Monday, November 13, 2006

Hi everyone. Just getting you up to date why I might not be posting as often. I`m not to good or fast using one finger and my left hand., as I am right handed. Here is a letter I wrote to a cousin to save me trying to print it out again.

Hi Bess,
In the morning we went to the cementary for a graveside service for oldest sisters husband.
She wanted him burried here with the rest of our family. Then we all met at oldest bro`s house.
Then I had a baby shower to attend at 1pm for a neighbors daughter.
It was held in a church basement. no railings on last couple steps that went the other way. When I looked down i only saw 1 step, but there was 2 steps. Prisms in glasses didn`t pick up the images right when looking downward instead of looking thru them straight ahead.
my foot caught the front edge of the 2nd step and as hard as
I tried, I couldn`t catch my ballance and I was thrown sliding a few feet from the steps by the time I stopped sliding on that shiny cement floor.

I had knocked the arm out from the badly torn rotor cuff
and the top of the arm was left just above my elbow and felt like a huge hard swollen lump pushing against my side. I wasn`t even able to get up. Girls lifted me up and into a chair. Then I had no strength to hold the arm to stand, so they had to call the ambulance to take me to the Hosp. Oldest daughter Linda rode with me.So she also missed the shower.
Dr was eventually able to snap it back in place. He told me they aren`t supposed to keep you overnight in the Hosp for a shoulder dislocation, but the way mine was damaged he felt
he needed to keep me overnight. Went in around 1pm Sat and came home around 3pm Sun.

I am only allowed to spread my fingers and bend my wrist a little.
Twice a day I am allowed to bend my elbow, but no more movement till I see him in a week. Have to keep my arm tight against my side till I see him so it won`t slip back down.
He told me it would need possibly months of theraphy, but needed about 6 weeks for the torn cuff to heal enough to start the theraphy.
So here I sit typing with my left hand, one finger at a time.
And yes, he did give me pain pills- Hydroco/apap 5-500 M-can take
2 tab every 4 hrs as needed, hopefully not for too long. I`m not a pill taker. Hoping in a few days to cut it to 1 every 6 hours, and then to none. That is my hopes.

I should make out ok as I once had that hand operated on, another time when kitchen stove blew up- right hand was badly burned. So had to learn to do everything left handed both times. May be older now, but I will make out ok.
Just hope I can still use the electric drill with that arm and hand once it heals. Dr said I should be expecting some movement losses from the damage. Hoping to be able to prove him wrong.

So if I read your blog without commenting, just know I will still be reading. I do enjoy reading all your blogs. I couldn`t forget all my wonderful blog friends. You are all special friends.

I am so sorry that you have been hurt, I hope and pray you get better quickly and prove that dr wrong.

Oh dear! here's wishing you a speedy recovery to complete health.
Mrs. Dot I'm sorry to read about your accident and hope you will
recover very soon and be back among us soon.

Sending you special thoughts and best wishes for a speedy recovery.
Dot I am sorry to hear that. But as usual you will prove the Doc wrong.

Get well soon plz and....take care

Deni, Hillgrandmom. Ms Vickie, And Jac. wonderful of all of you to leave such warm wishes. Thank you.
I am hoping when see Dr Monday that he will allow me to use right hand and arm a little more. I need more practice using left hand as write way too slow that way.
Wishing you all the very best.
Sorry to hear this has happened but relieved that you are getting better.

Take care of you and have a safe Thanksgiving.
Thanks Monica. Got to take it a bit slower as it aches more today. Going to try heat tomorrow to see if it will make movements easier. Starting theraphy next week.
Thanks for stopping by.
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