Saturday, February 03, 2007


My Run away mind from Computers to cars.

Ever stop to think of how confusing it was the first time you used a computer? Did you wonder if you would ever conquer that monster, or did you take one look at it and then and there decide you could conquer it if you just put your mind on it?

When I bought my first machine it had windows 95 on it. Oh, maybe I should mention that before I ever bought my first computer i had played with the old machine my brother used to use. It wasn`t a computer, but did work a lot like one. I forget what it was called, but some kind of tec machine. We played games on it and could even make up some new games to play on it. It had little tapes you could play or make new ones. Next to a computer, it looked like a toy. But it wasn`t easy to use and was sometimes more confusing to learn than a computer is. , but I did enjoy it. It must have been the beginning of the computer idea even though it didn`t have anything like windows on it. You could type with it. Some of the older people may remember what it was called. I could call my bro and find out, but guess it really doesn`t matter. That one of my brothers was the only one of it`s kind that I ever saw or played around with.

Once I got my comp with the 95 windows on it, I started checking everything out, but I didn`t have the internet at that time. I like learning new things, so I found it interesting enough to start trying out new ways till I hit the right way to accomplish what I wanted to at the time. Once I mastered the 95, My daughter paid to put me on the net as a Christmas gift. She added cable TV for her Dad and internet for me. Who knows when I might have decided to get on the net if she hadn`t just went ahead and signed me up and paid for it. For the next few years, every year she would give her Dad and I each a money gift for Christmas , for our Birthdays, on Fathers and Mother`s days --to pay for another year.I went on the net and then I found I needed a larger comp as I didn`t have enough room on that machine. So, I bought a new computer with 98 on it and had even more to learn. A few years later I was having trouble so we removed the 98 and put in Me. Then I got into doing much more on the machine and needed even more room, so a few years later, here came computer #3. This new one came with XP on it, so here I went learning all over again. I am sure many of you remember this experience of newer windows and more to learn. Today I think of how much faster it would have been if I only knew back then that you could learn off the net. I learned computer use the same way I learned lots of other things-- by trial and error. Thanks goodness I was careful what I tried , or was it just luck that I didn`t mess up my computers while learning?

What would I be doing today with all my time if I hadn`t bought that first computer, or hadn`t ever gone on the net and met so many wonderful friends to be in contact with. Would I have been able to handle losing Walt and living alone? Would working in the shop be enough if all I had was an empty house to look forward to once
I left the shop? I am sure I would have stayed working in the shop till I was way too tired to think, and that sure would have been dangerous. One should never work with electric saws and other power tools when one is over tired. But would I have cared if there was noone else to care about my life? I must give all my family a lot of credit for the way they were constantly looking out for me. I am sure they did it in the beginning because losing their Dad must have made them realize they could also lose me someday. But, here it is 4 1/2 years later and they are still keeping watch on how I am doing and what I am doing.

Yesterday I decided to try driving my own car. When a daughter next door saw me taking my car out of the garage she came out asking what I was doing. I told her I was just driving down to the bank and stopping at Hannaford for a few groceries. She kept saying take my car, take my car. Mine is a standard with no power steering, requiring me to use my right arm more, while her`s is an automatic and has power steering to make it less work to drive. She even said if I wanted to warm up my car then to just let it sit in the yard running for a while. But, I needed to prove to myself whether I could do it yet or not. I didn`t give in and took off with my own car for the first time since I dislocated and messed up my shoulder on Nov. 11th. I took a longer way so there wasn`t any sharp right turns to pull on my arm. Today, my shoulder is aching some from driving, but I did find out that in an emergency, I could drive my car if it were necessary. Now I won`t mind going back to driving her car till the shoulder is fully healed. I just had to know If I could do it if the need arised.
Well, back to therapy on monday for some more strenuous exercises. Some make my shoulder tell me off, but still I am doing better all the time and that makes it all worth while. I am slowly getting more range movement and more strength in that arm. Again, I think, would i be working so hard and putting up with more pain if I lived alone with nothing to look forward to? I might not have. But, I keep thinking of the day when i can get back making thingsd in my wood shop and to ever do that again will require that shoulder and arm working properly. So, I will keep fighting.

