Saturday, December 02, 2006


Yesterdayweather and todays arm accomplishments

Yesterday started out pretty good, except that it had rained all the night before and was still raining when I awoke early yesterday morning.

I was lucky where I live. We got the hard rain and strong winds all morning and afternoon, but where I live I am a ways from where any of the flooding occurs. Then the weather started cooling down. The colder air coming against the warmer air turned the hard rain into a bad thunderstorm along with the strong winds that were still blowing. Luckily it only lasted about an hour or so. Glad it ended before bedtime as I sleep with a c-pap machine for sleep apnea and I worry about using it during a thunderstorm for fear the power might go out. Big releif for me that the thunderstorm was ended in time and only the rain and wind were still acting up. Sometimes we lose power from the winds taking trees down onto power lines, but not this time. We also had a tornado warning for yesterday, but thank goodness that didn`t happen. All in all, I was pretty lucky where I live. My Town is located down in a bit of a gully as we drive up-hill to go to any of the towns on all 4 sides of us. This has saved us many times as sometimes the worst of the bad storms blow right over us. It`s not realy a gully, but still lower than the surrounding areas. Of course, it doesn`t always benefit us as the heat also can blow over us , leaving our section a bit colder than the surounding areas. I remember one time when someone from another city called the TV Station inquiring why our area is most always the coldest place than the areas on all sides of us. The announcer explained it by telling him our area was lower and the heat doesn`t always drop low enough to reach us.

When I went out to get my mail this morning I found some of the neighbors cardboard had blown from his yard into mine. The wind is still blowing pretty good, but nothing like it was yesterday. I picked up the cardboard from my front yard, but still more in the field on the other side of my house. I will get them later.

Right now it is snowing out, but just small flakes so far, so maybe it won`t amount to much. I am hoping not as my youngest son might show up to re-do my back porch roof as it has a couple places starting to leak. Seems like there is always something needed repair. Guess thats the trouble with owning your own home. No landlord to do the repairs for you.

Well, as you might have guessed I am now able to use my fingers on the right hand and can print easier using both hands. I have exercises to do to try to regain more use of my right arm. Things like using a broom andle to hang onto while trying to raise the arms up over my head, and holding onto the handle with both hands and using my left hand to slowly push the right arm out away from my side. So far, so good. Not to far moveing yet, but still better than a week ago. I also have a pully hanging in the archway going into my laundry room. Over that pully is a rope with a small piece of dowel tied at each end. This rope has been around since I had to use it when my left arm was frozen to my left shoulder from having the muscles and tendons damaged. I had hurt my left arm, knowing it would freeze up if I didn`t use it, I made the mistake of over-using it and caused even more damage. They took me to the operating room to break it loose and at the same time they did an operation on my right hand to repair a ruptured tendon. I managed that time, so I am sure i can accomplish it again this time. I did end up with a slight loss of movement that time, but nothing bad.

Well, to get back to the rope on the pully in the archway--I hold a dowel in each hand and use the left hand to pull the right arm upward and then have to use the right arm to pull the left arm up as the right arm comes back down by my side. It`s like having an outdoor clothesline on a pully but having the rope go towards the ceiling and floor as it moves over the pully. This part isn`t too bad. I`m still silently complaining when i try the exercises with the broom stick, but it will be worth it in the end.
At the therapy place they use the sand bag heated and placed over my shoulder before the exercises. The heat eases the movement pain some. Here I like to stand under the warm shower to help loosen the joints for less pain with movement.

Well, I guess that tells you more about whats going on with me. Every little improvement make it all worth while. Still hoping to do it in less than the Dr`s 6 weeks of therapy. Well, so much writing has my arm muscle and shoulder telling me off a bit, so guess it is time to rest the arm and shoulder for a little while.

Winter showed its ugly face here the other day to with freezing rin and snow with the weather fluctuatng up and down of zero.
I am happy to hear your hand is getting better and you can now uae your fingers.
I am sure you will be 100% soon again
Have a nice day Dot
I'm glad your arm in getting better and that you now have some use of it, I pray that before you know it, you will be 100%!
Good to read you arm is getting better and you're able to get more movement out of it. Yay for being able to type with two hands now!

I know it's frustrating, but you mustn't rush things. They repair in their own time :)

And the weather here is so unpredictable lately it's difficult to know what to wear outside anymore!
Thanks Walker. How is you hand doing? Has the burn healed ok yet? I sure hope so.
Our weather man loves saying the cold air is coming from Canada-- can we send it back to you? LOL The Canada cold ait combining with out warmer air set off the bad thunderstorms we had. We have had snow flurries, but so far nothing that stays, it melts as soon as it hits the floor.But, that will change before long with the real cold weather that has arrived.
Thanks Deni. Hope things are going well for you .
Every day I see a little more movement, so I still have good hopes..
Yes lisa, it does get frustrating waiting to be able to do things again. Just being able to mop the kitchen floor would make me feel better.
You are so right, they take their own time repairing and trying to rush too fast can do much harm. I learned that yrs ago with the other arm. Overdid then, don`t want to make that mistake again.
Sounds like there is weird weather everywhere the last few years. Sure lots different from when I was small.
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