Saturday, September 15, 2007


Another Saturday, What will I do on this Sept. 15th, 2007?

Saturday, Sept. 15th, 2007

Here it is another Saturday and nothing special that I must do.

Lets see, Monday was the exercise class at Motivations, Tues the exercize class at the hospital Wellness Clinic, Wedensday, back to motivations, Thursday- well I told one of my daughters it was my day off ( just think, retired with a whole day off) so I went shopping. I bought some new walking shoes and new work-out long slacks ( getting chillier out for wearing shorts you know) , batteries for two cordless phones, and a new VCR/DVD player- only to get it home and find out I couldn`t record my Soaps on it without getting a Tuner box from my cable co. So, my new son-in-law gave me a VCR that he wasn`t using. Guess I`ll just take the new one back and get my money back. Could just call the cable Co. for one of their boxes, but what if later on I decide I don`t want cable anymore- then the VCR wouldn`t record without me getting another cord connection to hook it up to the arial on the top of my garage. Yes, I still do have that old fashioned arial connection and it still brings in a good TV picture.
I did forget to mention that on Wednesday my two younger sisters took me out to a restaurant for lunch as a late birthday present. Or did I post that before? Must be getting old since I can`t remember, or did I just tell so many people that I forgot who I told? Now that excuse sounds better, don`t you think? Ever think about how "present" stands for the spelling of two word meanings? Present- give a gift and present- pronounced like pre-sent as to give a speach of some sort. I have heard people say that the English language is sometimes confusing, do you suppose a word having the same spelling and meaning 2 different things might be what makes them think it?

Well, I did stop at Thursday, so Friday I went back to the hosp. exercise class. And now I am up to today. If the rain continues, I might end up working in the house, or I still might build my shelfs, not sure yet. Depends on how damp or chilly the rain makes the shop. Not chilly enough yet to run the heater to remove the dampness, would be harder working in an over-heated room. . But since it is now 4AM, I have hours to make up my mind in. Don`t they say that it is a womans perogative to change her mind? Can`t let that line down now, can I? I have about 3 hours to decide in. Couldn`t go out to the shop before that or my daughter next door and the neighbors would start worrying about me. Can`t let that happen. Now, if the shop were connected to my house I might have worked out there on nights when I can`t sleep. But everyone would be upset if they knew I was running around out doors at this hour in the morning, or should I have said during the night?

But then, if I don`t get those shelves built along the back of my shop, how will I ever get my large bench and the 4 machines back into some useable order. I also still have to paint the inside of the window that was put in to replace the one I broke on my head. Hard head, right? Head doing good, but I sure did make a lot more work for myself. Raining tonight. Yes, it is still night here. I awoke a little after 3AM and couldn`t get back to sleep. But that happens a lot the past few years. When I awoke, I could hear voices talking outside. Peeked out the window and saw car lights across the road which meant my neighbor went out last night and someone had just dropped her off home. Too dark outside to see the car, just the lights showing. Who knows, it might have been my oldest daughter she went out with. If so, then that doesn`t bother me since neither of them drink anything stronger than a diet pepsi ( HaaHaa). They just have a good time with their friends and they both love dancing and Karioki ( probably spelled wrong). My daughter isn`t married at this time and her youngest is 16 years old, so she is leaving no little ones at home and the neighbors husband can trust his wife. So, since they don`t go out very often, no harm in having some fun listening to a band that plays music they enjoy. I did see the car ride by again, or I should say I saw the car lights go slowly past my houe again. So, probably was my daughter wondering why my bedroom light was on at this hour in the morning. I hadn`t turned on the kitchen light or the computer until after the car left our road. I started out playing spider solitaire before starting to write and I am still not on line yet or I could check to see if my daughter went on line to check up on me.

