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First, I should apologize to hillgrandmom for taking so long to do her tag.

Her tag had to do with appearance.

All I can say about my appearance is that I dress simply unless I am going to a wedding or some other important doings. You might think it weird to see a 75 year old woman wearing barrets in her hair. But Thats what I do when I am working in my wood shop with all the electric tools and saws. I can`t take a chance on my hair falling in my face or blocking even a speck of my eyesight. When I was a teenager we dressed in jeans. I stopped wearing them after I got married. Then a few years ago, after my husband died, ( I still have trouble with that word "died") , I bought more tools and started working in the wood shop. I soon realized how hard it was to remove sawdust from dress style slacks and dresses or skirts were a danger around machines. So, that is how I went back to wearing jeans again. Jeans are the best for working with wood. I still don`t feel comfortable wearing jeans away from the house, with the exception of to my Families homes. I am somewhat particular of how I look. Have to look neat and wear clothes without stains on them. The colors must go well together. I buy items that can be interchanged to make more outfit looks with them. Guess this comes from the way I was raised as a kid. I seldom wear more than just lipstick unless it is a special occassion I am attending.

My home -- Most would consider my home over crowded with my horse Collection-- pictures, steins, cups, mugs, clocks, lamps, statues of all sizes and made from many types of materials, even coal and St, Helens ash, -- well it would take a lot of space to tell whats in my collection. Cakeplates, horse turkey cutting board, large horsehead stapler, Oh, I could go on and on. A cousin and her husband , from out of town, stopped to see me last summer and here was her reply " Your house is so filled and yet you managed to keep it looking so neat". Think I owe a lot of that to my Design and Mechanical Drawing Teacher I had way back in High School. She had this phraze she was always saying " everything has to look balanced-- if you put one tall item on one side you will need either another tall item or two shorter items to ballance the other side so the weight look matches.

I like the yard around my home to be kept mowed and planted my Rose bushes so they also give a ballanced neat looked in front of the house.

Relationships-- I prefer people who can be trusted, who don`t go around slamming others behind their back. People who prefer talking about what bothers them without screaming so the whole neighborhood knows every word. ( Used to have a neighbor like that till she broke up with him and found a more polite fellow). Can`t tollerate those who think they are perfect and never wrong or their kids are perfect. Noone is always right and noone is always wrong. Being able to admit when wrong is an important trait to have. You soon learn to be right sometimes and wrong other times when you grow up the middle child in a family of 7. I had three brothers, 3 sisters, three older and three younger. Caught right in the middle. Lost my younger bro in 1994. I never judge people by their looks or smarts, just by their character and actions. As they say, you can`t judge a book by it`s cover, you have to read the contents. You can`t judge a person without taking the time to know them by their behavior, their kindness or lack of it, their manners or lack of, honesty and their being able to be trusted and how they get along with others.
hillgrandmom, hope this answers your tag ok.

Now that is done and I can forget about being tagged. A big relief to have it done.i

Dot Liked this to know so much about you.I love jeans also.I think they are so comfortable.Dont have to worry about anything.I also like people who can be trusted.I don't think anyone is perfect.we all have made mistakes and learn from them.
Mrs. Dot I don't like doing tags but I like when others do them because I learn more about them.

Jeans are very nice to wear in the respect they are comfortable, easy to clean and just sometimes safe as you indicated.

Thank you so much for the very kind comment you left about my mom. I often tell her I do not understand her feelings because I have not been there but you do because like her you lost your beloved husband after many years. My mom and dad had been married for 53 years when my dad died---my mom married him when she was 15 one day married the next. It has been told to me many times that most said it would never work as she was so young and my dad was 29. They proved people wrong and I always said I wanted what they had and even though less than a year ago I did not realize I have it---I know I do---my husband and I have n=been married 28 years and been through good and bad.

I know I got way off your post but I wanted to le you know just how much I appreciate what you said to me and also thank you for being the special lady you are.

You are the kind of person we all should strive to be more like. I was reminded of that once again as I read your post. Thank you again Mrs. Dot.
Thanks Lalitha. I am usually a private person and seldom talk about myself unless someone asked how I made out. Growing up I was shy, but running a Cub Scout Pack alone for over 10 years and helping my husband run the Boy Scouts helped me to open up more. My husband used to call me a worry wart because I care and worry about others.
Thanks for stopping by.
Mrs Vickie, Thanks for your kind words. Like your mom, I knew the first time I saw my husband I had strong feelings for him and we hadn`t even met yet. I was filling a tray in the hosp. caffeteria and saw him sitting at a table in the back of that large room. Heard he was married, so that would have ended it, but then I heard they broke up almost 4 years before and were Divorced. It was months before I accepted a date with him and the following Christmas time we got married.
29 years is great. Takes strong love to last that long. Congratulations to you and your Hubby. You are already showing a good example of what makes a good marriage last. I didn`t notice how long ago you lost your Dad. My heart goes out to both you and your Mom. Losing a Dad is also a hard one to handle. Lost my Dad in 1975 and my Mom in 1995. I`ll never know how she handled 20 years without him.
Thanks again Vickie. Your Mom is lucky to have such a caring daughter like you. I would like to tell your mom that it will get easier, but I am still waiting for that to happen. I will say that as time goes by, you do find more things to think about so the pain is less and there becomes longer periods pf time between the periods of grieving and eventually there are days when you manage without so much saddness. Just the empty lonliness for him seems to remain. Too much thinking still can start the tears flowing. Give your mom a Hug from one who cares about what she is going thru..
Hi Dot, just stopping by to see how you are doing.

I like what you wrote about relationships, I give everyone an honest chance and get to know them. Sometimes, it's hard not to judge someone by outside appearances, but I find if I sit and talk to a person for a bit no matter their looks, they usually surprise me.
I agree with Deni but don't tell her that I will never live it down.

I can relate to the cluttered house, mine is jammed and a spring garage sale sounds like a good idea i think.

Have a nice day Dot
Happy Valentines Day Dot @-;--
Deni, I have found the same thing. Sometimes we hear someone say something that we don`t think was right, but giving them a chance to explain, we often agree with where they were coming from. Just meeting a person tells us a little, chatting with them we know them so much better. I admit that I sometimes make a judgement by a first impression, but I never make it permanent before getting to know them better. First impressions are often hiding the real person.
Walker, we both agree with Deni.

I would feel lost if I ever had a garage sale and lost my wonderful Horse collection that Walt, my kids, grandkids, brothers and sisters all added to over the years. They are memories also of Walt, the younger bro I lost and the 2 brothers-in laws who we also lost the past few years. Many were Christmas , Birthday and Anniversary gifts over the years. I once heard my youngest sister telling a friend of her that she should see my collection as it was a great tribute to Horses. Every time they give me something new, they ask " Where are you going to find room for this one". So far, I always find a place.

Happy late Valentines day to you too Walker. We send late birthday cards, can we send late Valentines wishes?
There is no such thing as late when sentiment is involved
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