Saturday, February 10, 2007


Who tagged me?

Just a short note looking for help.

A few weeks ago one of my wonderful blog friends asked me to do her tag. I agreed to do it as soon as I found more free time as I was spending so much time with therapy and home exercises to regain the use of my right shoulder and arm. Plus at the time typing with my right hand was next to imposible. So, I promised i would do it later.

Well, somewhere I wrote down who the tag was from and what the tag consisted of. Problem is I can`t locate that piece of paper. So, I would greatly appreciate having the person who taged me a couple weeks ago, please let me know the subjects the tag was supposed to be about.

Once i make a promise, I feel the need to keep that promise. Sorry it has taken me so long to remember I owe this tag post.

I will be waiting to hear from the one who tagged me. then I hop I can do the tag ok.
Thank you.

Shhhhhh it's a meme LOL

Ok I just hate them but you might not. I am sure who ever it was will be more than happy to remind you. :)
Walker, I might have just forgotten about it if I hadn`t already given my word. But, like you, my word is important to me. I just hope noone but the one I already promised tells me. I just want to keep my promise to this one person. :)
I'm terrible with getting tagged. Most of my blog buddies know better than to tag me. Try not to let it worry you.

Mostly, Dot, I just want to stop by and say thank you so much for remembering our dear friend Sean in your prayers. It means a whole lot.
sophmom, I will keep Sean in my prayers and hope everyones prayers do wonders for him.
As for the blog, I suddenly remembered it was hillgrandmom who tagged me so I went to her blog for the info. Glad I have it done. It wouldn`t have bothered me if I hadn`t agreed to do it.
Thanks for stopping by.
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