Thursday, November 02, 2006


Great Grandchildren on Halloween

More great grandchildren on Halloween.

On left is another grandson with his little 4 month old daughter dressed in a rabbit outfit.

On the right is another granddaughter with her 6 month old son dressed in a frog costume that she made for him. He is holding a lollypop. His mommy told me that was his first lollypop and he sure was trying to eat it with the paper still on it. I did tell my granddaughter that he probably shouldn`t put the paper in his mouth as you never know about the colors on the paper , plus the paper might start falling apart in his mouth from getting so wet and he could choke on it. So, mommy took the pop out of his mouth and we played with him so he wouldn`t miss it. His mommy will give it back to him after they get home and get him out of the outfit. His very first lollypop and from his great grandmother. pretty good, right?

I have lots of other great grandchildren who are also very precious to me, I just didn`t see them on Halloween to get their pictures in costumes.

these are some good looking grandchildren dot and they look like they are having a great time.
how have you been lately? have you still got a microphone? we have not got to talk to each other for a while?
how precious!
cute they are indeed....
When they start reading...shw this blog to them...they will be proud of u...
yes mr haney. I still have the mike and the cam, just been too busy to stay on very long at any one time. Things should slow down before much longer. Then I will be looking forward to chatting again.
Thanks itisi. So nice of you to say. I think they are cute, but then I must admit that I am a bit predjudise as most great grandparents are ( grandparents and parents usually are too) :):)
Hi neermathalam. Thank you. I have always tried to live my life in a way that my children, grandchildren and even my great grandchildrem can feel they can bring their friends here and know they will be treated well. I am very proud of them all. I feel so lucky to have such a polite caring family.
Wow, be a Great-Grandmother at the age of 75?? You are one blessed lady! I remember my great-grandmother quite clearly, but back then old people were, well, OLD. She died at 89 when I was 9 yrs. old, so I remember her quite well. Back then children were mostly to be "seen but not heard". But it's great that you are so young-at-heart and it's so obvious that your grandchildren enjoy coming by to see you on Halloween. That's just so great.
They are absolutely adorable! Babies make the world a better, brighter place.

I'm glad you have them to enjoy.
Lovely pictures, lovely children.
Annie, I first became a Great Grandmother at age 65 thru the step children that I raised. I was 66 when my first great grandchild from my own kids was born. I got married at age 20, became a mother at age 21, a grandmother at age 44 ( only 40 when the first grandkid from the step kids was born). My how time does fly. I love them all- no favoritism allowed. I saw my mother with her favorites and promised myself that I wouldn`t do that with mine. They are all special in their own ways.
thanks Deni, they sure do make life much more pleasant . My life would be much emptier with out them all.
Thanks Kat. I feel very lucky to have such good grandchildren and great grandchildren. I often tell my kids what good parents I think they are for their kids to be that good. Love can do wonders.

You are so lucky, Dot.

There I see two of your lovelies !!
Jac, there was another grandson and three more great grandchildren in the post before this one.
Yes, I sure feel lucky.
Hi Dot! Had briefly seen this post earlier buthadn't commented. Didn't know you could get Halloween costumes even for such little kids :)
Hi hgm. One granddaughter made the frog costume for her 7 month old son Brenden.
Others were store boughten. You can buy them for as small as baby sizes 3-6 months.
Thanks for stopping by.
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