Monday, December 04, 2006


Arm exercises and Prayers badly needed for my brother.

Another day of therapy and more new exercises to do. I am still using the rope and pulley contraption hanging in my laundry room archway. So the therapist was surprised with the range of motion I was already getting back. I am also still using the broom handle for sideward motions so that is improving. So, after seeing me do both those exercises he decided to move me on to more workouts. First was the huge workout ball. He had me standing up and putting both hands onto the ball and first rolling it forward across the highered bed till it touched the wall and then rolling it backwards towards me, forward and backwards for about 10 minutes. Next was both hands on the top of the workout ball and rolling it sideways back and forth for another 10 minutes to straighten and help rebuild some of the muscles.
Next came the machine with a handle on each side to hang onto while moving them around and around in a circle in front of me. This is a machine you sit on with your hands on the handles in front of you. Only the handle mechanism moves as you peddle with your hands. This is to help give me more range of movement plus work to rebuild the muscles. It`s like putting your bicycle upside down and spinning the pedals around and around.

Sure brings back more memories.
This reminded me of when my 2 youngest kids were small. My youngest son , about 8 or 9 at the time, had his first 20 inch bicycle and the chain had come off. So he turned the bike upside down onto the handle bars and seat. Then he was trying to do what he had seen his older bros do. He was starting the chain onto the teeth in the sprocket and spinning the peddals with his hands to run the chain back onto the sprocket. His sister is 5 1/2 years younger than him- about 3 at the time. From what he told me, she was watching him spinning the peddals which was making the back wheel spin real fast. He had to keep doing it till eventually the chain caught and was back running on both the wheel hub and the pedal sprocket. He told me his sister was just standing there watching him when all of a sudden she reached out her hand and caught her little fingernail in the chain as it went around the sprocket and thats when I heard her scream. Of course I didn`t know about his chain coming off till then. I went running outside to see what happened. Her poor little finger - the chain had pulled the fingernail completely off her finger. I brought her in and stuck her finger under cold water to numb the pain. Thank goodness she was still so young that the fingernail grew back, but of course her finger was very sensitive till the nail had time to grow all the way to the end of her finger. It left no lasting defects and the nail continued to grow normally afterwards. Today she is a prison guard, a mom to two daughters : one grown up -- 20 yrs old and one just 2 1/2 years old), plus a grandmother to one granddaughter. Like all my children, she is a hard worker.

To get back to the Therapy, I do the exercises at home tomorrow and back to the therapist on Wed.. I go every Mon, Wed and Fri. for therapy.

I have much more on my mind right now than my bum arm. One of my older bros is having his leg removed above the knee on Fri. 8th. He has had ostiomilitis (bone cancer) since he was about 13/14 yrs old. Over the years the ostio has been eating away at the leg bones till they are splintering and breaking now and there is nothing more they can do but remove it. He just celebrated his 79th Birthday about a week ago. So, Please say some prayers for him. He has gone thru cancer treatments and the thiroid gland removal, kidney stones so bad they needed the op room to break them up, his throat shrunk from the chemo so he has trouble eating and swollowing, plus other problems. So, he can use all the help that Prayers can bring. Thank you.

Dear Dotm:) You sound like the sweetest grandmom on earth. God knows your deepest desires and wishes and also the pain your going thru...and you know what? He cares...deeply about you and your family. I'll leave you with this song:
There is no problem too big, God cannot solve it...there is no mountain too tall, He cannot move it...there is no storm too dark, God cannot calm it...there is no sorrow too deep, He cannot soothe it...
If he could carry the weight of the world upon his shoulders, I know that he will carry you,
Yes, believe me, if he could carry the weight of the world upon his shoulders,
He will carry your brother too...

God bless,
Your brother is certainly in my prayers.

Bless his heart.
My prayers.
i willl be saying prayers for your brother and also you. i have not heqrd the whole story how you hurt yourself. what happened?
Cecilia,Deni, Jac and Mt Haney, I am so sorry it has taken me so long to Thank all of you for the helpful prayers. I have been going to therapy every Mon. Wed, and Fri mornings and since my brothers operation on Fri. morning to remove his left leg, I have beern going to the hospital every day to help him. I stay with him till 7 to 8 pm and by then I am feeling too tired by the time I get home.
I want to Thank everyone for their Prayers. I know they are helping as he came thru the op well and other than the expected pain, his breathing is finally back to normal now, his color is better and his hands are finally nice and warm feeling. He wanted me to say thank you for your prayers. Him and I both love you for the helpful prayers.I do believe in the power of Prayers.

Mt Haney, my fall happened back on Nov. 11th and the therapy is slowly helping me get back more of the movements in my right arm. If you go back in my November posts you will read about my fall and see what my arm looked like for the past 4 weeks.The bruises are almost completely gone finally. Just a little where the worst bruise was below the elbow.
Dear Dot..I did not know that you hurt your arm, I do hope it is better.You and your brother are in my prayers.I hope his surgery went well and he is on the road to recovery.take care of your self.I start physical therapy in february.thats going to be fun!
Dear Dot - Thanks for visiting my site - Im sorry about the pain your brother has to bear and I do hope he is better soon . You sound like there's wonderful bonding between the two of you . This will carry him thorugh I am sure . I like your site a lot - seems to be a very busy page ! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!
may my kannan...bless him
Thanks for stopping by mine and my moms blogs Dot. We're always appreciating it so much. I'm so sorry to hear all this and hope that everything goes as smooth as possible. You'll both be in our thoughts!

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Thanks starrynights, My brothers surgary went well. He still is in pain, but each day gets better.He is still in the Hosp and getting therapy to learn how to get in and out of bed, etc.
I was gaining bak a lot of the arm movements, but the pain is back and i was told it was bursitis in my shoulder now.
I wish you lots of good luck when you start your therapy in Feb.
Thanks Eve. At times like this you do find how close your family truly is. I have 2 bros and 3 sisters and we are all doing our best to be there to help our bro. We may sometimes dissagree, but our love for one another stays strong. I also enjoyed your site.
Thank you Neermathalam. Does kannan mean brother in your language, or? I am interested in learning so I can fully understand your comments better. Thanks for stopping by.
Thanks lifecruiser. I always enjoy reading your and your lovely mom`s blogs. My heart goes out to her with all she is going thru. Such a brave beautiful Mother. Give her my love and wishing the best to you and your Mr.
There is hindu diety named SriKrishnan very much like Jesus Christ..I call him with love 'kannan'.He is my rock star...;)...U can google the word..Lord Krishan for more info..
Thankyou Neer...
I did look it up and found one place where it explained very much. I hope you and others from your Religion won`t mind that I posted some of what I learned on the net. It just might be something others would also enjoy reading.
Thanks you for asking your Deity- Lord Krishnam for his blessings for my brother. Prayers are the best gift anyone can receive.
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