Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Where, Oh Where are they?????

Come on head, think!!!

Ever lose something that you put away so you wouldn`t lose it?

Well, That`s what I did. I decided to clean out my purse before the Wedding.
I had a $100 gift certificate for Sears, a $50 one for Staples and a mother`s day lottery
ticket worh only $5- all from my twins. They were all together in a business size envelope
in my Purse. Knowing we would be gone a couple days. I wanted to put them where they
would be safe. Well, last week I decided to head to Sears for more craftman`s tools for my
router and to Staples for whatever looked interesting. So, I changed my clothes and got all
ready to go and headed for my bedroom to get the envelope, and wouldn`t you know it,
I couldn`t locate it anyplace. I have spent this whole week tearing everything apart with no luck.
Spent more time today hunting. I have started hunting many of the same places for the third and fourth time hoping I just missed seeing them the other times. My biggest fear is that I had
sorted out a lot of things in my bedroom before and had tossed out a lot of things.
I Pray I didn`t toss them also. I am one who does a second check before tossing anything, so I still believe they are in my house somewhere, but being so sick, anything is possible..

Now if that wasn`t driving me crazy enough, Saturday, one of my sons and his daughter asked
me if I would like to ride to the BJ Wholesale Club on Sunday with them. Of course I said yes.
Normally one of my brothers used to take me, but he was the brother who had a leg removed ,
so he isn`t able now. Well, more bad news. I went to get the folder that holds some of my cards
and also couldn`t find that either. Now I am wracking my lazy brain trying to find where I put it.
I am sure they are all together in the same envelope. I could kick myself for removing them from my purse in the first place. I was lucky as far as Bj`s goes because during my house hunting I did come across a couple BJ store slips with my ID# on them. So, when I asked the girl if she would look up my card and tell me when it runs out, she did, then she asked me if I would like another card. So, I have a new card for that place. Thankgoodness none of my important cards were removed when cleaning the purse, but I`m not sure what else might be in the folder. I know there was some referral letters for other Dr`s, but those I can easily check on.

Every day I wonder if there is anything else I have forgotten that I might have put away in that envelope that I might need later on. This is something new for me. I can`t remember ever losing something this important before. But, I was up all night before the wedding with such pain that if my daughter hadn`t been getting Married the next day, I would have asked her to run me to the Hospital as the pain was that great. The tests the following week on had the Dr telling me he thought it was my gallbladder causing that pain. All seems to be ok now as far as the pain, but still can`t remember where I might have put that envelope.

Wish me Luck as I am beginning to think I will need a lot of luck to know where else to look.
Yesterday I did work off some of the frustration by going to the Innovation exercise place with my oldest daughter. More hunting today and back to more exercises tomorrow.
I have even asked God and also Walt to help me find them. Of course God has much more important things to do than help me hunt because of my own carelessness.

Tomorrow is another day. Who knows, maybe it will suddenly all come back to me. I can dream, can`t I? :):) Smile, the world hasn`t come to an end yet. That line was for myself.

What a frustration thing this is to know you put something in a safe place but now for one reason or another can not locate it---now It you were not looking for it you would come across it 10 times day.

You will find it when you least expect to and where you least expect it to be.

Glad you are doing other things to take a rest from the frustration we have when this is going on and nothing is better than exercise.

Hope you will not have any more problems with your Gallbladder---that is some kind of pain--I know I had to have mine removed years ago.

