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Jac, Here are a couple pictures of the Amnerillas. This one had three large blossoms on the one stalk.

This picture was taken from above to capture all three blossoms on the one stalk.
I took pictures of all three plants all in different stages of blossoming, but when I went to download it, for some reason it never downloaded off my camera and now I can`t even find it on my camera. Somehow it seems to have disappeared. So, this morning I took these pictures of the plant that is still in bloom. Excuse all the objects in the background and the lamp without a shade is so I can see better to do the 1,000 piece picture puzzle I am working on. I have now transfered it off the table onto my cardtable, so I can put the shade back on and put the lamp back in the other room again..

Wow Dot, lovely bossoms you have there!
That is a lovely bunch !!
Thank you for the cute pictures with apologies for bothering you, dot.
Thanks geets. Welcome to my blog.
I visited your blog and see you love reading. I am sure reading is a great help being a Teacher.
Jac, It was no bother. I was just wishing the first picture of the whole three plants had showed up. It showed the two blossoms on the first plant starting to die, the two blossoms on the second plant were in full bloom and the three blossoms on the third plant were still in an almost closed up effect. You never know how many blossoms a plant will have until the one closed up blossom starts to unfold. So, I had two blossoms on each of the first two plants and three blooms on the third one which are the pictures I posted. All three blossoms on this plant open up from the same flowering bud. It is fun watching as the single bud opens to see how many blossoms are contained in that one bud. The most I have ever had is four blossoms opening from the one bud. My dog chewed that plant one up a couple years ago when it was sitting in the back yard resting thru the summer monthas. I worried it would make her sick, but luckily it didn`t. Now I put the plants way beyond her reach in the summer. Upstairs to rest all winter and outside to sit all summer. Have about 30 plants. They multiply a lot. Most aren`t old enough to blossom yet.
Beautiful flowers.
I have been thinking of getting flowering plants in fact i just picked up a desert rose to start.
I do have African violets but the are the bane of my existance.
I have killed 10 so far and picked up three more.
If these die I am getting plasticones next.
But I love those I just might pick up a couple to try them out.
I have also lost African Violets and bought more. I fell in love with then when my Aunt had loads of them all across in front of the pantry window in the old farm house. Those windows have long been gone after my bro bought the farm and changed it so much. . Seems like every time I am unable to keep up with them I lose them. I still have one that is a few years old and still blossoming, but if I don`t get it transplanted soon I just might lose it too. It is drooping half out of the planter. I also am having poor luck with the three Cyclamem flowering plants I bought a few months ago. It says they were grown in Canada and like between 60 and 70 degree temp, indirect sunlight and just kept moist. I think they dried out too much when my shoulder kept me from doing as much.
If you buy some Amerillas, buy them with the bud, ready to flower. That way you won`t need to wait years for them to get old enough to flower. From that one you will have new babies sprouting every year . I am wondering how old a Christmas Cactus needs to be before it starts flowering. Took a few years before I had flowers on my other cactus plant from a friend in Texas. Now it is pretty every year.
Dot, I have some lilies that same colour--but mine are out in the garden in a pot! They flower only around this time. in fact most of the different types of lilies were in bloom a week ago. Now we have to wait for a couple more summer showers before they bloom again
hillgrandmom, I havesome lilies that are an orangeish color. They used to go all along one side of my front yard. I finally moved then into the larger flower garden on the lot next to the house. I origionally got them from my mother many years ago- must have been aroung the 1960`s or 1970`s, I think. They do multiply and her flower bed was getting over run with them. Mine are not doing as good as they used to because I haven`t been able to dig them out and they are becoming root bound. A few years ago, I tried transplanting some of them behind the shop, but they didn`t do well there. The lilies flower was large and pretty, but the Amerillas flowers are lots bigger. Wish the Amerillas could be planted outside, but they can`t take the cold winters outside. I like all flowers. It is still too cold here for my Lilies or Irises to bloom, but they should start growing soon. Here they only bloom once a year. Snow is melting, so if we don`t get more snow maybe the crocuses will grow - if they made it thru the winter.
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