Friday, August 24, 2007


One busy day with a not so good ending!

Yesterday started out great. I fed Sassy, picked more tomatoes, cooked up some to add
to macaroni for later and then I went out to do more painting on my shop. I added the primer to the small groves where the outside boards overlap. Then I went inside to do the primer on the new inside wall. Had the wall almost painted except for under the three small windows. I had to shut the windows to paint under them because they are put in so that I can open them downward so they cal lay against the lower wall out of the way. The reason I decided to hook them up with the hinges on the bottom is so I can add chains to the tops and be able to open them just part way when I am using the saws. this way if the wind blows it can`t come inside to blow the sawdust in my face while I am sawing. I haven`t added the chains yet. If I had, it wouldn`t have happened. You see, while painting under the larger of the three windows that window fell back open, hitting me hard on the top of my head. It left my head feeling numb, so it wasn`t hurting . One pain of the two pane window smashed into a lot of pieces when it hit my head. Guess my head was just to tough for it. But it got even. I went ahead cleaning up all the broken glass, then used a pair of pliers to pull out the few pieces that were still intact in the frame. Then I finished painting the rest of the wall. So the primer paint is now done. Next is needing another couple dry days to put the top paint on the small outside grooves- rest of the outside is finished, and then paint on the top coat of paint on the inside wall.

To get back to the glass, I hunted and found I still have one more window that will fit where the broken one is, waiting for one of the kids to stop by and carry it downstairs for me. I added a garbage bag over the window with the missing glass to keep the rain from pouring in till I can get the window replaced with the one I found. Then while painting I noticed all the window putty is gone on three of the four sides of one of the smaller windows. So, I taped some cardboard over it so it can`t fall out till I get stuff to fix it with. Seems there is always something that needs fixing.

By now it had been over a half hour, close to an hour since the window hit me in the head hard enough to make it feel numb. Then I went next door to tell my daughter something and while we were talking I felt like something was running on my head. When I put my hand up there it came down with some blood on my fingers. Nothing bad enough to worry about. I couldn`t see the top of my head , so my daughter got a wash cloth to wash off the blood and told me I had a small slit, but it wasn`t deep enough to need stitches. She put a butterfly bandage over it to pull it together so it should heal better. Then she told me I had other smaller cuts and my head looked bruised. She told me I better go home and take some Tylenol as I was going to have one heck of a headache once the numbness wore off. Well, I did end up needing the Tylenol every 4 hours till I went to bed and again when I awoke this morning. But it is just sore now and not paining much anymore. If Walt were here he would be saying " I told you to stop and rest before you get hurt". He was always telling me to quit something before I got hurt. I remember one time I was washing his car, felt dizzy, passed out, came to laying half on the car seat and my feet still on the ground with blood running down my face. That time I must have hit the corner of the car door and ended with a small cut next to my eyebrow. Another time I was carrying a clothes basket -filled over the top - downstairs to the washer when I fell, landing with my head against the 250 gallon fuel tank which knocked me out cold. When I came to I had a blood clot on the top of my head which is still there today. Glad the window didn`t hit on that spot. I once asked the Dr if that fall down a flight of stairs and me passing out could have caused the heart murmur that my daughter was born with. He told me no, but I still wonder.

Now wouldn`t it sound funny if I had needed stitches and the Dr had asked me how I damaged my head so bad. My answer would have been " I was painting a wall in my woodshop and a window fell open and hit me hard on the top of my head, and my head broke the glass ". You have to admit that sounds laughable, even if the accident wasn`t funny.
Besides, I couldn`t afford to need stitches as they would have shaved my head around all those cuts and I wouldn`t have time for the hair to grow back in before my grandsons wedding in Oct. and it would have looked terrible with the rest of my long hair and I`m not crazy for those short bobs that resemble a boys cut like my sisters have. I might feel different if I had to curl my hair or get permanents like they did, but I was born with naturally curly hair and today I still have some natural waves and never have to curl it. One of my old school girlfriends told me that she was always jealous of me and my hair when we were in grade school as she had to curl her hair every night. Funny thing is that this girlfriend came from a family where she had so much more growing up than I did. I never had a rough life or lacked the important things, but she had beautiful clothes and more expensive toys and even a doll house big enough for us to walk in and it had lights, a sink with running water, furniture, window flower boxes, it was great and we spent a lot of time in it when we were small. Lots of my friends had more money priced things, but they never had more love than my family had, so we never missed what we didn`t have. All in all, we were lucky to have had such loving parents to teach us what is important and what isn`t. Our friends were at our house as much as we were at theirs and they thought our parents were great. Strikes me funny when I think of it because my parents expected our friends to obey the same rules while at our home as the rules us kids were expected to obey. So, they didn`t get away with more at our home and still our home was filled with neighbors kids.
But, when my kids were growing up, I expected the same with all their friends and they kept coming back here with our kids. My yard and house was seldom without at least a few of the kids friends spending their free time here, often over night. I had one rule for every new friend the first time they met me. I would tell them that I expected all my kids friends to obey the same rules I set for my kids if they intended to keep hanging around my home with them. I never had even one get angry with me over it.

