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Past few days, Feb. 9,2007

Been a busy few days.
First I want to clear up the name of the old computer I had forgotten the name of.
Remembering that old computer that I first practiced on. It was a "Texas Instrument" and called a "Ti 99A". think it was a 99, but the # might be wrong. It was called a computer, but couldn`t be connected to the internet and the machine couldn`t program anything for you. It had lots of small casset style games etc. that you could buy to play on it. They might have been called modules instead of cassets. You could also buy empty ones and program your own games, puzzles or whatever you wanted to do.
I did make up a few new ones while I was using it which I gave to my bro when I returned his machine. It didn`t have anything like Windows on it.
I did get a lot of practice using it and finally updated to a newer model computer with Windows on it. My first machine was a cheaper model which after a lot of problems, and a lot of money spent trying to get it fixed, I finally bought a better one- my first HP.

Since then I have bought this HP computer I have today. Bought this one in May `04 and had nothing but trouble with it till in March `05 it quit completely. When I sent it back it was the Hard drive that was defective and finally just quit working. I had the other HP for almost 5 years and it was still working, just not enough memory for the things I wanted to do. those 5 years was the reason I stayed with HP when I bought the new one. They replaced the defective hard Drive , less than a year after I bought it and so far it has been a good machine. Maybe I should be knocking on wood for good luck as it is almost 3 years old now.

Gee, I wonder where that expression came from? "Knock on wood for luck"? I remember hearing some laughing and knocking on their own heads pretending there was nothing in their heads (no brains) just wood. It used to be a joke, but I never hear it anymore. Just another old saying that seems to be disappearing over time. Oh Well, I could just cross my fingers and hope it continues working fine in the future. I once told a friend I would cross my fingers for good luck for him, even told him I would cross my toes too, but then my shoes wouldn`t fit. That brought the smile I was looking for and made him feel better.

A few days ago I saw ants in the bathroom by the tub. I have lived in this home for over 50 years and never before had ants in my bathroom. I had bees once, but never ants. I remembered reading that ants won`t cross vaseline. So, I cleaned good up tight to the tub and using my finger I spread a tiny bit of vaseline all down the tub edge where it sat on the floor. I have seen only two ants since then and they were in the sink. Think they must have came up the water pipes since my cellar floor is only about 2/3rds finished and still has dirt on the end where the well is. But, I have never seen any ants ever in my cellar either. Seems odd after 50 years with no ants. Must be this crazy weather we are having this year. I still see most all the birds at my feeders that came in the summer just the Humming Birds and the little yellow ones have left.
After taking care of the ant problem, I went to cut a large roll in half with a sharp knife. My hand doesn`t hold smaller items well and the knife handle twisted and cut my first finger on the left hand, not a big cut, just deep enough for it to bleed bad. I was able to stop it by wrapping it tightly with a wide bandade.

The next morning I went to take a shower as I had a Therapy sessions to go to for my right shoulder. I suddenly heard this loud ruffling noise and couldn`t be sure if it was coming from the other room, or from the cellar. I was hoping it wasn`t from the cellar as how could some animal big enough to make that noise get in the cellar . I went out of the bathroom to see where Sassy was. She wasn`t laying in her favorite place in the laundry room by my back door. She wasn`t laying on her bed in the middle room. Then as I passed the bedroom , taking another look in the laundry room, I saw her ear tips showing over the bed. She had climb over my bed and was laying in the tiny open spot between the clothes closet and the bed. I sure wasn`t sure how I was going to remove her from there. While I was trying to figure that out, I noticed she had wet at the foot of the bed before she climb over it to hide. Something sure must have scared her bad for her to act this way. She has never gone into my bedroom. She does have cataracs on both eyes, so who knows, maybe she saw a shadow that wasn`t so clear to see. I will never know. The reason I couldn`t tell that the noise came from the bedroom was where she laid behind the bed is a heat register and her banging around that register caused me to hear the noise also thru the heat register in the bathroom. Puzzle solved. But then I had to mop the bedroom floor good and finally encouraged her to climb up onto the bed for me to get her out of the bedroom. Once this was done, I went back to take my shower and the hot water removed the bandade from my finger. I looked at it and it wasn`t bleeding, so I stopped worrying about it. Then a couple minutes later I suddenly noticed there was lots of blood spots on my towel. I had knocked the cut open again and had to put another real tight bandade on it to stop the bleeding. Here it is four days later and I still need to wear the tight bandade, but it is healing ok, just a bit slower than I would have liked. After moping the floor, I had to go to therapy and my shoulder and arm was paining from the extra workout it got from moping the floor.
I have kept the bathroom door closed every since she climb into the tub a couple weeks ago. Now I also need to keep the bedroom door shut tight to keep her out of the bedroom. Wonder what she will do next? I worry a lot because I read on the net that the Border Collie has a life span of from 10 to 14 years of age and she will be 11 years old in March. The hair on her face has a lot of gray where it was white just a year ago. She is looking like an old dog, but still wants to play like a younger dog. I sure depend on her for security living here alone. She is a wonderful watch dog and won`t allow anyone , but my family, to come in my house until I tell her it is ok. She is very protective of me.

