Wednesday, May 30, 2007

If you are reading my blog, then drop me a comment letting me know you were here and I will do my best to visit your blog as soon as I have a free day.

I have been keeping real busy this past couple of weeks. I have a daughter getting married on Sat. June 2nd. So, I won`t have time till after this week-end as we are staying overnight and won`t be back home till sometime on Sunday.

Today was a bad day. My oldest daughter`s car is in the garage being fixed. My car is a standard and she can`t drive standard. So another daughter loaned us her car. We stopped at Cumberland Farm store to fill up her gas tank. We came out of the station driveway onto the road that goes beside the station. Ahead of us , stopped at the corner waiting to turn, was a higher truck. While we both were waiting for traffic on the main road to slow enough for the truck to make the corner a truck with a small trailer attached started to turn onto the road we were sitting on. Looked like the trailer on the back of the turning truck was coming way to close to the truck parked ahead of us, so the truck driver suddenly backed his truck up to give the trailer enough room to make the corner without hitting him. He back so far that he backed right into my daughters car , cracking the plastic bumper and leaving a few bad scrapes on her car above the bumper. She only had her new car a year or 2 at the most and was still paying on it. At first when I saw the truck backing up so fast, I thought his high truck was going to destroy the car hood, but luckily it wasn`t that bad. I feel so bad because my older daughter only borrowed the car to run me to my eye Dr apt.. With the three sets of drops they put into my eyes for the tests, I am unable to drive my own car back home. Worst part is my daughter worked for many years at the car dealership where she bought the car, so she knows the bumper alone will cost about $500. to replace it. Not sure how much of the front of the car will need painting to be sure it blends perfectly. Glad the truck driver never tried to get out of admitting it was his own fault. He was a very polite older gentleman and he felt bad also. On the back of his truck was one of those very heavy open square metal attachments for pushing in the towing bar. That heavy metal is what left the bad paint removed scrape marks which might also be indented a bit. It should pull back ok as they aren`t deep dents.

Of all times for something like this to happen, a few days before she needs it for her wedding. Thank goodness it is still driveable and doesn`t look real bad.

It will probably be a few days before I have time to post more. I want you all to know that I miss reading your blogs and will try to catch up as soon as I can. Hope I am not missing anything important and that good health is with each of you.

Have a wonderful tomorrow and a wonderful week-end everyone.

Congratulations on your daughters wedding.I know you must be really busy.I do hope she got to have her car fixed.she must have felt aweful.take care ,have fun and post some pics.
Weddings are wonderful even more so when they are your daughter's!! My son has gotten married, not once but THREE times (rolling eyes here, big time) ... and even with three weddings .... its just not the same. Girls are special.

I'm sorry about the car too, but its not the end of the world ... she'll be just as happy.

You take care, try to relax as much as you can and take breathers here and there. Then come back ready to report on all the festivities and hopefully post some pics!
Give my Congratulations to the bride and the groom. Hope you have a great time. Amidst all festivities, do take care of your health,Dot!
Give my Congratulations to the bride and the groom. Hope you have a great time. Amidst all festivities, do take care of your health,Dot!
Hope you have a great time at the wedding Dot! best wishes to your daughter & the bridegroom :)
No I am not reading your blog, I am stalking you :)

Congratulations on your daughter's wedding.

Bad luck about the accident but she needed something borrowed so I guess that was the truck and if it was bluethen its a double bonus.
I guess what I am trying to say is that I am glad you were both ok and the damage could be repatird on ther vehicle.
Congrats on you daughters wedding.

The car can be repaired lets be thankful that you are not injured.

And finally, take care about you ma`am :))
Thanks starrynights. She will get the car fixed soon , now that the wedding and Honeymoon are over. They came home today. Will post some pictures after I get them developed.
Thanks Mickey, today I was still so tired that no more than i opened my computer i fell asleep sitting here in my computer chair. But everything went off so beautifully that it was all worth being tired out.
Thanks for stopping by, come back anytime.
Thanks geets, I will tell them.
As wonderful as it was, I am glad it is over so I can rest up, but it was all worth it.
Thanks hillgrandmom. I did have a wonderful time. I will give them your nice wishes. So many little kids in the wedding procession and they were all great.
Thanks Walker. The way I have been running around like a chicken with it`s head cut off, I think you would have had a hard time finding me to stalk me. HaaHaa. :)
Her car is still driveable as it just wrecked the large high bumper on the front which will need to be replaced. Her Husband had his truck to drive up the night before and she rode up the next morning in the limo. Her son actually drove her car up.
I think the Ins. Co. is supposed to show up tomorrow to check on the amount of damage needing repairs. I know it cost $500 to replace a few years ago, unless the price went up. They order the bumper unpainted and will need to match her car paint on it. My Daughter worked there for over 14 yrs before quitting to do day care and her husband still is a Tec in that Car dealership.
thanks Jac. I will tell them.
My thoughts completely, ok as long as no one got hurt. It was an accident. I don`t think the truck driver in front of us had time to look behind him. I think the trailer behind the smaller truck turning must have swerved towards the front of the larger truck and when he saw it sliding towards the front of his truck, he automatically threw his truck into reverse to avoid being hit and slammed into the front of my daughters car. My daughter said, it was just a car and she was just glad her sister (who was driving) and I weren`t hurt. She was great about it.
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