Oh well, I did get off the topic of the shop and broken window. My head could have been a lot worse, so I feel lucky. I just hope the garbage bag stays in place till I can change the window. We had a thunderstorm earlier today and might have more this evening and tomorrow. Hope no strong winds or hail with it to loosen the plastic bag. I don`t want the inside of my shop getting wet. I should board it up on the outside but I hate making holes in the new wood. Maybe we will get lucky and the worst of the storm will go around us. I can dream, can`t I ? It has happened before.

oh my God!!!! Dot, r u ok? take care
Hmm I should be yelling at you for not being careful but I am sure the pain on your head is telling you that now and we both know it could have been worse.
Sometimes we are in to much of a rush to take all the precations we should and bend the rulles like yopu shouldn't stand on the top step of a ladder when you have one that is a little bigger you could use safely.
Don't ask but I did do a good Spiderman immitation.

Isn't there a latch to hold the window closed until you put the chains on?

Have a nice weekend and take care of yourself.
Yes geets, Iam ok. I went out today and painted the top coat of painton the inside wall. I just never opened the windows this time, I just left the door wide open while I painted. That wall is now a pretty blue color. Still waiting for one of the kids to stop by and carry down the other window for me so I can remove the broken one and get the windows painted better. The other window will also need painting. Still have the butterfly bandaid on my head, but the pain is gone. Can even brush out my hair a little better today. must have knocked open one of the tiny spots as Ican feel dried blood on my hair again
in one place, but it`s not bleeding now, so it should finish healing soon. Hope my hair hides the butterfly bandaid tomorrow when I go to my exercise class with my daughters. Walt always did say that i have the strangest things happen to me. Wonder what he would think about a window hitting me? LOL.
Yes Walker I did origionally have one of those safety catches holding that window shut, but when the boys replaced the windows into the new wall, one of the boys accidently somehow broke off the rounded part of the top of the catch that you turn the latch under. So he just added a small board with a screw to turn to hold the window in place. I thought I had turned that small board far enough to keep the window shut, plus the paint was still a bit tacky on the casing, so I didn`t think the window was going anywhere. They had the screws so tight it was hard to turn the board after I added the paint. I finally loosened the screws on all the boards just a speck so I could turn them further down over the window to hold the windows tighter. I need to go buy new catches and some chain to be sure it doesn`t happen again. I had only bought the one new catch and that one broke, so I need all three again. Guess I`ll look for a different type this time. But, being Sunday, I will need to wait as the place isn`t open today. OH Well, at least the shop looks better and it should heat easier this winter.
Just did some checking, and think the dried blood on my hair might have been from the shower this morning. Maybe the warm water loosened the scab, but it isn`t bleeding any now a little sore from brushing out the dried blood. Guess I should have wait4eed more than 2 days before washing my hair, but I wanted to remove a little white paint that the window left in my hair. It will get white soon enough without the window doing it for me. I am in no rush even if it gets an older sister and a s-i-law mad since their hair turned gray a long time ago. Maybe being a blond when I was younger helped keep mine dark longer. Gee, I bet they would have enjoyed seeing the white hair even if it was white paint.
We live and learn-- no more acting like superman Walker, stay off that ladder top -it isn`t a step you know. And I will make sure the windows are more secure before I bend under them. I can hear thunder in the distance, so guess I better close here and go shut the shop door before the rain starts pouring into my shop and undoing all our hard work.
:0 DOT!!! OUCH be careful you should have went immediately to a dr

you could have had a concussion
November rain, I thought of that, but he would have just told me to take it easy and not stay alone. My daughter Theresa lives next door to me and she kept checking on me all day to be sure I was ok.
I had her check my head yesterday to be sure the butterfly bandaid was still in place and she said the blood in my hair was just from one of the tiny nicks, so nothing to worry about. I figured the hosp usually leaves a butterfly bandaid on for about a week, so I will be able to remove it in a few more days and hopefully it will be healed. Glad my hair covers the bandaid so noone sees it. Only sore when I touch them now, so they must be healing ok.
Today is exercise class day. Tomorrow I am going to check out the one our Hospital handles as I can go to that one for free- my blue cross Ins. pays for it for seniors. Then I will need to decide which I prefer.
November rain , Thanks for stopping by.
yeah the head bleeds alot for a little thing
Tagged you on Novy news
Hi november rain, i`ll have to go back and read your navy news, hadn`t done that yet today.
I still owe Walker a Tag if I can ever remember what the tag was for.
Hope your O.K. Dot,them blows to the head are not good,i recently had one,our cat wasent well and was staying behind a chair,so i was leaning over the chair to try and get it out when i knocked the speaker wire from the stereo above then it fell down on my head,the mrs was looking worried saying "r u ok" so i had to joke about it and say "yer,it was only my head,is the speaker ok" lol.
Gazza, Good that you can joke about it, but I bet you felt more like screaming when it happened. Or was your head numb for a long time like mine was? We sure had some weird accidents didn`t we? I`m ok. Hope you weren`t left with any problems from the sterio connecting with your head. Hope your cat is also ok.
Yes, Gazza, those blows to the head are not good.
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