Yesterday a brother said to me he was amazed at all I am still able to do with my arthritic crooked fingers, bad back, double vision, etc.. He knows the pain they sometimes cause. Sciatic nerve has put me flat right in bed a few times. My answer to him was "What else can we do. After all we have both our Father`s and our Mother`s determination to succeed and keep going on doing things. They were never quiters. My Mother was still on a Bowling Team in her 80`s and running her own home until she broke her hip in her late 80`s. And my Dad was still a mechanic repairing vehicles for extra money the day before he died at age 73. We grew up watching our parents staying active. I once walked in on my mother hanging wall paper all alone when she was older than I am now.
I guess I would feel like a failure if I wasn`t able to still accomplish anything. I know the day might come when I will have to give in and admit I am unable to keep up everything, but until that day arises, I thank God for what I am still able to do.

When I started this post I was thinking of my computer days. I sort of got off track. But thats what happend when your mind starts thinking of one thing which leads to another and before you know it your whole train of thought has changed.
Got a few inches of snow today and it looks more like the olden day Christmas times. Didn`t have to shovel which was good as my shoulder wouldn`t have handled it just yet. My wonderful future son-in-law brought over his snow blower and did both my driveway, front sidewalk and the area by the mailbox. He even brought in my mail saying he did it so I wouldn`t need to walk out in this weather. I did go out later to get my newspaper (he would have gotten it if I had mentioned it). He also took my car to the station and filled up the gas tank for me. One thing I can`t do is work the gas pumps with my hands. So, others do it for me. Even if I don`t drive it till spring, I still need to be able to start it up, warm it up and back it in and out of my garage to keep it working better thru the winter. Having had a mechanic for a Dad, I know better than to just let my car sit still in the unheated garage all winter without at least warming it up every so often and driving it up and down the driveway a few rimes to turn the motor over and warm up the oil etc.. My Dad was a machinist at work, but a mechanic evenings and week-ends till he retired, then he continued doing mechanic work at home.

Boy, it sure is dark out tonight. Even the snow isn`t reflecting any light, but then we don`t have street lights on my road. I did get my double motion light over the garage doors working again, but they still need a little more adjustment. I like them coming on the minute I start to step out my door and so far I have them adjusted to come on as I walk off my porch steps. The next good day, I should get out and do more adjusting. To reach them without using a ladder on the slippery driveway, I use my paint roller with the long extension handle. I can move it, but can`t tighten it, so the wind will probably jar it again before winter is over, but I don`t want others climbing the ladder now either.

Things have changed with the computers and seem to change quicker these days. It is so nice for all of us that you are here sharing with us. I love to read your post even if I am having a rough time and do not comment.
Our blogging community becomes our little extended family. Thank you for being part of mine.
Be careful out in this weather driving---it matters not which car---just be careful.
Thanks Ms Vickie. Thanks for stopping by. Always nice having friends like you. thanks for stopping by and come back anytime.
Ah, yes, that old time. I remember it too, but not the name of the machine you're referring to. Or... Atari?

How useful haven't the internet been for me! I've looked up real important stuff here. About my back too. not to mention all good friends around the net!!!

I'm sorry for not being here more lately, but it has been hectic in my real life, I've not been around visiting blogs much at all.

You've been a real, special sweet friend of my mom Lifelessions and me. I'm so grateful for that. And for all your kind words to comfort her.

I'm so sorry to say though that she can't remember that any more now. Sometimes she even can't remember properly who I am. It's sad, but true.

Therefor I've posted a post with a question on her blog to her readers about if I shall continue or not anyway?

You take care of that shoulder properly. I admire your strength and stamina. You're of the same strong material as my Mom!

