Monday, April 02, 2007


Picture puzzle finally finished.

Picture puzzle completed. This is titled "Barn on Mormon Row, Teton Mountain Range, Grand Teton National Park, WY. The redish at the top of the puzzle is not part of the puzzle. One very hard puzzle. Glad it is finally finished and glued to a cardboard backing. The wood slats on the bottom is one of the small closeable tables I made. I sat it on the table to take the picture.

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It is beautiful now indeed specialy with the snowy mountains view which i adore

What would it be could we sort out many life puzzles like this :)
If you double click on the picture you will see why it was so hard to do. But it was a nice picture once it was finished.

Sure would be nice to be able to handle all problems with just this kind of hard work and effort.
Thanks for stopping by.
just double-clicked on the picture. ONe tough puzzle and with your special glasses, wow!!!!
Puzzle or no puzzle, it is beautiful scenery, dot.

Congrats on completion.
Yes Suemamma, It sure was a tough one and I am still wearing the glasses with the prisms in them to bring the two picture images back into just one image. But, I consider myself lucky that the Diplopia ( double vision) was the only complication left from the mini stroke as it could have been much worse.
I was surprised you remembered my eye problems. Thanks for your thoughts.
Happy Easter.
Thanks Jac. It would be a beautiful scene to see in person.
Happy Easter.
Also want to wish Mindinside and all others a very Happy Easter.
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