Sunday, June 17, 2007


Daughter Wedding Picture

A picture showing the entire Wedding party- all 21 of them. Theresa had all her brothersand sisters, her 2 children from her former marriage and her 4 grandkids.
Starting on the left is her daughter, next is my youngest daughter,the little Flower girl standing in front of her is my youngest 3 year old daughter, next is her husbands sister and in front , this junior bridesmaid is one of his nieces, the other Jr Bridesmaid is her daughter`s little girl, then is the other flower girl- a little one from her day care, next in back row is a niece from my husbands side, next is my oldest daughter, then the lovely Bride with her handsome husband, the next 2 men are from his side, the next two are my twins, and standing in front of them is a Jr Usher-( her daughters son) , then his brother-in-Law, then my youngest son with one of her son`s little boys- another Jr Usher , standing in front, and last is her son- holding theRing bearer- his other son ( who was getting scared standing so long in front of so many strangers, so he picked him up once the wedding ceremony was over.) Missing in this picture is my step son who walked the bride down the Isle in place of her father. He also escorted me into the reception hall. I will post his picture with more pictures later. You will need to enlarge the picture to see everyone better.

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