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Thursday,Jan.4th, 07-Sassy`s check-up.

Here it is the 4th of January already. The start of a brand new year. Where did last year go?

Well, I took Sassy for her Distemper shot and a check-up today. Vet told me she looked real good, not too skinny or too fat. Her teeth were in perfect shape, but as I suspected she does have cataracs on her eyes. I told him that was my worry since I saw her sniffing the floor to locate a treat that she had dropped and couldn`t find it. Thats when I was sure her eyesight wasn`t real good. The vet told me that other than the cataracs she was in very good condition for her age -11 yrs old on March1st.. He also clipped her toenails while we were there. He was surprised how good she stood there while he clipped her nails. He said most dogs don`t obey that well while being examined.

Now, I worry that as the cataracs get worse, will she be less trusting when kids hug her so tight if she can`t see them well as they walk towards her? Now, she loves it when the little ones hug her up. Even when they are almost choking her by hugging her so tight, her tail wags like crazy. She just loves attention.
She is feeling better. I know this because she is back trying to jump on my lap like she was a tiny puppy. Can`t you just see a large 50 pound Border Collie trying to get onto your lap!! She has this habit of trying to get my attention while I am trying to type. She pushes her head under my right arm and just keeps moving her head up and down bouncing my arm up and down so I can`t type. I had to stop earlier to play with her because my right arm isn`t up to her jumping it yet. Tomorrow is therapy day again.

I pray the cataracs don`t get worse for a long time, but I can already notice the glassy look of her eyes, especially her right eye. She is such a good dog and a good protector for me living here alone. I would sure miss her if I lost her.
Walt wasn`t a great dog lover, but he sure loved playing with her. Before Sassy we had a small Beagle for many years. Granddaughter names her Flopsie because she had such big floppy ears. Flopsie was the first dog that Walt got attached to , and then he also fell in love with Sassy. He had this habit of standing in front of Sassy and just telling her to "back up" and she would back up just like a horse does. She would continue to walk backwards for as long as he kept saying back-up. Her tail would be wagging all the time. As soon as he stopped, she would run to him for more attention. She moped around here for almost two years before she wanted to play in the house again. She might have been my dog, but she was also attached to him.
This past few weeks are the first time she has walked into the front room since losing Walt. Walt spent a lot of time on the couch watching TV and she would either lay on the rug at his feet, or lay under the table behind where I sit at the computer.

At least she is staying in the house nights so I don`t have to worry about her freezing in her coop on cold nights. I did put hay into her coop to keep her warmer when she is in it.
Well, guess I have rambled on enough about my wonderful pet.
I am getting stir-crazy wanting to be able to get back working on my large shop bench. Had it half done when I fell, so it is just waiting for me to finish as soon as my shoulder is healed. Hope it won`t be much longer before i can start doing more.

Happy New Year Dot! I see I have a lot of catching up to do! Glad to know Sassy's sleeping inside. My Alsatian is also slowly developing a cataract. She is 10 and a 1/2.
A very Happy New year to you also Hillgrandmom. I wasn`t sure what kind of dog an Alsatian was, so i looked on the net and founbd it was in the German Shepherd Line. One of my twins owned a German Shepherc when he was a teenager.
So, we both have herding dogs. I saw on the net that it could cost $1500 for each eye to have the cataracs removed, and then there is no guarantee it wopuld be successful. It also listed drops to remove them, but again, some had good luck while some didn`t. And the age is also against them handling the operation. So sad to know and not be able to cure it. My Sassy is just a few months older than your dog. Sassy is moping around today from her distemper shot yesterday.
Thanks for stopping by.
hello dot. i just wanted to drop by and say hello. it is raining here in atlanta on a sunday. my wife and i just had lunch. she bought a ham the other day and i warmed a few slices up and had that with mashed potatoes and oeas and some milk. i drink a lot of milk. i am a meat and potatoe kind of a guy. i am not to much for salads. i am glad to see that you have so much fun with your dog. they are such good companions.
well take it easy and i will talk to you again some time for sure.
Hi Mr Haney,It rained all night Friday and part of the day Sat. here, but no rain today.
You had one of my favorite meals, with the exception of the milk. It`s not that I don`t like milk, it just doesn`t like me that much. Dr put me on the " fat free" milk and I do pretty good with that, but not real crazy for the taste, but adding strawberry or choc flavoring works. I just love mashed potatoes with butter,the one meat I love over Ham is BBQ spareribs, then Ham,then pork chops. Not a big turkey eater, but do love the dressing cooked in it. I prefer peas, Walt prefered corn.
Have a great week.
I do hope sassy is doing better. Never had any pets at home because of allergies.Hope you are doing well and have a wonderful and bright and healthy 2007.
Thanks Starry Nights. I like your title as I often look out the window at night to see if any stars are out. Saw just one last night, so kept looking to be sure it wasn`t an airplane-- no just one lonely star.

Sassy is doing better and staying in the house most of the time this winter. She even thinks she is a puppy again and hops her front feet in my lap for attention while I am at the computer. A fifty pound suddenly trying to climb upon my lap. She is heavy, but such a good dog. I am finding it a bit easier to play with her again as my shoulder heals and my arm moves a little better.
Sending you back the best wishes for the 2007 year.
Thanks for stopping by.
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