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Thanks to neermathalam, I found a very interesting article about the bvirth of Lord Krisham that i though some others might also enjoy reading. But, first I think it might help to know who Lord Krisham is- as Neer.. told me, he resembles our savor Jesus Christ for the Hindu believers. Here is some of what I read on the net:

Happy Birthday, Krishna!
What You Need To Know About Lord Krishna
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"I am the conscience in the heart of all creaturesI am their beginning, their being, their endI am the mind of the senses, I am the radiant sun among lightsI am the song in sacred lore,I am the king of deitiesI am the priest of great seers…"
This is how Lord Krishna describes God in the Holy Bhagavad Gita. And to most Hindus he is the God himself, the Supreme Being, the Absolute, the Brahman, the Purna Purushotam. The great exponent of the Gita, Krishna is the ninth and the complete incarnate of Vishnu, the Godhead of the Hindu Trinity of deities. Of all the Vishnu avatars he is the most popular, and perhaps of all Hindu gods the one closest to the heart of the masses.
The Importance of Being KrishnaKrishna has influenced the Indian thought, life and culture in myriad ways. He has influenced not only its religion and philosophy, but also into its mysticism and literature, painting and sculpture, dance and music, and all aspects of Indian folklore.
The birthday of such a favourite deity is bound to be a special occasion for the Hindus, who consider Krishna their leader, hero, protector, philosopher, teacher and friend all rolled into one.
The Time of the LordKrishna took birth at midnight on the ashtami or the 8th day of the Krishnapaksha or dark fortnight in the Hindu month of Shravan (August-September). This auspicious day is called Janmashthami.
Indian as well as Western scholars have now accepted the period between 3200 and 3100 BC as the period in which Lord Krishna lived on earth.
In the next blog I will show you what I learned about his Birth.

Hope you find it as interesting as I did.

hheyy valiyammomma...u took pain to search for kannan..and posted it in your blog also...thank u...
so nice of u...
was an interetsing read for me.. too...
Just as Apostles presented Jesus as God, Indian priests presented Krishna as God at the instance of patron kings, who claimed to be descendents of Pandava and Yadava clans. Bhagavad Gita's surface is misleading. Its depth contains poisonous caste arrogance. At least in there are reform and revolutionary movements like Luthern, Calvinist, Puritan,Anglican etc. In Hinduism, as people are illiterate, they do not know Krishna in depth. They depend on priests.
Thanks Neer... Glad you enjoyed reading it as much as i did..
yb, Do you know everyone who believes in Hinduism? What makes you an authority on this subject? I am curious as to why you think you are an authoprity on different Religions?

Intelligent people never call others illiterate as they know they themself do not know everything there is to know on any subject. We all have knowledge about some things, but we all are illiterate about some other subjects. I admit that myself.

You mentioned only knowing what is told by the Priests. The article I posted was written by some who had reserched the subject, not by a Priest. I did go to your site and check out what was written there.

I am a true believer Of God and Jesus and I respect the beliefs of other Religions. Our country was started with Freedom of Religion and we have many different religions respected in our Country. I believe that every other country has the same right to love their own God and religious beliefs.
i am really sorry to use your comment space to give a reply.

@multi "In Hinduism, as people are illiterate, they do not know Krishna in depth. They depend on priests." this was pretty seem to be much more knowledgable than me in these issues.but it is always wonderful if u dont hit under the belt is it not..i dont take a personal being hindu can proudly say that i m not a blind believer or a priest follower as u..convict..
And regarding long as it doesnt interfere with someone who is hindu christan muslim jew or sikh..has every moral right to do those rituals and have those beliefs..which may sound fooolish to someone outside teh religion..if it is so so be it..

It is my take on the subject..
Common on.. let humanity prevails..
tats much more important than..hinduism or christanity or Islam..
I first thought of deleting the remark because I hate the word illiterate due to the way it was used. But decided to wait a while to see if the poster would wish to take back what sounded to me as an insult.
I found that site the poster uses too confusing for me to gain any real knowledge from it. Too much unneeded info to searech thru for the site to be of any benefit to me.
neer, did you check out his site?
Dear Dot I am glad you took time out to read about Krishna and Hinduism . Have a very happy Christmas !!
I know I left a long winded comment here buyt I guess it was eaten by blogger.

I have read up on many religions and the basics for good is there for all, its how those who are given the power to use it that make the difference.
Merry Christmas Dot to you and your whole family
Thanks Eve. I wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Christmas. I did enjoy reading about your Religion. I even saw some simularities, like the crossing the water ( our parting of the water for others to cross safely) and the hiding of the male baby-( ours was hidden in the bullrushes). I am sure I would find even more simularities if I read more.
Thanks for leaving your post.
Hi Walker, A very Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.
I agree- it isn`t the religion that hurts people, it is how some prefer to interpret it to suit their own actions that causes the problems. Thanks for stopping by.
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