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Wed., Feb. 14, 2007=Valentines Day

Valentines Day, Wed., Feb. 14, 07

Valentines day started out with many old memories of those gone by. .
Roses- many times over the years, large rectangle shaped green planter filled with tulips, another pretty round plant holder with a lighthouse on one side and a water scene going around the outrside and was filled with Holland tulips ( he knew I liked Tulips), my first ever rose bush, many boxes of chocolates ( which he helped eat, but he also shared any I bought for him), boxes of Chocolate covered cherries, boxes of Mints and other kinds of candy, 3 different heart shaped necklaces- my birthstone, Diamond , fancy shaped Gold, oh yes there was a fourth one smaller gold one, an angel pin with my birthstone, another angel pin with a single diamond, a beautiful butterfly knecklace with tiny diamonds around it, many many many cards- all signed with "my one and only" and so much more.

All this was brought to mind thanks to our good friend Walker. By now, many of you know he sent me one of his gift packages for Valentines Day . I hope he doesn`t mind if I write one of the lines from his card. It meant a lot to me.

"If it`s ok with you, I would like you to accept these chocolates in Walt`s name".
What a wonderful thing to say. I know if Walt could, he would also like to thank Walker for that wonderful thought in his memory.

Well, let me start with how that day the package arrived started.
I saw out mailman sitting in the mail truck in front of my mailbox tipping the package over and over and finally I saw him using his cell phone. Thinking he must have a package he doesn`t know where to deliver, I decided to go get the mail he had just placed in my mailbox. He had left the mailbox door open. When I reached in to get the mail, he said nothing, so I figured the phone call must have solved his problem and I started heading towards the house. Suddenly he said, wait, this is for you. I was thinking I hadn`t ordered anything and wasn`t expecting any package. When I got back to the truck, I saw that the package not only had my name and address, but also Walkers. I said- I see it is from Canada. He said thats why I was confused. He didn`t know if he needed my signature or not, then he handed me the package with a card to sign laying on top of it.. So, I signed the card and headed back into the house. I laid the package on my kitchen table and stood looking at the package for a few minutes- wondering what could be in it. When I opened it there was a carton that once held a virus protector- same MacAfee that I keep on my computer. Cute idea Walker. Again I wondered what might be in that carton. First I read the very cute Valentine card with it`s nice thoughts. What Walker had written made me feel so Happy it brought tears to my eyes. Walt may be gone, but he will never be forgotten. I felt so close to Walt right then. Such a pretty velvet like heart shaped box with a ribbon and filled with Chocolates, so much like what Walt might have boughten for me.
Such a wonderful thoughtful thing for someone to do for a friend they have never even met.
Walker, I hope you don`t mind seeing your name written here, but everything I write here is usually printed off to keep in my Life`s history for others to read in the years to come. This is one happy time I want them to know about. My kids also thought it was a very nice thing to do.

Now for a lighter tone, your carton reminded me of a Christmas years ago. One day my stepson stopped by and asked me if he could make a peanut butter sandwich. He said he had a hankering for it, but his wife said- we have no kids, so we don`t need to buy any peanut butter. A couple months later it was Christmas. I bought a jar of peanut butter, wrapped it and packed it into a small box. This box went into a little larger box packed with those foam peanuts, then into amother larger box, which continued up to a large box also filled with peanut foam. I forget how many boxes, but must have been at least 5 of them. When he finally got to the last box and saw the jar of peanut butter, he was all smiles and gave me a huge hug. He looked at his wife and told her it was all his. I hadn`t thought of that in years. Wonder if he still remembers it. That was back in either Christmas 1969 or 1970. Funny I should remember it after all these years.

Hope everyone had a nice Valentines day, whether it was spent with a loved one, spent thinking of years gone by, or just thinking of future years ahead to enjoy.

Walker is a special friend to many. I know you made his day with the smiles his gift brought you. He is one who likes to make others smile and happy.

Thank you for sharing this with us. May this be just another special memory you hold close for the years to come.
One of the greatest in life is making some one happy.

Very nice of Walter bringing warmth into your heart.
You are very welcome Dot, you make my day everytime I read one of you posts.
Awe, this is so very sweet. Walker you made me cry.
Walker is a wonderful friend, this is not the first time this week he's made me cry, but happy tears I must add. Thank you so much for your thoughts, it is very much appreciated. Take care Aims x
Vickie, being written here to be added to my life history, while it will always be remembered by me, it should also be a good inspiration for my kids, grandkids, great grandkids and any future generations who might someday read my Huge Diary of my Life. I hope when they read this, it makes them think of others they could bring some happiness to the same way. Have a great week-end.
mindinside, I so agree with you. When we make some else happy, we are also making ourself happy. Happiness is meant to be shared.
thanks for dropping by and Have a nice week-end.
Walker, It is people with your caring ways that help to make our world a better place. Thanks for the kind words.
Hope your week-end is spent with those who bring the same happiness into your life that you so easily give to others.
Nan, Glad you enjoyed reading about one of Walkers latest kind deeds. It was sooo nice of him to be thinking of me and understanding my love for Walt. Thanks for stopping by.
Wishing you a very nice week-end.
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Aims, Thanks for stopping by and my best wishes for a much Happier future for you.
I am glad Walker was able to bring a smile to your face. There are times when a friend can do that for us, especially when we are needing a reason to smile.
Keep smiling! Don`t let anyone take away your beautiful smile. That is one thing only we can control- smiles can help make a future look brighter, even on our worst days. All the Best to you.
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