You rocks Dot :-)

Mrs Lifecruiser
Thanks for keeping me up to date on your mom. She is such a remarkable Lady. I will always wish we had lived closer so I could have met her and you and your husband in person. Isn`t it something how we can feel so connected with someone we have never met in person.
No, the machine was long before Artari came out. I think my Bro bought the machine back in the 40`s, or early 50`s and it had been around years before he bought his. I should remember the Company name, but I seem to have forgotten. The typing board was a little like the old typewriters. I`ll just have to ask my Brother, as he still has it today.
Thanks for stopping by. Spending so much time every week in Therapy I haven`t had time to visit all the blogs as much as I would like to.
Such a wonderful blog Dotm!! Sweet memories - actually got transported back in time and pictured you having them:) You are a very loving person im sure, to have such a doting daughter..i'm actually working with computers so i understand your thoughts about them..hope you're in best of spirits..God bless, love,C.
I used it to play Jeopardy and solitaire. My husband and kids used it to communicate long before I did.

Hope all is well with you. :)
had an old computer way, way back that was before internet was so widely available, I mostly used it for the word processing.

Then I got my first computer which was 98, but I don't remember really thinking about learning how to use it, I just got on and started clicking things till I got the hang of it. The only thing I had a hard time figuring out was emailing. Sheesh.

I bought my present computer five years ago with XP, and I didn't have a problem going from 98 to XP, a few things were different, but now they have Vista, I think I will pass until they get all the bugs out. Besides, this computer wouldn't be able to handle the memory required for it.

Glad your shoulder is doing better, I hope it continues to improve, and by Spring time you can get around to doing all the things you enjoy doing.
Dot my first computer wad me terrified.
It was a 486 and I had never used one before.
Today I am a computer techie and a network specialist.
I am not arraid to play with them but I still smoke a motherboard once in awhile LOL
I sit infront of 3 computers now when I am at my desk with a laptop in my bedroom and another in the study.
Hmmm they are taking over LOL

Have a nice day
welcome back, Lady dot !
Hi Deni, Like you, i just learned as i went along. Lots of people had problems going from 98 to xp. Maybe my having ME in between the 98 and xp helped make it so easy for me. Only problem I had was first finding where to go to delete cookies and other things.
Thanks deni, my shoulder movements and range are good now, just some pain still and still needing to work and get the strength back. But, so far things are still improving.
Thanks Cecilia, but I am the lucky one to have such caring children.
I just wrote and for some reason it never posted, so I am trying again.
Had my last Therapy session this morning, so my daughters can now have a rest from driving me to the therapy sessions for three times a week for almost three months. They were great and so caring thru it all. So, I truly am a lucky Mom
Wouldn`t surprise me to find the first post show up after i post this second one.
Hi Monica, I still play a lot of spider solitaire and Mahjongg on my comp. I had lots of games in the very first comp I had, but haven`t added many to this comp. I still have the very first computer hooked up with games on it, but the screen is too small now for me to enjoy playing game on it. One of these days i might set up my larger screen onto both computers. My Husband was never into Computers, but he did enjoy playing games on the old one.
Walker, you sound like you really enjoy working on computers. I must admit that I still have all three comps. i spent a lot of money trying to get my first one working right and today it is just used for playing games. The second one came in real handy when I had to send this one back for the new mother board to be changed. Glad my guarantee was still in effect at the time.
Now I know who to call on if I have trouble in the future. :):) But then you already did help me once a long time ago. Do you remember helping me? Never heard of a 486. That must have been quite a while ago. what company made it?
Thanks Jac. I have been so busy going to Therapy three times a day and doing the exercises at home on the other days, that I haven`t been on my blog as often as I would have liked to be. But, now that I don`t feel a lot of pain when typing, It will be easier posting. Of course, Now I have to get the small cut on my pointer finger on my left hand healed so I can again have two fingers to use. Remembering the days when all fingers were straight and hit the keys right, those good typing days are gone due to arthritis, but as long as they keep allowing me to enjoy my wood shop, crocheting and other things, I shouldn`t complain. I am still a lot better off than many others. My husband used to say he couldn`t see how anyone could type so fast using just a few fingers. You do what ever you are able to and over time you do get faster-- not like the old days, but still ok.
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