Sunday, March 25, 2007


Sunday March 25th, 2007

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ever notice all the creaky and funny noises you here when you are in the house alone. I don`t just mean those you might hear at night, but those you hear in daylight.
I was sitting here working on a 1,ooo piece picture puzzle.This puzzle is a hum-dinger. Now, don`t ask me where I picked up that word " hum-dinger", because i have known it so long that i don`t know where I picked it up.Must have been from either my father or one of his brothers or sisters, because it isn`t one you would have heard mt mother`s family use. But then, when i think about it, one of their husbands might have. The more I think about it, it probably came from my Dad. Well, ever do a puzzle where the pieces often fit more than one place. That is three sides might fit. Then you wonder is this piece in wrong, or is it the piece that fits the other side which doesn`t fit the pieces next to it. OH, what a mess. I finally have the blue sky, the grass, the barn and the trees finished. I hunted for a long time for one certain piece and had one extra green piece that wouldn`t fit in the one green empty space. I did some hunting and finally found a piece already in that I could switch and ended doing the green.
Now what it left is over 500 pieces of mountains- dark blue, black, purple, pinkish all over them. But since the colors change, even on the same piece, it is a hard job knowing what might go where.
When a daughter stopped in yesterday and I showed her what little I had done, her reply was " Bet you will glue that one together once it is finished". Who knows, I just might do that since it is a barn scene with mountains in the background. It would fit well with my country/ horse pictures already on that wall. Some of those pictures are actually puzzles I have done. One is in the shape of a horse and has lots of horses, eagles, trees, water, mountains , colored sunset, and more all over the body of that huge horse. That one has only 800 pieces. but is three feet long from the mouth to the tip of the tail and is 24 1/2 inches high from the feet to the top of the mane. It had no outside pieces to help, running shaped legs , flowing mane, ears erect, head held proud in the air as it runs, somewhat of a puzzle to figure it out. A puzzle that is a puzzle to solve. Many of the actual pieces were shaped like a horseshoe. It is called "Sedona Gallop" by John Van Straalen. Made by the Spiklsbury Puzzle Co.. Think I will look up his name on the net and see what other paintings he might have done.

Well, guess I did get far from those noises I was hearing. Funny, right now I can only hear the freezer running, a dog barking out back, two clocks which are out of tune with each other. One sounds like someone lightly knocking on the door ( glad it is in front of me and the door is behind me), the other has a tick , tick, tick, tick sound as the hands move. The birds are brightly chirping outside my window. I looked out and saw them sitting on my electrical wires where they connect to the pole on the edge of my house roof. I can hear a light hum noise coming from the electric heater sitting behind me ( yes it is still too chilly here in my kitchen). Oh, now the freezer has stopped and the frig is running. That reminds me of when kids would phone someone and ask them "Is your refrigerator running " and when they answered yes, they would tell them " you better go catch it then". Another one was "Is your refrigerator door open?' "You better go close it- your salad is dressing". There sure were a lot of others. They have been around a mighty long time. They must have started with my generation since phones weren`t around with single service when I was real young. It was all party lines back then so no one would have dared to try playing jokes on them as too easy getting caught. Party lines would be sure to reveal who was making the calls and you could be sure they would have told your parents. I came home from grocery shopping one time and heard one of my sons saying them on the phone. So, other parents must also remember them for the next generation to know them. Wonder if any of the younger generation has made those calls? My grandchildren or great grandchildren`s generation.
To get back to the noises, I usually don`t hear all these noises because I either have music playing or the TV running. Some days the quiet gets to me, so even though I seldom actually watch the TV, I still put it on just to hear some voices back in the house.
Yesterday we had rain instead of snow for a change. So, the splatter noise on the windows and the drip, drip noise on the kitchen roof added to the other noises. Walt always wanted a tin roof so he could fall asleep listening to the rain on the tin roof. Me, all a tin roof meant is a rusty roof unless you kept painting it - so a lot more work. But, must admit that if he had wanted it real bad, he would have had it. I seldom said no-way unless it was over something much more important than my not wanting a tin roof. The rain did a good job of lowering the snow banks and I can even see some grass starting to show in the little woods across the road from my house. Good, maybe spring weather is finally going to show it`s shiny head in place of old man winter constantly reminding us with more snow as soon as we thought the last snow might disappear. I`m not saying the snowy season is over for good yet, as we have had snow in the past as late as in April. I hope not this year. I am ready for some nice weather so I can safely get outside enjoying myself and uncovering the rose bushes and having the flowers and trees starting to bud. Isn`t spring lovely with everything starting to grow again? Of course that means using allergy meds, but I still love seeing everything waking up after the long winters sleep.
Now the furnace noise has added to the other noises, It sure is never silent even when there is noone making a sound. I even hear the click of my keyboard and now there is a dog barking on the other side of the road and the one out back has stopped. Looking thru the trees across the road i can see someone walking, so the dog must be barking at him. Maybe not, as he went into his house and the dog continues.
Well, it is after 12:30 and my stomach is telling me it wants some food. So, guess I will post this and go find something to eat. Of course as soon as Sassy hears me moving around, she will hit the kitchen begging "What`s for me". She thinks every time I am in the kitchen I am supposed to be feeding her again and again. No wonder she weighs over 50 pounds. She does a lot of pouting since I cut down some of her treats so she wouldn`t get heavier. She has finally learned what " No, you are all done, now it is my turn" means. She will hang her head, look mornfully at me and walk back into the other room. Boy is it hard not to keep giving in to her. She is worse than a kid. Vet says her teeth are real healthy for a dog her age, but with all the chews she gets to clean them, they should be strong and healthy. If only there was a food that could cure her cataracts, I would be pushing it at her. Many people have told me that dogs can make out pretty good with cataracts, but I feel so sorry for her. I know what she is going thru, but then I never knew mine were as bad as they were before I had them removed from both eyes. My Dr told me he could have given me papers for the legally blind as they were that bad. He said he couldn`t understand how both my eye Dr and my reg. Dr. did me wrong that way. He said they both should have recognized eyes with cataracts as bad as mine were. Wish there was a cure for my Diplopia ( double vision) and Sassy`s cataracts. I checked on the web and read they can do dogs eyes, but it is so expensive and by then the dogs are too old already to be going thru an operation like this. Some times you just can`t win no matter how hard you try.

That was lovely reading about the noise.

I too hear it just before I write a poem...the only difference being the noise in that case comes either from my heart or my brain.
I know what you mean. I used to write all the verses for the Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation etc. card I was making and so much kept running thru my head mixed with the love feelings I had for the person I was making it for. I always felt the card had to fit the person i was giving it to and a lot of my feelings always went into those verses. An Aunt once told me that my Uncles only saved one Birthday card out of all he got over the years. It was the Birthday card I had made for him. After my mother passed away, I found she kept a mother`s day card I had made her. I brought it home and still have it today. Lost my mother in 1995, so the card is getting old.
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