Good luck on your hunting adventure.
Thanks Vickie. I`m more irritated with myself as this is so unlike me to forget where I put something important.
But we usually do find something else during out hunts. I came across something I hadn`t read in years- a small piece of paper where my husband first bought this property from a friend of his. Just both signed on the back of a rent type slip of paper. Don`t hear that happening today. But later I insisted on doing it thru a Lawyer so it would be legal in the future. I did trust the fellow and his wife, but who can tell about their future family -years from then. That was back in 1953. I had forgotten we owned the lots that long before we built and then moved in on Labor Day week-end in 1955
Thanks for checking in on me. I'm hanging in there for now. I'm off for a week on a wee bit of a vacation. Going to a place where it's a bit cooler. Funny isn't it, most people go to hotter destinations for vacation and I'm running away from it. Take care.
I know that frustration Dot. I lost my engagement, wedding and eternity rings 2 years ago when I took them off to have an MRI. I have never found them much to my husband's disappointment. Not a day goes by that I don't lose my keys too. I can't tell you how many times I've had to get my car locks changed because they just vanished never to be seen again. Sigh..... Hope you find your envelope eventually.
Take care of yourself and have a wonderful time filled with plenty of rest and good times with family.
Gypsy, I am so sorry you lost the rings and still haven`t found them. I do understand how heartbreaking that is. You see, after I lost my husband I started wearing his wedding band for a while. One day I lost it and I spent all that day and the next couple days hunting outside for it. Then one day one of my son`s started also hunting for it and he found it in the cellar way steps under my backporch. One of my daughters had helped me hunt the day before and we both had searched those steps. Still can`t understand how it later showed up right there in plain sight where anyone would have seen it. Makes me wonder if the wind or an animal might have uncovered it. I also lost the high school emblem off my high School ring while working on bicycles using two wrenches to undo the double nuts on one bolt. I was in the cellar working and the emblem flew somewhere in the cellar never to be seen again. I also lost my first Birthstone ring while skating on the canal when I was young. Never found that either. But this time there is more lost.
Hope the rings turn up some day when you are looking for something else.
Thanks for all those kind words and wishes for me and my sister.I know how frustrating it is to loose or misplace something.I have done that numerous times and have actually spent a whole day hunting.once I parked my car when I was in school in michigan, when I returned it had snowed and I could not find my car and I just cried my heart out.Hope you are doing OK.warm Hugggggggggz to you from Across the miles.
Sit back and think where was the last place you had them in your hand.

I uwsed to hide things when i was drunk and never remembered where I put it when ZI sobered up which at times was cool.
One time while sitting in my car waititng for the GF to comeout of the store and I decided to check out the stuff in the glove compartment I was going through some old cassettes and in one i found seventy dollars.

There were other time that I found money under the carpet.
Who knows what I would find if I ever checked this whole house lol
Thanks starry nights and sending some warm Hugs right back to you.
I remember a few years ago, once looking for my other car in a store parking lot and thought I had found it until I reached it and discovered it was another car exactly like mine . Mine was just one row further from this car. Easier to find my car today as you don`t see very many white 1990 Mazda 323 Hatchbacks with a standard shift around here. In fact I haven`t seen even one exactly like mine in a long time.
I`m still hunting. :):)
WOW Walker, this comment just might get you some who want to clean your house for you. :):)
I am getting so discouraged that I am even looking in places I would never hide anything-- inside shoes boxes , checking inside the shoes, boots and slippers on the bottom under the hanging clothes.
I tore apart all the medical records for the past 5 years since I lost Walt in case I might have accidentally slid the envelope in when filing the latest records. I have pulled out packed winter clothes, opened up zippered sweater and blanket bags, checked thru puzzle books to see if they might have fallen between the pages, pulled the heating pad and other items out of their boxes, Oh, I could go on and on- looking in places I would never think to put anything I wanted to keep. I might have given up if there wasn`t some of my son`s hard earned money involved. I feel worse losing something the kids worked hard to get for me when they could both have used the money for more important things at their own home. It`s bothering me more than it bothers them.
Glad I`m not a drinker if I can lose things this bad while cold sober. LOL.
Get onto this Dot,my mrs was looking for a pair of shoes in the shoe cupboard when she said who's are these trainers,and it was an expensive pair of nike trainers almost brand new i bought a couple of years ago...and i cant remember why i stopped wearing them, the only thing i can come up with is that they were expensive and i was keeping them as my best and wore a cheep pair for work?
Gary, I hope those nicke`s still fit you when she found them. I bought a nice dress once and only wore it once. I decided to keep it for a special occassion. Problem is it didn`t still fit a year later when I got it out to wear. Doesn`t always pay to save something to wear just for a better ocassion. But it was too dressy for everyday wearing.Oh Well!! Thats what happens when you dislocate a shoulder and can`t do much for almost 6 months- you gain some weight. Maybe doing all those exercises at the exercise place will lose enough weight for it to fit again. But, since muscles also add weight, one never knows. HaaHaa.
That's the worst insn't it, when you can't remember when you've kept something safe--happens to me very often,but only when I try to put something away safely.
Hi Hillgrandmom, Isn`t it funny how you always seem to find things when you are looking for something else. While Hunting for the envelope I came across the origional paper where my husband first made arangements with his friend to buy the empty property where I still live today. Just hand written on a rent payment receipt which they both signed. Trust years ago was so different from today. Later I did insist they have a legal paper drawn up by a Lawyrer. As I told my husband, I trusted his friend and wife completely, but who knows what his kids might try if anything happened to the friend and his wife years later. I wanted legal proof before filing the ownership papers on the property and building a home on it. His friend and wife understood and even told me they would have asked the same thing if they were the one buying it. So glad they understood. Have some good news to report so guess I should post it on my blog.
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