Tuesday, July 31, 2007


My two newest great grandchildren!!

Dylan Mathew - alone in the picture taken shortly after Birth in the hospital.(grandson Mike and Sarah`s son- they now have three sons) (My Daughter Theresa`s grandson) Dylan was born on June 12th.

and Madison May - held by her Mom (on the left) - taken a couple days ago. ( My Granddaughter Amanda and Mike`s daughter- they now have two girls ) ( My Daughter Linda`s granddaughter). Madison was born July 11 th. Couldn`t get her picture in the local hosp right after birth as she was first rushed from our local Hosp to one about 50 miles from home and after about a week there she was discharged. Her Mom had to remain in our local Hosp for the first three days. Both her and her Mom are now home. Madison is on meds twice a day to help regulate her little heart which beats much too fast. Her picture was taken Sat. at the graduation party for another Granddaughter who is one of Amanda`s sisters.

Congadulations Dot,that top pic looks like he's going to be a tall lad
Congratulations Dot

The gang is growing in leaps and bounds.

I just know you smile even wider with every new member.

Have a nice day
Congratulations---as your family grows---your love grows.

Beautiful babies.
aw.... Congratulations to you and your family.
Hi Dot! First time i am reading your blog...although i know my grandmom used to and my mom still does read your blog religiously, congratulations on your grandchildren.

i loved your post about your husband. made me tear up..i have been married for nearly 7 years now (which to me seems like a really long time). I just hope that i can have whatyou shared with your husband in all the years to come!
thanks Gazza. I think most kids seem to be growing a lot taller than they used to years ago. Maybe we are all eating better. He is a little heavy when I hold him for a long time.
Thanks for stopping by.
Yes Walker, every new one is just one more to love. They are all so special as was their mothers and fathers ( my grandchildren). These two now make a total of 19 great grandchildren from my kids, plus 4 more from the my step children I raised. You are right, my family sure is growing by leaps and bounds. Wow!! Christmas gifts sure are getting harder to do every year with the new babies and the weddings adding on more people.
Thanks Vickie. Seems we always have arms waiting to hold them and enough love to go around.
Have a nice day.
Thanks Kat. Always nice hearing how cute our little ones are. Babies are so precious.
Have a nice week-end.
Lawyeramma, welcome to my blog. I checked and see you are now also writing in the Family blog. Good for you.
Your Grandmom was one of my special blog friends. I always wished we had lived closer so I could have met her in person. I know I would have loved her as I already was loving her thru her blog posts. She was one to look up to and such a good example for others to follow. One very special lady. With your mom`s permission I did print off some of her pictures to keep.
Your mom has also been a wonderful friend and such a loving careing person.
You come from a wonderful family.

Congratulations for staying married for nearly 7 years. Too many young adults give up with the first hardship that comes along. I wish you a future that lasts much longer than mine did - we had a little over 50 years together. I don`t expect to be still around to congratulate you on your 50th Anniversary, but that is what I am hoping for you and even more years after that. Marriage can be beautiful if both people work on it. Just staying friends and looking out for each other can make the years special.
Dot, congrats on the latest additions to the family. Incidentally, you don't look like you've put on any weight(you said you had in a comment on your last post).
Congratulations Dot on the new additions to the family ! 19 +4 is a great record I'm sure - all that love going around is sure to make these 2 grow up strong and good.
Oh my, aren't they precious!!

Congrats, they are beautiful little blessings.
Thanks Hillgrandmom. For the past few years my Dr kept saying- "You haven`t lost any, but you haven`t gained even an ounce and that is good". Well on this years check-up, he said ' my, you have gained 10 pounds". I told him that was from having 5 1/2 months with my shoulder and arm not allowing me to use them. Sitting around doing only light work is a fast way to gain weight. I have been going with two daughters to Innovations- an exercise place. Who knows, I might eventually lose some of the extra weight. Would feel better if I lost about 20 to 30 pounds. Either way, all the weights and exercise machines should help me get back the strength I lost fron sitting around for so long.
Thanks Eve`s L. I never run out of babies to hug up, but then I still Hug up their parents and grandparents as they never get too old to enjoy a hug from their Mom, Gram, Great Gram. HaaHaa. And of course I never get tired of receiving their nice loving Hugs.

But ever Christmas seems to get a little harder with more to buy or make for. So far I have managed to keep up every year when Christmas gift time comes around. Hope I can continue in the years ahead. Hope I am always able to get around to the stores in future years.
My life sure would seem more lonely if it wasn`t for my family.
Thank you Deni. I think they are precious, but of course I am prejudiced. But, I also love others little ones. I think all babies are cute, don`t you?
Congrats !!!!! dot.
Thanks Jac. Two more bundles of love and each one brings it`s own special charms to our lives.
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