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I was Tagged by November rain

I was tagged by November Rain for the following tag.
If you are tagged, here are the rules to follow.

The first thing you have to do is post the rules . So, here they are:
1. You have to post these rules before you give the facts.
2. You must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.
3. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Now, my middle name is "Marion". I was named after one of my mother`s sisters.She was one everyone loved, so even thou I`m not crazy for the name, being named after this special Aunt is fine.

M- Marriage. Wonder what my life would have been like if I had never married? But, if I had it to do all over again, I am sure I would have married the same love of my live all over again. Might wish to change a few things, but not if changing them would have interfered with our marriage lasting over 50 years, or if it would have changed the children we had together.

A- Active. I am one person who stays active, always finding something to do. I get bored easily just sitting around doing nothing. I enjoy building things in my wood-shop, enjoy crocheting and knitting, ( can`t hold those tiny needles to do embroidery anymore), enjoy my flower gardens and having a garden using earth boxes, enjoy painting and doing crossword Puzzles and Games plus sudoku puzzles, enjoy spending time with the family and like looking up my friends on the net, plus other things.

R- Retirement. Loved all the years of raising my kids and growing older with my husband, but retirement gives a completely new way of life. Miss those days when Walt was here with me. But, have found that life goes on and to find enjoyments to do alone is soo important to stay happy. I started looking for new hobbies to try and discovered how much pleasure working with wood could become. Still have some lonesome times, but staying active has helped a lot.

I- income. When I first lost Walt I worried if I would manage with a lower income to pay everything with. Then I discovered that he had only taken 50% of his pensions so that if anything ever happened to him the other 50 % would continue in my name. His thoughtfulness is what has made it possible for me to manage . Don`t have as much extra money to play with, but I discovered if I watched what I spent money on, I should be ok as long as prices don`t skyrocket too far above the cost of living raise.

O- Opinion. I try not to voice my opinion without first taking the time to understand what has happened and then only if it is asked for. I try not to take sides in matters that don`t affect me unless I see that someone could be really hurt. I try to keep peace when possible, but there are times when it becomes necessary to say what is on my mind whether others might like it or not. I stand up for what is right, but don`t believe my way is the only way to accomplish something. I am willing to really listen to what others think before answering.

N-Needs. my needs are simple. I am not a money waster, nor do I insist on having nothing but the very best.
I have spent my life being willing to go without to be sure my kids had all the necessary items while growing up. i am still willing to help when needed. I like nice things, but would never let a bill go unpaid just to buy them. I live within my means and hate charging anything. Before I charge anything, I first save the money to be able to pay cash for it. Then sometimes I put it on my charge card, then I use the saved money to pay it off the minute the charge is added to my account. This keeps my credit good and gives me security knowing that in an emergency I could charge if I had to, Just hope that day never comes. During the beginning of our marriage we did have lots of bills and life sure was harder after the kids came. But we managed and I learned how to handle money better because of those hard years. Today, if I can`t save enough money for something, then I don`t usually need to have the item. You usually find a way to get important items like a furnace, stove, washer etc. because you do need them. But other items can usually wait till you can afford them.

Well, that ends the letters from my middle name, so what does the letters of your middle name mean to you?
I am supposed to tag 7 people, but off hand i am not sure who would be willing to do it.

I am going to tag:

1. Walker
2. hillgrandmom
3. starrynights
4. Gazza
5. Geets
6. Vickie
Had many others whose names came to mind such as Cecilia , Nan or one of the other great friends..., but I know Cecilia and Nan have a lot going on keeping them busy right now, so decided to spare them.

Thanks everyone.

Thank you for the tag, it is really interesting to read all about you.First you have a wonderful name.I think you are a kind and wonderful person and most of all unselfish.You remind me of my mother. I will do the tag sometime this week.thanks
greta post as always and i am not suprised with any of you answers since i have been reading you as long as i have.
I will get to the tag sometimes soon well as soon as I get middle name :)
hello dot. i like your middle name and i also like your explanation of all the letters. at least you did not have a lot of letters to explain . i just went to walkers site and he posted that you had tagged him and he asked for people to suggest a middle name for him so i said jason. i hope he likes it. it will be intersting to see who follows up with your tag and what they say.
well have a good one and i will talk with you again.
oh I loved the way you did the tag it was great :)
Thanks starry nights. Your mother sounds like one great person. Coming from a big family and raising a lot of kids, there is no time to waste thinking of onesself-- too many others to spend your thoughts on. I will be looking forward to reading your Tag answers. Thanks again.
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Walker, my mother never had a middle name. Infact it only said Baby Thompson on her Birth certificate. My Mother was told she could use any name she liked since no name was ever registered. my gram called her Annie, but my mom went by Anna. Thats what happened since she was born on a Barge on the Barge canal, right behind the cement works. Her Dad operated the barge, her mom didn`t feel good and didn`t want to stay home alone that day. No name had been chosen when it got reported.

You wouldn`t want me to choose your name as I might give a long one because I always like your answers. Haa Haa. Thanks for agreeing to do it.
My Haney, Your name was one I thought of, but then I didn`t know if you would be able to do it since you don`t still use your blog for posting. Jason, a short pleasant sounding name. Gee, something like Frederick (9) or Johnathan (10) or William (7) or Robert (6) or Jason (5), or????? Should we all get together and give him a long name to give us more to read? Only kidding of course. But his answers are always good ones.
Thanks for stopping by.
Thanks November Rain. I also enjoyed reading your answers to this Tag.

If anyone hasn`t read November Rains reply to this Tag, then go to her blog and read it. You should be able to get to her blog by going back to where she posted her comment above and clicking on the words "November Rain" ( in Blue and underlined under comments above). Hope it works for you.
Thanx for the tag dot,hope you dont mind me getting you back lol.
Gazza, I still have one more Tag that I need to do from when Walker Tagged me over a month ago. Had a lot going on at that time. I had forgotten about it until I received this one from November Rain. Hard thinking who to Tag next when you get tagged as I hate to Tag the same people every time.
Thanks for agreeing to do this Tag. I appreciate it and will be looking forward to reading what you write.
Hey no problem Dot,look after yourself.
Did the middle name tag Dot. Made up a middle name for myself.
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