Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Happy 4th of july to all my American friends.

Hope you all have a wonderful 4th celebrating what all our Military keeps fighting for- freedom under God for all of us.
I am not celebrating today, but my Family and all relatives will be getting together on Saturday for our yearly Family picnic.

On Mother`s day one of my daughters asked me what I would like for mother`s day. She said she wanted to buy me something that I would like. This year I surprised her when I actually gave her an answer. I told her " a larger American Flag to hang off my front porch.That`s exactly what she bought for me- flag pole and standard holder included. Then today all it has done is rain all day and I always take the flag down in stormy weather so it won`t get ruined. So, here it is, the 4th of July, and my flag is in the living room leaning on the wall next to the front door.

I still own a small flag with only 48 stars on it which hangs in a window in my dining part of my kitchen where the sun won`t fade it. Years ago another daughter bought me a twined wooden wreath with flowers all around it. Sitting on the wreath is a stuffed rabbit- almost a foot tall. I added the flag so that the rabbit is holding it. I have had that in my window for years now. To change the spring looking outfit and the straw hat that the rabbit is wearing-- in the winter I add the red crocheted hat, scarf and boots to make it look more winter like. So, it keeps up with the changing of the weather. I have had this older flag for many years. You don`t find them around much today, it is the only one I have seen in years. I used to own two of them, but after my brother died in 1994 I used the second one to add to flowers on Memorial Day for my brother in memory of those years when he was in the Navy when he was younger. Today i wonder if his wife still has that flag.

"Happy Independance Day to all!!"

I don't think it matters in the flag is out side or inside.
A flag is a rally point and always has been for thousands of years.
A marker or where you are.
You know where you are.
You are in The United States Of America.
I read on somewhere that patriotism is teetering off because of the lack of flags or new ones letting the old fad away and not changing them but I don;t see it that way.
I think patriotism is in the soul and the colors of the flag run through your veins and heart where you hold your country the most, at home or abroad.

Happy Forth Of July
Yes Walker, it is what we believe in and our love for our country that truly counts. The Flag is just one way of showing others that we still love and believe in the good old USA. Same with flags of other countries and what they stand for to their people.
About a week ago I passed a large store where their flag was waving and it was so tettered and terrible looking that I wanted to stop and tell them to remove it, but of course I was in a big line of traffic at the time with no way of stopping without causing an accident. It was raining, so I just drove on home, but it still bothers me that anyone would raise a flag looking that dirty and torn. It`s a disgrace to raise that flag is my feelings.
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