Thursday, October 12, 2006


Would you take a second look if you were a young girl?

So what exactly are we looking at here? My middle-aged eyes can't see what/who it is. Young/old husband? Hmmm Clue me in! :-)
Answered my own question about an hour ago....whilst reading nearly your entire blog and it's a GREAT BLOG!! I wish my Dad would get interested in computers. It's amazing how "computerphobic" some older folks are. But here you are in your 70's just a writing away. AND you write well!!! Thanks for a great read. I'll be back for more! I'd love to hear about your youth. Interested in writing about that? And how many children did you and your husband raise? Bye!
Hi Annie, welcome to my blog.
We started our marriage with his three yr old daughter from a previous marriage. Then we had 5 children of our own (including the twins) and also took in his son when the mother kicked him out at age 14- so ended up raising 7 kids in all.
How old is your Dad? Does he live alone? My Husband was just getting interested enough to look over my shoulder and read some jokes and so I hooked up the old comp with games to get him familiar with computers. He did enjoy playing the games and after a while he got to reading over my shoulder. I think if he had lived longer I might have gotten him enjoying doing more on the comp. He was mostly afraid he would do something to mess the comp up. I tried to tell him we all do that at one time or another, so not to worry about that. Good luck. I think your Dad would enjoy it once he learned how.
Annie, Thanks for the compliment about my blog. Come back anytime.
Annie, I tried to leave a comment on your blog, but wasn`t able to because as Dotm I am not considered a member . I did read your post and found it an interesting and so true subject. Would have left you a comment if I was allowed to.
Thx for sharing Dot!
I see that u r sooo much in love!
Dot, thanks for letting me know about the no-comments thing. I'll go change that right away. I want to be able to hear from you! I was really feeling suspenseful reading about you hunting down in that celler...I was expecting someone to be in that big box! Boo! :-) My Dad's nearing 90, and has been determined all along to completely avoid anything to do with computers. You and I both know how much he's CHOSEN to never experience with them. I think it's sad. But it's his call. I'll go change that setting now....bye!
Thanks Velu Nair. I sure did love him. Thanks for stopping by.
Hi Annie, Some older people don`t feel at home on the computer. Yes, it is sad because they can find so much to enjoy and can meet such great friends there. I might never have gone on the net myself if a daughter hadn`t paid for it as a Christmas present years ago. She put in cable for her father and the net for me that year and i enjoyed it so much that I have been here every since.
Dot - -I found my comments! Now where did I just post my "can't find my comment" comment??? I think I need to go back to bed & not stay up til the wee hours ...think? :-) Thanks for your post on my blog.
Thanks for dropping by!
I was only able to enlarge the second pic a little bit for you:
Have a nice day!
or click
Thanks a lot Mar. You are certainly a sweetheart. These pictures were taken back in 1951 with a black and white color camera before the colored films were available for that camera. it only took the 2 inch x 3 inch picture size, which makes it harder to enlarge them easily. I appreciate your trying to enlarge them for me.
Thanks again Mar.
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