Thursday, November 02, 2006


Over for another year!

This is one of my grandsons with his two sons.

This is my granddaughter- the little lion. I should have taken a picture of the back of the head with all the fake fur on it. It has the little white paw effects for hands and feet on the costume, plus a tail. She was trying to look alittle scarry and roaring while I took the picture.

Four of my grandchildren showed up with their little ones and I found enough time to take pictures of five great grandchildren before the evening was over. I tried over and over to add the pictures in my blog-- but it wouldn`t add even one of them. It used to be so easy to take lots of pictures when Walt was here to pass out the candy leaving me free to play with the camera. Walt so loved seeing the kids faces light up when he dropped candy into their open bags. But, with them arriving so fast, one after the other , I wasn`t able to take very many pictures this year.

So many cute little ones came to my home for Halloween candy, about 60 this year. I love seeing them all. Many of the younger teenagers still come . Many adults get irritated having some older kids knocking on their door for trick or treating. I feel they could be out getting into trouble, so coming to my door for candy is a much better thing for them to do. Also, I feel much safer living here alone knowing that I have the respect of the little kids who have grown up and are now either teenagers or parents bringing their own little kids to my home.

We moved to this neighborhood in 1955, so many of the kids I have seen since birth. Their parents brought them to our Bicycle Shop for many years, then there was over 10 more years running a grocery store. So, our yard was always filled with teenagers and parents with their little ones. While most of them know my last name, I must admit that while I recognize many of them, I have forgotten many of their names. Was so much easier when my kids were younger and I would see many of them often. But, today my kids are now parents and most of them are also grandparents. So, it has been many years since they were kids living at home. But, I can count on most of the kids showing up again for Halloween next year.

Your grandkids are sweet!

I haven't been able to post any pics on my blog lately.
Awww, your grandkids have babies! I want a grandbaby but I know he or she will come when the time is right.

Your grandbabies are so cute! :)
Thanks Deni. I haven`t been able to post any pictures for over a week. Tried early this morning and it wouldn`t post them on my blog. But later it finally posted.
Monica, I do have a lot of great grandkids to spoil. Some I only see once in a while, while others I get to see a lot. One is living with her parents in Germany so I haven`t seen her in almost 2 yrs now. But they do send me pictures over the net.
Two more live in N. Carolina and I haven`t seen then in a few yrs now, but I do get to hear their voices when they hit their grandma`s home while she is on the phone with me. There are 18 in all counting the 5 from the step daughter and the step son tht I raised.
I wish you a lot of great grand babies to spoil.
These pictures are precious! It's wonderful to see so many generations being able to spend time together.

One of my favorite photos is one of me as a child, my mom, grandmother and great-grandmother. It is the only one that I have with so many generations. I hope you have lots of pictures with all of you together. They are priceless.
Anali, That is one picture that I am sure you will always treasure. It will also be a great one to make copies of for other family members and for future generations to have. I love seeing pictures of all my mothers and fathers parents and grandparents plus other earlier pictures.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
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