Friday, August 10, 2007


Good News, Good News, Good News!!!

Hi everyone. I am happy again. I found that envelope with everything in it that I had misplaced. I still can`t believe I put it where I found it, but I know I had to be the one who put it there.

I have a small cupboard size island in the center of the kitchen floor. This cupboard has double doors on one side. inside there is a small pull out shelf near the top of the opening. I was after an envelope to make some cream sauce for vegetables and when I slid out the shelf, there staring up at me was that envelope.
That is not a place I have ever put things that weren`t food packets, so I never dreamed of looking there. As one of my daughter`s said, it was a last minute thought to remove the envelope and put it away before going out the door and that cupboard was sitting there so handy. I would never have thought I might forget I put it there. but, honestly, I still don`t remember putting them there. I do remember thinking that it was a place where noone else would ever look, so they would be safe there- I just couldn`t remember where "there" was.

Part of me is happy that I didn`t find them till this past week because I had a $100. gift certificate for Sears store to buy more craftsman router bits. Ane last week the craftsman tools were on sale. Now if I had found that envelope earlier i would have used the gift certificates before the sakle went on. With the sale, I managed to get a 30 piece carbide, heat treated Router bit set in a double glass door case that can be hung up on the shop wall. This set with ball bearings etc. was too expensive before the sale and buying each bit separately would have cost a lot more and I would have ended up with just a few bits for my money. Maybe God didn`t want me to find the gift cards until the sale started. I went to the store with a list of the bits I wanted the most and came home with a lot more. It will be fun learning some of the new designs I will now be able to do.

Rechecking this post for spelling errors got me thinking. Why do we sometimes write the same words exactly three times ( like my heading above-good news etc.) Why is it we either write it just once, or three times- never just twice or more than three times? Do you ever find yourself writing something three times?

I think bees are starting to think I must taste good as I have been stung four times this past week. First time was on my neck below my right ear while watering the garden boxes. Two days later, on the inside of my right wrist while I was talking to my youngest son while he was re-building the outside wall on my shop. Then the very next morning I got stung twice more- on the back of my left hand between the thumb joint and the wrist and on the back of my right leg above the knee. First two were from those tiny honey sized bees, third one was a hornet, didn`t see the one who stung the back of my leg, but sure felt it. I have an apple tree loaded with apples, plus as fast as i rake up under that tree it gets apple loaded again. Probably the squirrels running up the trees knocking them off. I have sprayed that tree 4 times so far this year, so it is doing much better this year. Not sure if I will end up with any good eating apples or not, but they do look promising. Taken me years of caring for that tree to get it doing this good. My youngest daughter brought the tree home when it was less than two feet tall. We almost lost it the first few winters, but somehow it managed to make it thru those winters. I even transplanted it a few times to find a place where it would grow better and have enough room to expand in. I thought we had lost it one winter and it came back split from the trunk so it grew like two trees connected at the base. I almost trimmed off one side till I remembered it takes two fruit trees for them to produce fruit and I wondered if the split effect might help. Don`t know if it worked, but I don`t think any of my neighbors ever had an apple tree near where I live. Another of God`s good work- making one tree split into two and having fruit. Some of the apples still are pitted, but many are getting quite large and so far without the pits. A few are even starting to turn red.

I am having fun trying to clean up my printer. One of the items I bought from Staples using the other gift certificate from the other twin brother was a connector so I could connect both computers to the larger monitor. With this connector I only need one monitor, one keyboard and one mouse ( have a cordless one from my youngest daughter) to work two computers. This gives me more room to work in. I removed the smaller monitor, mouse and keyboard that was working the old computer and connected it to the better monitor etc. .

