Sunday, September 02, 2007


Tagged by Gazza for Favorite Smells

My Favorite Smells are :

1. Home baked bread

2. Lilacs when in bloom

3. some perfumes when not overpowering

4. fresh baked pies

5. Apple tree now while it`s filled with the smell of apples.

Now, who to Tag??

1. Walker

2. Gypsy


4. Cecilia

I am removing Cecilia from the Tag as she doesn`t seem to be still writing in her blog.
That is long since...i visted my valiyammomma...hope u r doing great....
And i take this tag from you...
What is it about the smell of bread Dot,they should bottle it and make a fortune lol.
I'll do this tag, dot!
Thank you for stopping by, Dot. My daughter is safely home.

Take care of you.
Thank you neermathalam. i appreciate your offer to do the tag.
Thanks for stopping by.
yes, Gazza, think of all the money they would make selling it. Anytime we wished we had that fresh loaf of bread we could just spray the odor around the kitchen, or maybe plug in a freshioner that would leave that fresh baked bread odor in the room. Sounds great to me. Good idea.
thanks for stopping by.
thanks geets for taking the time from your busy life to do the Tag. I will be around to enjoy reading it.
Have a great day.
Hi Me, So glad to hear your daughter is now home and safe. God bless her. Hope she is able to handle the problem without pain in the future.
Thanks for letting me know.
Have a good day.
Gezz I better start working on the first one LOL
We share some favorite smells like fresh bread mmmm
Hi Walker,
Doesn`t it get your taste buds working overtime? I should stop being so lazy and make some homemade bread, but I would need someone to stop by and help me eat it so it wouldn`t spoil. I couldn`t eat a whole loaf fast enough by myself- as much as I love it warm from the oven and buttered with the butter melting on the warm bread. Now, can`t you just taste it?
Of course, I have a better idea- you bake the bread and save a few slices for me. Lol.
Lilacs are my absolute favourite smell in the entire world. I love, love, love them.
I love the smell of lilacs, freshly baked bread and the smell of the earth after the rain. How are you Dot.I still have to do the tag, will be doing it sometime this week.
Home baked bread !!!! hmmmmm
Hi Nan, sorry it took me so long to answer. I was very disappointed this summer as the acid rain ruined the Lilacs shortly after they opened. I never even had a day without rain to cut any. I so love the smell they put in my home. my daughter was also looking forward to the great aroma as she waits every year for the day i cut some for her. By the time it stopped raining the flowers were destroyed. Hope for better luck next year.
Thanks for stopping by.
Thanks starry nights. yes there is a fresh smell to the air after it is cleaned with the rain.
I am doing fine. Right now the dampness is telling my back off, but it will let up after a while and if it doesn`t, I will just go stand under the nice warm shower. Isn`t it funny how the damp rain gets everything aching, while the warm shower water helps to stop the arthritic aches? Taking a shower, would mean leaving my phone off the hook as my kids worry if they phone me and I don`t answer. This way they they know I am either on the phone with someone else, on line, or taking a shower, so that tells them I am ok.
Thanks for stopping by. Have a nice week-end.
Yes Jac, I have been getting lazy lately and haven`t made any. But, maybe once I get my shop back in order I just might make some. Used to always do it the long way till my husband bought me a bread maker- to make my life easier was his reasoning. Does still work great, just wish he was here to help me eat it. I can always send part of it next door if I need help eating a whole loaf. Now, i`m getting tempted all over again. HaaHaa.
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