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Full Moon out tonight, March 2nd `07

March 2, 07

This evening when I went to shut the window shutters in the dining side of my kitchen , I noticed there is a full moon out tonight. I remember we used to call a full moon - a lover`s moon. Funny how I never before wondered how that expression started. Guess you just take things as they come when you are young. Age seems to get you more curious about things. When you think about it, small kids are curious and always asking questions. We feel it is good because it is their way to learn. Then comes the teen-age years when some think they know a lot and don`t need to be asking anymore. Then as we get older, we again start to want answers to questions.
To get back to the light of the full or lover`s moon, who decided to connect it with lovers?
I wonder if it comes from the fact that you can see better with a full moon even though the moon doesn`t light up a lot, like turning off the bright lights in the house and seeing with the soft glow of lit candles.
Another question emerges- "Who started the expression of using lit candles for a more Romantic evening?"

Funny what goes thru your head when you are sitting around doing nothing. Guess being laid up with the shoulder is giving me way too much time to think.
Today is one of my sister`s birthday. I called to tell her Happy Birthday, but no one was home. Maybe her husband took her out for supper. I hope so. Or maybe they went someplace with our younger sister since I heard she is back home from Florida-where she was visiting our oldest sister. Now is that getting a bit confusing. I have one older sister and two younger sisters. I`ll have to try reaching her later this evening. I usually go to see her on her birthday, but still can`t drive my car that far yet. I did mail her a card and added an angel pin with her birthstone on it. Mailed it a couple days ago, haven`t heard yet if she has received it. Hope it reached her today.

When I awoke this morning it was snowing, but a few hours later the snow had turned to sleet and tiny hail stones. My daughters intended plowed me out about 6 am before he went to work and then about 8 am and again at 4 pm my daughter came over and shoveled the ice coating off the driveway before it hardened on too much. Have you ever heard of pouring hot water with dish detergent in it over your porch steps to keep the ice from forming on them? Well, a friend gave me this tip a few years ago. At first I thought it sounded crazy. I thought that once the water cooled off it would freeze and cover the steps with solid ice. So, the first time I just tried it on the back porch steps that are seldom used in the winter. I was soo wrong. It must be the dish detergent that keeps the water from freezing and doesn`t allow any ice to form . I use Dawn dish detergent, but I am sure other makes will also work. On real bad days, I sometimes pour the hot water/dish detergent solution over the steps a second or third time. But today, the once did the job. I poured it over all three sets of porch steps. One good thing about this mixture is it never ruins my floors if it gets tracked in.

Well, I hope someone somewhere is taking advantage of this full moon and using it as a good excuse to act romantic with the one they love. I used to get a smile from Walt when i would tell him there is a full moon out tonight. Do you think the coyotes are howling at the moon tonight. Don`t have coyotes where I live so if they are, someone else will have to tell me. A few years ago they re-stocked our mountains with wolfs. My son has seen a few where he lives in the mountains. Noone who lives near the mountains wanted them back, but the state did it just the same. Guess they forgot why the wolfs had disappeared years ago. The wolves were killing livestock and families pets. But those bright people who decided to re-plenish them here will never need to worry as they all live miles and miles from the mountains.
Seems like the state is good at changing things in areas where they don`t live and don`t seem to take the feeling of the ones who do live here into consideration. Like they are planning on changing the two lane road near the northway exit into four lanes. Boy, will that cause problems. It is hard now to turn onto that road with all the traffic. So they think adding two more lanes will help with the traffic. As far as I can see, it will just make it more impossible to get to the other side with three lanes to cross. If you can`t get across one lane to the other side, how will adding two more lanes to cross make it easier. It may move the traffic faster off the northway, but it sure will cause bigger problems for us who live her and need to be able to cross that traffic to get to the other side of the road. There is little we drive to above us and so most all traffic needs to cross to the other side of that road to get anyplace.
About twenty years ago the state made a circle in the center of a small city near us and the people who lived there tried to stop it. Well, I read last summer that the state has now decided that circle is causing too many accidents so they want to remove it. I wish there was a law that anyone who works in that department has to live at least 5 years in an area before they can vote to change things there. Would be a lot less messed up changes done.
Well, that large full moon is being wasted at my home. Hope it is bringing smiles for others.
I just looked out the window and it is so foggy out that i can hardly see the house on our corner, but that moon is still shining up there even if it is looking a bit smaller now. Was in the east, and now it is almost overhead above my house.

love full moon nights--if it's not cloudy. Everything is slivery bright and cool. Besides I can walk safely outside without worrying about snakes as the path is clear.
My dog loves it too :)
Hillgrandmom, I do to, but I have only come in contact with snakes a few times. Snakes are one creature I am not crazy about. The cementary where my Husbands father and a brother were buried is one you never go to at certain times of the year as I was told it is loaded with rattlers. Glad they don`t live near where I live.
Dot I am a moon and star lover, I just love full moon days. I can see the moon while lying on my bed because there are large windows, sometimes I am awakened with the brightness in the room.It is so beautiful. Thank you for keeping my sister in y0ur prayers.How are you doing.I hope your shoulder is getting better.Take care.
Thanks Starrynights. I am slowly getting better. Have the motions back and hoping the pain goes away once the shoulder is fully healed. Still doing the exercises. Heard it takes about 6 months to fully heal.
Sisters are so important, of course your sister remains in my prayers.
Could you see the Lunar Eclipse after the full moon where you live? I did manage to see them in the past, but not this time.
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