Well, to get back to the printer--. I pulled out the sliding shelf the printer was sitting on si i could reach the power server some of the items were plugged into. When i pulled out one of the plugs i accidently hit the printer and it started to tumble off the shelf. I managed to catch the printer before it actually fell all the way off, but it had slanted just enough for some printers ink to start spilling. In order to clean up the printer, I had to remove both the black and the colored inks. While removing the printer off the shelf to clean the shelf, some of the black ink started dripping on my floor and all over my hands. I got some newspapers and laid them down on a plastic shopping bag and then laid a few layers of paper towels on the papers to sit the printer down onto. I was so glad I had a good coat of floor wax on my floor so just using paper towels and window cleaner the black ink wiped right off the floor without staining it. That was a relief.
Well, I spent hours yesterday trying to clean the spilled ink off the inside and outside of the printer case. I used about a full roll of paper towels and half another one before I gave up for the night. When I went to bed last night I left the printer standing up on one end to allow more ink to run out of the machine onto the paper towels etc.. When I got up this mornimng I changed the bag newspaper and more layers of paper towels and here it is evening again and there is still a little ink running out of the printer onto the paper towels. Where, oh where is all this black ink coming from. It has been over two weeks since the printer first told me the ink was low and needed to be replaced. I have done a lot of printing since then, so there shouldn`t have been much ink left to spill. And I removed both inks right after I first slanted the printer so it wasn`t leaning more than a minute or less so I didn`t think there should have been amy ink spill at all. This has me wondering - is there a hidden ink well inside the printer someplace where it can hold ink? And why is this ink able to run so easily.
I just checked and there is already three large runny ink spots on the clean paper towel so they need changing again. How can an ink printer with no ink cartridges in it keep leaking black ink? One great puzzle to figure out. I was sure it would be ready to wipe off this morning and set it back on the sliding shelf, I sure was wrong. Hope tomorrow morning finds no more ink spots running out
onto the paper. I have never seen this happen before.

Hiya Dot,i use Epson printers coz the ink is cheep and every say 12 months all the lights on it start flashing and it says a part in your printer has exceaded its life span .....what this part a sponge that absorbes the excess ink,that may be where your ink is still coming from? and yes,yes,yes i too say some words 3 times,dont know why?take care.
Hi Dot, I'm back. I caught up with all your posts that I missed...sweet reminiscences
I like to think things happen as they are supposed to---so not finding the envelope is just the way it was to be---just look at the good that came out of it---you got so much more for the same amount of money---and these days we need that---for money goes so quickly.

Take care and I can not wiat to see all the new things you will be making.
Hi Gazza, Mine is an HP printer and I have had it a few years, but it was still working great. Hope it still works as well once it stops dripping ink out of the right end. To have this much ink, I am beginning to think the whole bottom section might be a giant ink well holder. Been three days, 2 nights and I actually thought it was cured as it hadn`t showed any ink since early this morning, but here it is leaving ink blots again. They say to never leave an open ink case setting around or it will dry up, if that is true, why doesn`t the loose ink dry up/ Crazy, right? One of my sons told me he wonders if when i put in the new ink, will it empty fast if there is no extra ink in the machine. Well, if it ever dries up so I can add a new ink, i will find out. Thanks for stopping by.
Welcome back Geets. Glad to see you back with us. I have been so busy lately I haven`t had much time to read blogs, but things should slow down soon. I enjoy reading blogs and have missed my time spent reading.
Thanks Vickie. Yes, if I had found the envelope when I first started looking I wouldn`t have gotten as much for my money. Must have been help from God for me to find it just when the craftsman tools went on sale.
The boys just finished building a whole new outside wall on one side of my shop. Now I need a few dry days in a row so I can add the deck stain to protect the new outside boards. A third son gave me two new Gallons of deck stain to re-do that side. So, with free labor from 2 of my sons and free stain from my third son, they are saving me more money and they do such a good job. I need to check and see if I had any of the wall paint left from when I last painted the inside of the shop. Always something waiting to be repaired when you own your own home.
I`m a very lucky mom to have such helpful loving children.
Great news on finding the envelope.
It happens to all of us when we are rushing..
We stick something someplace tempotarily and when we get back we forget all about it until we need it and by then we have no idea where it is..
When I need to clean my computer equipment, in the tub it coes
even the keyboard for a wash and then I hang it off of the shower head for a couple of days making sure its completely dry.
I have cleaned a number of printers this way, much easier top take it apart and clean it than trying desperatly to do it without dismanling it.

