Friday, June 15, 2007


Goblet and poem from my Daughter`s Wedding

Goblet on the right of the burning candle in picture.

Here is the poem that was read while the large goblet holding the fish, fishpole, frog , Gone Fishing sign , and so forth was being handed to Gino as everyone was there waiting for the bridal party to show up. The Bride, Bridesmaids, Jr Brides maids, Jr Ushers, Ring Bearer and myself were still riding around in the Limo while this was going on, so we missed his reaction, but we were told it brought a lot of laughter. Click to blow up the picture to see the contents, frog is behind the fish.



Sorry to make you wait, but I`m running late.
The sky was blue, my thoughts were of you.
I knew I had to complete the task,
I was going to catch you a great big bass.

I know you were wishing,
but I was the one who went fishing.
I feel your passion and your pain,
part of me is going insane.

I guess it will happen another day,
Because unfortunately, the fish got away.
I did the best I could do.
This is all I caught for you.

It will be a minute or two
And I will be standing right beside you!!

Hey Dot, that was a great idea. I'm sure you guys had a wonderful time.
geets, I had been sick for a few days and up all night the night before with great pains- think might have been my gall bladder, but still I wouldn`t have missed it for the world. It went off so smooth even with all the tiny ones in it.
Went to the Dr last week and still not sure what had caused the pain under my left ribs and finally extended over to include the center area. Tests didn`t find the cause. but, the past two days I have felt much better. Did my best to hide how I was feeling, so only my own kids, one sister and a tiny few others noticed anything was wrong. No matter how I felt, I had to be there to watch my daughter get married. It was wonderful.
Dot, that again proves that you are an optimist to the core. I'm sure the pain was 'cos you had over exerted yourself for the wedding preparations. Glad you enjoyed the occasion. Don't you worry, Dot. Where are the pics of the radiant couple?
Geets, I will be posting more pictures soon. Today I am going with this daughter and her new husband when he visits his parents on father`s Day. Today is Father`s Day when we celebrate our Father`s here in the US. Do you have a simular day for Father`s in your country?
I have been to his parents home a few times before and they are great people. They are always asking my son-in-Law to invite me to come with them. His father has been giving me the large size tomato plants for my garden for the past three years. I still grow my own small cherry tomatoes. His father has a nice greenhouse where he grows his plants.
Must correct an error in my last reply to you. The pain wasn`t under the left ribs, it was under the right ribs and according to the Dr , all that is located in that area is the gall bladder and the liver. Tests didn`t give any cause for the pain, so now I just hope it doesn`t happen again. Feeling more like myself the past couple days. so it is gone for now at least. Happened once before, aout 7 or 8 years ago and then the Dr blamed it on my Gall Bladder, but said it wasn`t bad enough at that time to need removal. Dr said that if it came back I was to come back and see him again. Hoping it never comes nback.
I'm hoping the same for you, Dot!
Thanks a lot Geets.
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