Thursday, March 15, 2007


What happened to that dull life I was having????

Expecting snow again. A couple days ago I had my daughter re-strap my shoulder so I could drive my car the 2-3 miles to the grocery store. When I got home I used the wide ice scraper to break up some more of the top ice coating off my kitchen roof. Last year I stopped climbing thru the upstairs window onto the kitchen roof to paint the end of the house or to shovel the kitchen addition roof off. But, I can still use the long handled wide ice scraper thru the upstairs open window. Under this ice coating was about 4-5 inches of snow that was left from the last snow storm. I knew the snow wouldn`t melt off unless the thick ice coating was broken up enough to allow the sun to reach the snow underneath.

I never realized all that snow and ice were still covering the roof until I happened to go upstairs to check on all the Amerilla flower plants I keep up there thru the winter. They require a few months rests in a dark cool place to enable them to re-flower the next year. Well, it is cooler in that bedroom, but the large desk the Amerillas sit on is not in a dark place, but in front of the south window. I seem to get just as many flowers with them sitting in front of the window as I did when I had the desk sitting in the dark in the attic part. I water them very sparingly during the winter months. They all go outside for the summer.

Over a week ago, I brought down three plants in different stages of flowering. The first plant had two blossoms , which have since died. The double flowers on the second plant are slowly dying now. The third plant has three blossoms still in the opening process. I love those beautiful large flowers. In the past I have had some with four huge blossoms on one stalk.

This morning I went upstairs to see if any more plants were getting to bud. While up there, I again checked out the north window in another bedroom and all the ice and snow are finally off the kitchen addition roof. I am so glad the snow from the last storm is finally gone before we get the next snow storm this week-end. It was worth the work breaking up some of the thick ice coating. it rained all last night and all morning which helped to melt the snow off the roof. And, this week-end it will probably be all back, ice and all. I can`t wait for Spring to get here. Next week should be the first day of Spring and here we are expecting snow. As they said on the TV, we didn`t have snow for Christmas, so we are getting it for St. Pattricks day. Crazy weather.

Last week I wasn`t on my blog because there was a lot going on. First my bro who had the leg re-moved fell getting out of the shower and the Ambulance took him to the hosp.. One of my daughters came over to see if I needed a ride to the bank for anything. Told her yes, but I had just received a phone call saying they sent my bro in the Ambulance. So off we went to the bank and on to the hosp., where we stayed with my bro while they did x-rays. Luckily no broken bones, just a bad contusion over his ribs on the left side of his back. Badly bruised, swollen and blood under the skin, so will be sore for quite a while. We ended up giving him a ride back to his home. He might get his prothesis on Friday. I hope the painful back and shoulder don`t prevent him from starting the walking exercises.

On Monday my step-son had a heart by-pass at a Hosp about 50-55 miles from home. and on Tues. a d-in-law who lives in N.J. had more stints put in to allow the blood to flow better to her heart. Both are doing well.

My oldest daughter has her elbow badly swollen and bruised from falling on ice in her yard when she was heading off to be at the hosp. with her step bro. She badly damaged that same elbow while working a few years ago, so I was glad she finally went and had the x-rays done. Thank goodness she didn`t break it again. She was the daughter who was taught at therapy how to tape up my shoulder, so this last time I had to ask another daughter to do the taping for me. Seems like there is never a dull moment when you have a large family. They sure keep me worrying, but they are all worth it.

I can finally look at my kitchen floor without feeling ashamed of it. Stripping it did the trick. One son told me he has some professional wax I can have. Told him, I wanted to re-do the floor once more before putting on the wax. But first, I will need to get back to the wood place where I found the good Armstrong professional stripping that worked so well. I had tried many floor cleaning solutions in the past with no luck. So, I want to go back for the same kind again. Find something that works- stick with it is my motto.

All sorts of good news & bad news there. I hope that everyone who is injured/ill recovers soon.

Have fun at the CyberCruise. :-)
A very mixed week for you.

Where are pics of Amerillas ? I am dying to see it. I have some flowers in the blog. If you are not able to visit, I can send it to you by mail, Dot !

Hope that you will resolve your problem with your shoulder soon. My prayers always with you.
heyyy..hope yu are fine...not read ur postings for long time..just dropped into give u a hug..valiyammumma...
When it rains it pours.

I didn't realize your grandson had been over there and I am grateful, too, that he came home safely to your family. :)

Take care of you. We're going to be concentrating on Senior activities (high school) for the next couple of months. :)
Bluest Butterfly, welcome to my blog. Daughter told me today her elbow is still very black and blue, but getting better.
Step-son says he is feeling better, but of course hurts when he coughs even with the pillow for support.
My brother has finally received his prothesis, so won`t be long before he learns how to walk with it. His back is getting better and not as painful as it was.
I am still doing the exercises and won`t give up .
As for Cyper Cruise, I still don`t understand what it involves.
Hi Jac, I will try to post the Amerilla pictures later. i was waiting for the third blossom to open and while it isn`t fully opened, it is opening further today. i did see your yellow flowers, pretty ones.
Thanks, I`m still doing the exercises, haven`t given up yet. In fact, think I am too stubborn to give up.
Thanks Neermathalam. Hope you are also fine and life is good to you.
Thanks for stopping by.
Hi Monica, My grandson is getting married later this yeatr. I think all the many separations going overseas had a lot to do with wrecking his first marriage. He missed so much of his kids growing up times. They are 5 and 7 now and he hopes he can spend lots more time with them before they getting any older.
Good luck with the senior activities. I am sure they will bring a lot of smiles to those who attend. Always fun helping others this way. Wish I was there to join you.
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