Sunday, May 13, 2007


A few flowers

A few of my early flowers are beginning to bloom. Apple tree is in full bloom. I need to go get the spray real soon or there won`t be any apples worth eating this year. Should have already sprayed it. I`m a bit late this year.
Only had a few blossoms on the azalia tree so far this year and the leaves are already sprouting.
Lilacs are starting to open. So, Spring has finally arrived. Frost again tonight, so still too early to start planting outside yet. Usually can plant after Memorial Day- April 28th this year ( the last Monday of the month of April).


Belated Mother's Day Wishes to you.

Lovely flowers you have there as harbingers of the spring season.
Mine have started opening also and they look nice even the ones my father cut to give to my mother Hmmm
Have a nice day
Thanks Geets. I wanted to also tell you happy mother`s day before, but when you didn`t mention it before, I wasn`t sure if it might be a sad day for some reason and I didn`t wish to bring up any pain. Now I wish I had told you before. Hope your mother`s Day was a very special one. Mine was great as I either saw or talked to all my kids before the day was over. Thanks for stopping by.
Walker, It`s nice that you share your first flowers with your Mom, even if your Dad did cut them and give them to her. I am sure your Mom knew where your Dad found them. HaaHaa. A very nice day to you also.
Oh that is so nice. I wish my flowers were starting to bloom. I'm afraid it will be a few more weeks here before that happens.
Nan, we are still getting frost some nights, so I`m surprised they are still alive.
hopefully your weather will warm up enough to see your flowers blooming in a couple more weeks.
We get frost here until Memorial Day most years- that is on May 28th this year.
That only gives me a couple more weeks to finish building the second standard to hold the earth boxes I grow my veggies in. Have one finished and paint primer on. Now waiting for another dry warmer day to finish painting it. Need to go buy more screws to build the second one. Boards are already cut out for it. I love my fresh grown vegetables. Went out and sprayed my apple tree yesterday, should have done it over a week ago.
You flowers are beautiful!!! dot

I am back and I want to ask about your arms and fingers.
Thanks Jac.
I am doing lots better and have even began working back in my shop a little. Taking it a bit slow yet, but so far all is going good. Rained yesterday and today so haven`t done much. Only in the low 50`s F out today. This chilly damp weather doesn`t like me very much. Lol.

How is your foot doing. Has the lump gone down yet so it doesn`t hurt when you walk? If not, what is the Dr doing for it now? hope it is gone now. Welcome back!!
How are you doing, Dot?
Geets, I am doing pretty good. Thanks for asking.
I have just been so busy lately. I have a daughter getting married on June 2nd. Once that is over I am hoping to have more time for writing in my blog and for checking out other friends blogs. Wishing you the very best. Thanks for stopping by.
hhii valiyammmomma....

how is life... hope you are doing great as your flowers....

Thanks neermathalam.
I am doing pretty good, just been very busy lately. Been doing a lot of store searching for things still needed for the wedding. Today I borrowed a daughters car, picked up another daughter and we went to a granddaughters 3rd Birthday Party. My car is a standard with no power steering or power brakes and my daughters is an automatic with the power steering and brakes- so a little easier driving .
Hope all is going great for you also. Thanks for stopping by.
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