I hate it when the kids worry about me. I have had a good life and as I tell them, when my time comes I hope I am still able to enjoy my life doing things I enjoy. They are always saying " mom, why didn`t you call me, I could have done that for you". I tell them, "don`t worry, if I need you, I will call you' My husband once told me I was too independant- just because I never ask for help with something I know I can still do myself. Why take advantage of someone for things I can do myself. After all, there might come a time when I do need their help as I get older and I wouldn`t want them already getting tired of waiting on me. My Mother lived to 4 days before her 91st birthday, and I am already 4 years older than my Dad was. I am hoping that like my Mom and Dad, I will be still taking care of myself for as long as possible. My Dad was still working on a neighbors truck and got it repaired the night before. My Mom did end up in a wheel chair the last couple of years, but was still living in the home my Dad had built for them when they first got married. They also had a little over 50 years of marriage. Funny how much I have copied my parents without even thinking about it. My Mom and I both got married at age 20 and had our first child the next year. Mom didn`t start with a ready made family and raise step kids like I did. But, we both had our second child 2 yrs after the first one, but thats where things changed. My second time was twin sons. Then my Mom -why do we just say Mom, didn`t Dad also becoms a parent at the same time, even if he didn`t have to work that hard to become a parent. Well 2 years later we both had another child. Before I had my 4th Hospital trip- 5 years later, my parents had 2 more kids each 2 years apart. Then 6 years later I had my last baby, while my parents waited 7 years before their last one. So, my parents ended up raising 7 children. But I ended up raising 8 counting my step children. So, while our lives were simular, they were still very different. Well, I have already out lived my Dad who was just 2 months before his 73rd Birthday, while my husband was 75. My mother lived for 20 years after we lost my Dad. I don`t think I would enjoy living 20 years alone like she did, even if we both could depend on our kids whenever we needed them. Sounds like a very lonely life to me. I have only made it alone for 5 years and I am already wishing there was someone to talk with, to eat meals with, to go places with, guess you never realize how much you realy meant it when you would say, I don`t know what I would ever do if I lost my husband.
Well, I stay busy, but my how my life has changed. I sure do miss him and the way our lives had resolved around each other. If we could only turn back the clocks and relive our happiness one more time. But, then we would just need to relive this empty feeling inside all over again. I am sure it would be even harder a second time around, not sure I could go thru it a second time. This makes me think of a cousin who loved and lost two husbands and my Grandmother who out lived three husbands.
What my life has in store for me, I have no idea. Guess I will just have to stay busy while I wait to see what my future holds for me. Life is so unpredictable, some day, when my kids or grandkids or possible even my great grandchildren are reading my blog they will be able to fill in the unknown. I usually print off my posts for them to read about my life after I am gone. They all know about this blog and I would let them read it if they said they wanted to, but so far only a daughter-in-law has showed any interest. I gave her the way to my blog, but she has never mentioned reading it, so maybe she does and maybe she doesn`t. I do know she lost the way and asked me for it a second time. i even told her she should start a blog when she mentioned wanting her kids to know more about her life. She is partially disabled with breathing problems and it would also give her something to do since she also lives alone.
Well, it is almost 6AM and I should get dressed soon since it looks like Iwill not be getting back to sleep. WOW, I have sat here for almost 3 hours. Time sure flies by when you find something to do.

Ever think about all the time you are wasting while staying busy, but not out living life. At the same time, there is never enough hours in a day to accomplish everything that needs to be done.
Guess I will go on line and add this to my blog. Then I will go get dressed and find something to eat. For some reason I feel hungry this morning. I usually feed my dog around 7AM. My day usually starts after I feed her. Every morning I hold my breath if she doesn`t come out of her dog house to greet me. She is 11 years old and her face hair has turned gray, her hearing isn`t as good as it used to be and she has cataracs building on both eyes. She is my most important reason for getting up in the morning. Since she started looking so old, I have had this awful fear of losing her. This summer I cut a small window style hole in her dog house to give her more circulating air. A few days ago I cut out a board to cover that opening and added it with just the one screw for now so I can slide it open and closed depending on the weather. Once it starts getting colder I will add the other screw to hold it shut. I read on the net that Border Collies have up to a 14 year life and she is already almost 12 now and with her eyesight and hearing getting bad from age, It has me wondering how age is also affecting her other organs. God Bless her, she is a wonderful loving protector and still tries to follow me around outside as far as her chain will allow. Very obedient and still tries to play with all the kids whenever they come to visit. She just loves everyone, but a stranger can`t touch her until I tell her it is ok. I think her eyesight is why she now depends on me to tell her if the new person is a friend or not. Even in her condition, she still is protective and i can rely on her 100%. She is one worth braging about.
Well, I`m off to get on line. Hows that- off to get on? contradictory, right?

Finally posting this and with the rain, it is still quite dark outside. Usually daylight long before now. Guess that means winter isn`t that far off now.
Hope not too many mistakes in spelling as this morning I feel too tired to check.

I have learned alot watching my grandparents who all lived into their ninties and one grandfather up to 105 and my parents who still are active daily even if its just argueing with each other lol.

Sometimes I worry about them because they do alot but at the same time it is what keeps them going.
Something to look forward to.
If its way to hard they will call for help like the chairs i stripped and re finished for them.

Tell your kids you will call them when it to hard for you and you do that because IU don;t want you to strain yourself and also tell them you will rest when your time to rest comes.

Now, what the hell are Motivation classes. I hope its not for you to be more motivated because you have to be the most motivated person I know or are you the one teaching people how to be more motivated.
That I would believe.

Have a nice weekend.

Oh I did one of your memes ummm it's a little you know.... I was a little bad.......
Dot, I agree with Walker there--you have to be the one giving the motivation classes--you are so inspiring. But do call your children when you need help--I'm sure they'd feel privileged.
Hello Dot,
My you are a wonder. I have an Avon customer like you who is well in her 70's and has just completed concreting these huge dog pens (she breeds dogs). She tiles the floors in the house herself, does all the gardening on a 2 and a half acre block, in fact, I don't think there is a single thing she can't turn her hand to. She has a pacemaker and another little machine which kicks in if the pacemaker fails. She is my hero.

