Thursday, April 05, 2007


Snow on the lilacs !!!!. April 5, 2007

The snow on the lilacs looks like someone went out and hung some large cotton balls all over it. One picture was taken thru the- well it used to be the dining room window when the kids were all home. But, now it has been turned into my horse Collection room. The black in the bottom of the picture is just some flower pots and other items. I removed them, re-took the picture and for some reason it didn`t up-load off my camera.
The second picture was taken thru the kitchen window and shows another side of the lilacs and part of it was a little protected by the shop building- the white building on the right in the other picture.

Mother nature sure can make things look so pretty. Last year I was able to take a beautiful picture when the Lilacs were completely covered with ice and it also was very pretty to look at. Mother nature gave us more snow and icy roads to cope with, but she made up for it by giving us some pretty scenery.


It snowed here to a little.
I think its winter saying good bye but "I'll be Back" lol

Snow does know how to decorate doesn't it?
Have a Happy Easter Dot :)
Thanks Walker and a very happy Easter to you.
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