You did g4t a tgood deal on those bits.
When i get a coupon I tend to save them until there is a sale to and get more from my money.
hi I am back
Walker, Don`t you worry about getting the electrical wires inside the printer wet? I checked out the bottom, but wasn`t sure how to remove it to make it easier to clean. The only place i am still seeing a little ink now is where the three small spots light up above the three push buttoms next to the cover on the top. Now, I just worry that there might still be ink on the light wires that might short it out. I also am hoping that once i replace the ink cartridges if any ink will run thru into the bottom of the machine and leak out. I don`t know if there was ever a sponge in the HP type porinters like in Gazza`s Ebsen printer.
Wish me luck, I just might still need it when I first try useing it again. You should have seen me scrubbing that ink off my hands before i wised up and wore some plastic gloves. Still a hint of ink beside my fingernails. HaaHaa.
Have a great day.
Hi November Rain. Welcome back. Good place to see some of my friends arriving back on my blogs, what better place than under the heading - Good News.
Always great seeing a good friend returning. Thanks for stopping by to let me know.
Me too here, to hear the good news.
I heard your story about the bees stinging you.

I am making ready a post for you soon about bees with a real bunch of bees on as nearby tree which scared the hell out of me.
I'm sure it wasn't funny while you kept cleaning up all that ink, but you can sure tell a funny story. I laughed out loud.
Hope you didn't have any bad effects from the bee & hornet stings!
Wasn't it really good about finding the envelope late?
The only time you have to worry aboput getting the wires wet is if its plugged in.
I take my keyboard apart 6 little screws and rinst it out if i spill anything and the same with amy printer.
I spilled bottles water inside my laptop while it was plugged in, I immediatly unplugged it and hung it up for 5 days to make sure it was dry and the i started it up again.
As long as it is dry when you plug it in there is no danger to you or the equipment.
Yes Jac, there are times when they are scarry. I just told about the day one of my twins was covered with bees. I`ll be around to read about your bee episode.
Thanks Edith and welcome to my blog. I still haven`t gotten the nerve to rehook up the printer, but will try it soon. Not noticing any more ink blots under it. Oh Oh, thought I should first check to be sure I was telling it straight, and there is another smaller spot, but just that one, so still better than before. Has to stop soon or I will be wondering who is spilling that ink as I still can`t see how any one machine can hold that much loose ink without any ink cartrige in it. Never saw any yesterday and thought it had finally stopped. it fooled me again.
Come back anytime Edith.
Thanks Walker. I noticed mine doesn`t have screws, it has small clips and with my luck I would probably end up breaking off one of them. They don`t look that strong. Now, if it had been screws, I would have removed the bottom. I did remove the paper holder and the back part that allows you to remove any paper problems, but they didn`t completely show the entire bottom section, but saw most of it. If you own an HP, then does it have a sponge in the bottom to collect extra ink?
Thanks for your advice. I always value your helpful tips.
Oh, Walker, I forgot to tell you why I haven`t been posting on your site lately. Seems everytime I open you blog and start to read it I get this darn advertisement for some kind of education. Do you think it is trying to tell me I need more schooling, or that I should go back to work?Haahaa.
I am missing reading your posts , but still haven`t figured how to remove that ad so I can stay on your blog long enough to read it. Any ideas how to cure this..
Yes hillgrandmom, it was a great relief when I found the envelope. Bothered me even more kinowing it held my sons hard earned money in it. Would have been a little easier if it had been my own money I lost. I kept thinking of all the things the boys could have used that money for at their own homes that they must have let go just to give them to me.

I do swell up some from each bee sting and it takes a few days before they stop hurting , but nothing so bad that I have to worry, which is good. Thanks for caring.
Dot---I read what you said to Walker about every time you go to his site, open it and get ready to read it sends you to an educations site---well it is not just you that Walker wants to get educated it is me as well. I have found if I close it and open it again it always brings up Walker's site. Oh and I have told him I am not going to get any more education so he needs to stop sending me these messages. :)
Vickie, I had tried over and over with no luck. I even went off line and back online to see if my internet provider might be having trouble.

But I tried again a few minutes ago and no ad showed up at all and I was able to post. When he sees my long post, he might want to put the ad back. HaaHaa.

Glad to know it wasn`t just me seeing that educational ad.
Edith, do you have a blog? I clicked on your name and it didn`t take me to your blog ( if you have one). Either way, thanks for stopping by my blog.
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