Sunday, March 25, 2007


Horse Puzzle done and Barn one I am working on

That looks great on the wall, Dot.
That is lovely !!
that's a great idea, gluing up jigsaw puzzles once they're done! The puzzle you're working on looks really tough.
Thanks Kat. It was such a hard puzzle to put together with no border outside pieces to help that I decided to keep it together and add it to the other horse pictures in my Horse collection. It is on the wall in the corner over my organ.
Thanks Jac. First time I ever saw a puzzle shaped like a horse that way. Being a horse lover, I realy liked this puzzle. it was a gift.
Yes Hillgrandmom, the one I am still working on is a hard one. I received it as a christmas gift over 3 years ago, but back then my eyes were so bad I wasn`t able to do it. I have double vision caused by a mimi stroke a few years ago and now have prisms in my glasses to bring the two versions into one picture. Worst thing is after having cataracts removed from both eyes in 1995, I had perfect vision in both eyes and no longer needed to wear glasses. Then I had to again wear glasses inorder to use the prisms to handle the Diplopia ( double vision).
They sell special puzzle glue for gluing puzzles together. After hanging on the wall for about 5 years, the horse puzzle is starting to round out a bit.
You are a nice lady
bringing me warmeth with your comment on mindinside

you are a very nice lady
I think there are many who agree.
Honey, Thankyou.

Mindinside, it takes a very nice Lady to leave the nice comment you left for me. Your comment shows your kindness to others.
Thankyou with hugs.
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