Sunday, April 08, 2007


Easter today and in the Past.

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This was pretty interesting to read...thanks for sharing all these with us...and well we also have Mothers Day approaching...on this note i'd also like you to drop by my blog on Mothers Day Wishes sometime and check out all that i've posted there!!!
Hi Dot
Hope you have a great Easter with your family and friends. Thanks for the good wishes.
Btw Vishu is the Malayalam New Year which falls in April
That was a great news, with relatives who has migrated to otherplaces coming closer to you.

BTW.This year the 'vishu' or the Malayalam new year falls on 15th of April.
Oh Dot, I just love your stories. I feel like I'm right there watching.
Thanks Gerry. I did check out your site and good luck with your cards. You make nice cards. I have made a lot of mine also.
Thanks geets and a very Happy new Year to you.
Thanks Jac. Do you also celebrate the April 15th New Year ? If so, then a very Happy New year to you also.
Thanks Nan. Take good care of yourself. Had my youngest son at age 32 and youngest daughter 5 years later at age 37. Think you tire much more than when younger.
Wish both you,baby, and oilman all the best. Loved seeing the x-ray images. Such a healthy looking baby.
Happy easter Dot.It was interesting to read all about easter .thanks for sharing these wonderful memories.
Thanks starry nights. Hope your Easter was also a happy one. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You are welcome back anytime.
Didn't realise Easter was also a time for gift giving. Here we also come away from Easter breakfast feeling absolutely full, but there are no gifts and certainly no Easter eggs. Everyone just eats a lot--mainly meats--because many have observed Lent(without meat, fish, often eggs and sometimes milk too).
wanted to add that Lent is for 7 weeks.
Hillgrandmom, Yes there is little gifts, but not like a party. Just mostly special candies that only are sold at Easter time like -marshmellow candy chicks and rabbits, solid and hollow chocolate rabbits and other such candies placed in a straw or plastic basket. Some parents add small gifts like color books or other tiny toys. They even have the Easter egg hunt on the property of the Capital grounds. Some Towns and Cities also hold the egg hunts for little kids in their area. Many give their mothers, grandmothers, wife or other loved ones flowering Easter Lilly plants as a gift.
When I was a kid, we never had the treats, we did have the new Easter outfits to wear to Sunday School or Church and the big Easter dinner afterwards.
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