Friday, November 24, 2006


Still fighting with me, but I intend to win!

my elbow, above it is where the larger bruise slightly shows- just above the elbow.
more elbow
on back of arm
side of arm just above the elbow, looks like top of arm, but it`s much lower. This is where the arm fell down to- about 5 inches below the shoulder and about 3 inches above the elbow..

The arm is still fighting me, but Iintend to win with the help of theraphy.

*hugs* Dot. All the best in your fight!
That is a pretty bad injury, dot.

Well ! show us that you can fight back. All the best.
That looks nasty. Please take care of yourself.
Wow, just been doing some catching up here. So sorry to read you tripped down steps...what nasty injuries you have there. The bruises look horrendous! Hope you're coping well, good to know you have family closeby. Must be frustrating the heck out of you with not being able to do things.

Loved the pictures of your family in their Halloween gear, damn those kiddies always look so cute in their outfits lol

Oh and one more thing, that Sassy must have some pretty amazing strong neck muscles to get away!

Take care of yourself Dot :)
Ouch! That looks painful, I have you on my prayer list.

thanks Hillgrandmom. De has me down for theraphy 3 times a week for ten weeks, but I`m hoping to do much better. Thanks for stopping by.
Don`t worry Jac. I have so much I want to accomplish that I have to fight hard to get back using the arm.
Thanks for dropping by.
Thanks Monica. I am sure it will heal in time. I just need to learn more patience. LOL Thanks for stopping by.
Hi Lisa. Thanks, I think the kids all look cute dressed up at Halloween. When Walt was here to hand out the candy, I had more time to take lots more pictures. Now i just get the family ones.
Yes, Sassy does have a strong neck. I used to worry that when she takes off on a fast run chasing squirrels or cats, that she would end up breaking her nreck. But she has been doing it for about 10 1/2 years now. She always broke the regular dog chains and hiiks till I got real heavy ones. She is very strong.

And yes, I am getting bored waiting to be able to finish things I had started. I`m not so good at just sitting around.
Thanks Deni. Even your Hugs are appreciated. I got tired of trying to keep some soft foam cushion filling wrapped around the arm of my comp chair to lay my arm on. So, today I cut off a long strip of the soft filling and pushed it into the sleeve of my top to protect that arm from pressing on the chair arm. I don`t bump it as much this way. The soft padding sure helps. They say "Where there`s a will, there`s a way". This way protects causing less pain.
.. and I hope you win.
My best wishes to you
Oh, Dot, I'm sorry to find you in such a condition! Thanks for coming by to read my posting...I haven't been here for a long time. Seems like if I manage to write something on MY blog, that's a Big Deal lately. Did they do an MRI on your shoulder to make sure the fluid isn't leaking from the rotator cuff? That's the absolutely only way they can be sure. Otherwise you might be having therapy on a torn cuff that cannot repair itself (if fluid is leaking out). Just a take good care of yourself and do whatever you're told! That's a tough one, isn't it. :-) We get fiesty as we get older!! God bless.
Mindinside, Thanks for the good wishes and thsnks for dropping by my blog.
Thanks Annie. All they did was take exrays of the shoulder and my knee at the Hosp when it happened on the 11th. Then they re-took more exrays of both my shoulder and my right knee on the 20th at the Drs office. Knee turned black and blue when I first fell, but it just hurts some now when I try to climb stairs or bend it too far. I hope there is no leakage so it will heal ok. I never even thought of that, so never asked about it. The Dr did tell me that he would never operate on torn sheaths- guess it might be due to my age, but not sure. Then he added that I wouldn`t need an op. I never had this Dr before. He just happened to be who was on duty in the emergency room that afternoon when I fell.
The Therapist told me to bring my prescription with me when I came on Wed. for theraphy. I almost asked her why since it takes about a half hour for the pills to start working and theraphy sessions usually only last about a half hour. Oh Well, I`ll find out on Wed. Annie, thanks for coming to my blog.
Yikes! That does look painful. Sorry to hear about your fall. May you be back to new soon!
The news about the snow and wind are severe at your end, came to check about you.
heyy u are a special species..valiyammomma..!!!!
fight back this is looking bad..
but for ur a damn..about it..
Get well soon..ammomme...
You are called a 'valiammoomma' which means grandma.
Thanks Skye. It is a bit on the painful side, but could have been a lot worse. Getting able to move it more as time goes by.
Thanks for dropping by.
Jac, I was lucky. We got hard rain,high winds and later thunderstorm, but no real danger. Thanks for caring.
Thanks Neermathalam, I am a proud Amma, a proud Malayalam and also a proud Valiyammomma/Valiammoomma. Whichever spelling you and Jac wish to use. I am very happy to be a momma, a grandmomma and a great grandmamma. Thanks to both you and Jac I am slowly learning a few words in your language.
How do you say "Thanks" or "Thank you" in your Language.
Hope you recover soon!! take care..sweet to have a great gmom inspire me to keep bloggin! have blessed day!
Thanks Cecilia. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You are welcome to come back anytime. Wishing you also a Blessed day.
nandi to you Neer... and also to Jac for helping me to understand a little of your language.
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