Saturday, June 09, 2007


One week after the Wedding, finally getting rested up.

Saturday, June 9th, 2007
What did I accomplish today????

Finally feeling more rested up from the wedding. Should pick up the Wedding pictures Monday or Tuesday and then will post some.

I was just sitting here thinking I haven`t accomplished much today when all the things I did came rushing into my mind.
I started my day off with doing two loads of washing and drying and just finished folding and putting away the second load. I normally never leave the house with either the washer or dryer still running. But when my Son -In-Law came over to see if I wanted to ride to the flower place with him, I gladly accepted and off we went leaving the dryer running. We still needed to buy some lettuce for our garden boxes, plus he also wanted to get flowers for his wife`s ( my daughter who just got married) railing porch boxes. I now have the lettuce planted. I also bought and planted some Monarda didyma flowers in my back smaller flower bed to draw the butterflies and hummingbirds to that area. I still need to mix the humingbird nectar and hang it out there. Might wait till tomorrow to do this.

I also bought a small frog that is supposed to croak when the flower box needs watering. I gave it to my son-I-L to put in one of their flower boxes on their railing. We didn`t tell my daughter and hope we are around the first time she looks to see where the croaking noise is coming from. HaaHaa.
I also picked up a large bag of birdfeed and the large hotel style birdfeeder is already filled. My son-In-Law did the filling for me. Then I sprayed pam spray down the feeder pole to keep the squirrels from climbing the pole and eating the birdfeed. I also filled the bird feeders on my back porch.

Oh, I forgot about the apple tree. First thing this morning , about 7pm I went out and sprayed the apple tree. This year the tree is loaded with apples and I am hoping I get some fit for eating. Took many years waiting for the apple tree to have blossoms. My youngest daughter brought home this tiny apple tree- less than three feet tall at the time- from school during the "Plant a Tree" week. That was about 30 years ago. The first few years I thought it looked like it was dying. Then one winter it did almost die and came back growing into two sections from the one trunk base. Guess that was a good thing as it takes two apple trees to produce apples and the double effect has acted like it was two trees. Boy! It sure has grown into a tall huge tree. Glad my sprayer shoots over 25 feet tall to cover the top of the tree when spraying. I use my well water and hose for the sprayer and also for watering all outside plants. So, I never have to worry if the town sets any outside water regulations on the town water. I had transplanted the apple tree a few times after she brought it home. Seemed every place I planted it was in the way of the mower . Finally I planted it out onto our empty lot. Well, it was never really empty as there is a small wooded area on the further side. I built a three bin compost a ways behind the tree, which I still use. This year the compost was used along the flower beds in front of the house. I have white sand and little grows in it without help. I added fruit fertilizer stakes around the tree. The compost bins helped protect the tree from the mower. :) I wish the apples had been eatable while Walt was still here as he was the one who realy loved apples.

This afternoon I finally brought down the about 30 plants that I keep upstairs on a large desk to rest during the winter. It usually takes me three or four trips up and down those stairs, but this time I used an old cat litter box and was able to pile them enough to make it with just two trips up and down those stairs. I often wonder how many more years I will be able to do all this climbing, and then what will I do with all those Amerilla plants. Only 4 plants flowered last month. Many are too young yet for flowering. They require a cooler darker place for winter resting and they can be set outside during the summer months- right up till frost time in the Fall.

So, I guess I did accomplish something today after all and do deserve a rest now.

Oh yes, u really do deserve that rest! :) Take care!!
Thanks Valu Nair. I sure felt like I needed the rest. I`m finally starting to get more energy back to start doing things again. But the wedding was well worth it.
Thanks for stopping by.
You have been a very busy lady.
I have done all I am going to do inthe front garden this year and with my fathers help we have about 30 different kinds of flowers so there will be blossoms all year but you know.
I swear he planted lettuce in the front to but won;t admit it or let me take it out.

With all the work being done on my house i have had to take out my plants and Ihave 42 of them in the house.
My banana trees took a beating with the frost we got theother day so I may loose one.
MAYBE, i haven't givcen up yet.
My cactus plants are starting to bloom which is new for me.
I have never seen them bloom before but i changed the ferilizer and now there are opening up.
Some I can;t take outside because they are way to big and I don;t want to slip and find a 100 pound cactus falling on me.

Have a nice day :)
Walker your home sounds like mine. I still have about a dozen plants that can`t be put outside, but my side porch railing box is filled with 8 flowering plants, plus there are 7 more hanging all around that porch. I had to hang a couple out on my back porch for lack of room on the side one. I also have two sitting on the side porch floor and one out next to my front porch. My cactus isn`t large like yours yet, but might be someday. They are pretty when in bloom and every year mine is a little larger and has more blossoms than the last year. Mine needs transplanting again into a larger pot. As you know, that can be a fun job.
My son offered me a banana and another fruit tree, but my ceiling weren`t tall enough as his trees were already over 7 feet tall and my ceilings are only 8 feet. plus I didn`t have a place to sit them for enough sunlight, so he gave them to a friend. He had lived where the ceilings were almost two stories high in one lower area and had double glass doors for sunlight, then he bought his own trailer and couldn`t keep them. Good luck with your little bananas, I hear they are tasty.
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