Saturday, October 27, 2007


Grandson`s Wedding picture

The two girls standing on the left are his sisters- 2 more of my grandchildren. The smallest

boy and little girl standing in front of the bride and groom are 2 of my great grandchildren.

Those deep plum/wine coloured bridesmaids' dresses are lovely!
Thank you hillgrandmom. I thought all the girls looked lovely in them. Surprising to find a color like this one that everyone looked good wearing.
That is a very big wedding party. I was once a bridesmaid and we wore that exact same colour dress but the men were in grey suits. I think the black suits look much better.
The pics are superb ! dot !
Great pics dot,i hope i never upset that guy (5th from right) he's a big guy isent he
Thanks gypsy. I bet you also looked great in that color.
Thanks Jac. I`m glad I figured out my scanner so I could post them.
yes gazza he sure is. My grandson is about an inch taller, but his friend sure is heavier built. They were good buddies for years in the Marines.
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