Well, I had my last therapy session today and was given more exercises to do at home. My Insurance won`t pay for any more therapy and that is why I am quitting them. With the exercises I was given to use at home and since they taught my daughter how to tape the shoulder for better support while it still is healing, hopefully I can do ok at home on my own. For $50 a month, I can continue to go and use their equipment on my own if I need it. Anyone can go there for exercising and use any of their equipment by joining. If I have problems later on, I might join. Just have to wait and see how well I can do at home. I do have the movements back and now am just trying to get the strength back in the shoulder and arm. I am hoping that the more strength I get back, the less it will pain doing the exercises. Time will tell. I`ll just have to keep working hard and have Faith and learn better patience. I was told today that I had done very good because I had worked so hard. They said I was a Hard worker and they were pleased to see how well I had accomplished with the therapy. They always acted surprised to see someone 75 years old willing to work so hard. Told them that I had a lot to work hard for. I want to be able to get back making things in my wood shop. My Dr once asked me what kind of things I did in my shop and asked me to bring in some pictures to show him. So my last apt. I showed him a few of the items I had made, plus the garage door I had painted the farm scene on. He looked surprised and told me I was very artistic and he thanked me for bringing in the pictures. Now, Coming from my Dr that is a compliment . He is usually so serious and not one to give that kind of compliment. I know I am just an average worker and not a professional, so I was surprised at his pride in my work. But, it did make me feel good to have someone outside of my Family and friends complimenting my hard work.
When I was leaving Therapy this morning, I thanked everyone for all their help. One of the young fellows said " It was a pleasure helping you. You work so hard. Hope you come back to see us again. " Then he must have realized how that sounded as he added on " I don`t mean here, I hope you never have a need to come back. Hope to see you someday on the street". His face got a little red like he was embarrased at what he said. I told him I understood what he meant and thanked him for all his help. All the young ladies and young lads that worked there were very nice and always trying to help me succeed. I am so greatful for their kindness and their not wanting to cause me any pain while helping me. Such a pleasant group of people at this therapy place.

I used to have an ant problem in the summer in the kitchen and I have a fun time getting roid of them because the were carpentur ants and were under the floor but their are gone now.

I got to ask if you are taking any blood thinners for your finger to bleen that much after 4 days.

Sounds like you were a hit at the gym and will be missed.

Have a nice weekend Dot
Oh, those carpenter ants are terrible. Few years ago we had them in the side porch framework next door. We finally removed the porch and added a new porch and no problems since then. Every year I remove all the logs from the high log holding small leanto style bin at the end of my back porch. I built it up off the ground to keep the logs dry. I toss away any that look like they might get bad just to keep them from drawing carpenter ants to my house.
Since the vaseline was working tight to the tub, I went down cellar this morning and spread some vaseline around all the water and sewer pipes that connect to the bathroom. Now I wait to see if it works.

No, I`m not on any blood thinners, but even though the cut was small it went deep. I am not what they consider a bleeder, but I do bleed pretty good with cuts.
It looks pretty good today, but I decided to keep it wrapped tight for another day to be sure this time.
They were a grest group at the Therapy gym. I might even miss them after seeing them for almost 3 months.
It is snowing here, but don`t expect it to amount to anything, but my family near Lake Ontario already had over 5 feet and are getting more heavy snow again.
Have a fun week-end!!! thanks for stopping by.
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