Thursday, June 21, 2007


More pictures

Nice pictures :)
thats a nice picture...
:) happy...
Thanks Walker and neermathalam. I noticed the picture of the three of us blurs a bit when blown up.

The two little ones they are carrying are the 2 year old Ring Bearer and the little flower Girl who got scared when they were walking into the reception building. They were great all thru the ceremony, walking along behind all the others, They saw so many strangers staring at them as they started to walk in the reception building behind the other little ones that they just stopped and stood there, so my daughter and her new husband picked them up and carried them in.

Lovely pics! The story behind the first pic is interesting.

Thanks for posting a pic of yourself. Now I'm able to give a face to a name that's close to my heart.
You look good in the picture Dot. Nice pictures.
Is that you Dotm in the pic? Glad to have a face now when i read your blogs - a kind, wise one that too:)
Must have been fun - was too busy at work - still am so just popped in to write something and thought of stopping by your page
PS: Yours is the only page i stopped by bte:)
Tc. Much love.
Thanks Geets. Not one of my better pictures, but it was one of my very happy Times. Thanks for stopping by.
Thanks for the nice compliment Hillgrandmom. I`m not one who usually posts my picture. Glad you stopped by.
Hi Cecilia, so nice of you to stop by. Yes, that is me. Even though I had been sick all night, I still enjoyed the Wedding very much. Think it was my gall bladder acting up, but i am doing fine now. Sending my Love to you. Take it easy and don`t work so hard. Take good care of yourself.
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