Sunday, June 17, 2007


Larger Wedding picture

I noticed the other picture wouldn`t enlarge for me, so I am posting a larger Wedding picture

, hoping you can see everyone better. Can`t understand why the pictures won`t enlarge here.

The first pic refused to enlarge, but this one did.
Great family you have there! The bride and her groom look so happy, radiant and lovely!
this looks much better!
thx for sharing!
this enlarged nicely! everyone looks happy and the little ones really sweet.
this one is a great picture...
marriage pictures are always beautiful isn't it...???
but where is my valiyammomma...
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Thanks geets, they are a happy couple.

Thanks Valu nair, Glad i finally got it to enlarge.

Thanks hillgrandmom. The little ones were so cute and handled their part of the service wonderfully.

Neermathalam, yes, i agree that all marriages are beautiful things to witness. I`ll adda a picture with me for you.

Thanks everyone for your nice comments.
They are greta pictures and they do get big.
I got a wedding to go to this weekend. They say there will be 900 people. I hope I survive.
Have a nice day
900 people ! Walker, thats too many to enjoy time with in just one day. How can the Bride and Groom find time to speak with everyone to make them feel there coming is important to them.
I wish them a wonderful future. Have Fun !!.
I have two more Weddings to attend, one in August - a nephews son in the state of North Carolina, and the other one is a grandson and will be held in October on a boat in the state of Virginia. Both a long ways from where I live, but I am hoping to make them both.
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