I read Walker's meme and that reminded me I hadn't done it yet either. I have now though Dot, sorry about how long I took. And Walker was a little bit bad. Mine are clean though.
Walker, motivations is an exercise place-- simular to a gym with all kinds of exercise machines, plus weights, stretch bands, large and smaller balls to work with, just about every exercise equipment you can think of. The hospital Wellness Clinic has loads of equipment, but Motivations has even more kinds. I must have lost some weight as i can fit into some things i couldn`t wear at the beginning of summer. but I am sure i don`t weigh any less since building muscles weighs more than fat did. Hoping to look better for my grandsons wedding next month.
Yes we can learn a lot watching our parents They were my inspiration to want to be able to do lots of different things thruout my life.
By the way, I loved how the chairs looked.
When my younger brother died from a heart attack at age 60, many family members blamed his wife and kids for not doing the things so Ken wouldn`t be doing them. But Ken was like me, he liked doing things. No one could have stopped him from shoveling off a daughters roof, or feeding the ducks when it was very cold outside and things like that. i keep telling my kids that I don`t want that happening if I should be doing something when I pass away that family members didn`t agree with. I told them to remember that I wouldn`t consider myself living if I just sat and watched them doing everything for me. My Prayer is that ,like my Dad, I am still on my own two feet able to do things I enjoy up until my last day. I am already older than my dad , who was only almost 72. I loved both my parents, but my Dad was my idol to learn more from.
Yes hillgrandmom, I do call my kids when the job looks to be more than I feel I should be attempting to do. Plus I don`t do pluming or electrical. I do have an electrical book and have showed walt how to wire somethings such as the two way stairway light, but when it comes to connecting it to the power box, that I leave for someone else to do. I have a son that scares me when he doesn`t always shut off the power before connecting somesocket and switch boxes. I shut off the main power when he was hooking up the shop boxes, so I won that one. I also stopped climbing up onto the kitchen roof to paint the top section of my home, so it hasn`t been painted in about three years now and still needs the second coat of paint.
Take care and thanks for stopping by.
Thanks Gypsy. I`ll be there to read it soon.
I have also tiled floors, but right now I wish I was smarter about masonry work. Wish your Avon lady lived closer. I would have her help me make a new botton concrete step for my front porch. I can`t replace my railing till I get that step repaired. I know how to make a frame and mix and pour the cement, but just not sure if it will adhere ok to whats left of the old step, or might the rest of the old step need to be removed. i worry it might crumble and not support the new concrete. Not sure if I could chip out the remainder half of the step without cracking the next step above it.
I can see why you look up to your Avon lady with all she does. good for her!!
Hey Dot, nice post.
Btw, I've done both your tags...
Hi Dot I have some bad news about Denny I got in touch with his daughter and he suffered a massive stroke mid-August with a brain bleed. He cannot move his left side nor can he speak. I couldn't find an email like for you or i'd forward the email to you. His daughter is going to keep me informed. I am so very sad to hear this about our dear friend.
That was really long but I enjoyed it like a story.

Sorry about the Dog too.

The correct spelling is Karaoke.
Have you's switched to digital tv in usa alredy?were getting told it's coming soon.
Thanks Geets. I have read them both and liked your answers. Good Tag posts. Thanks for letting me know.
Thanks Patti, I will say prayers for Dennie and hope anyone who reads this will join us in saying prayers for Denny. Prayers are the best help we can give to our wonderful friend.
Hugs to you Patti for your help.
Thanks Jac for the correct spelling. We didn`t have Karaoki while I was growing up. First I started hearing of it was from my oldest daughter who joins in singing with her friends. She tells me it is a lot of fun.
Gazza, Guess some people have(I heard one daughter has it), but I haven`t changed yet. I realy don`t know much about it. I will need to know more before I decide whether I wish to change to it or not.

For that matter I am one of those who still has dial -up for my internet provider. Sometimes I think of changing, but here I still am. Only time I think of changing is when someone sends me an oversized e-mail that takes forever to open.
Dot you remind me of my late mother who used to get mad when we worried about her being alone - she was so fiercely independent she'd drive me round the bend . Enjoy yourself - I like to check out your blog !
Hi Eve, My late husband used to tell me I was too independant. Thats was because after he started having breathing problems I worried about letting him do as much, and so I started doing more myself.
With ny Border collie, Sassy, I feel very safe here alone, plus if I needed help, my daughter and her new husband live next door. They do a lot for me. Today my daughter went up on the kitchen roof and painted the top end of the main house so i wouldn`t do it. My son-in-law mowed the grass for me yesterday when he was doing theirs. So, I do let them help with some things and appreciate every thing all the kids do for me.
Thanks for stopping by.
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