respected him.
Thanks for stopping by. You are always welcome here.
I am late.the wedding is over and u are alsready did u snore? I am sure u had a good time .
Hi Starry nights,
I still don`t know as I never dozed off on the long trip down or on the almost 11 hours drive back home. I can`t remember laughing so much in the last 5 years since I lost Walt. It was well worth the long ride.
I am still trying to get my oldest daughter to get checked for sleep apnea. I know that she still snores all night long as I shared a room in the hotel with her.
Have a nice week-end.
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