Friday, October 20, 2006


I was Tagged by Walker

Hi Walker, here goes.....

Something noone else should know?
This is a hard one because I am more like an open book, I don`t make up excuses for my actions. I admit when I am wrong. I always felt that to be a good parent you must first set a good example yourself. The only thing I can think of is that I once came close to having an accident that would have been partly my fault. I was parked on a side street by our local Hospital. When I came out to get into my car and head home, some fellow had left his car part way out into the road. I had no way to locate him, and my young kids would be coming home from school soon. I needed to be there when they came home. It had snowed all night and the roads were slippery. I knew I would have to drive up onto the bank a ways inorder to keep from hitting that car. It was a one-way street with no driveways I could have backed into even if I had dared go down the wrong way. To be safer, I took the small blanket from my car and laid it over the car door and wrapped it around the door handle of the other car.Three Student Nurses came out to tell me he left his car in the road all the time and had caused 2 accidents that they had already witnessed. They also told me they would go to court with me If I needed them. Some older felllow and his wife then showed up and said he would drive my car past the other car. My car slid and just lightly touched the blanket, but thank God there was no mark or damage so i never reported it.

Two colors I will never wear?
There is a green color that I would never wear because it reminded me of the bile color some patients tossed up after an op. . Held that small pan for them way too many times. the only other color i can think of is I don`t hate orange, but still never wear it.

Three things I love to eat:
BBQ spare ribs
Dressing ( not crazy for turkey, but love the dressing cooked in it)
Fudge or Brownies ( gee, now I getting hingry for them-- haven`t made either one in a very long time. Guess I`m too afraid I would eat too many and gain more weight. HaaHaa.)

Four things i would never serve a guest:
choc. covered ants or flies ( guess this is two things)
head cheese (after hearing how it is made)
food that wasn`t freshly cooked that day.

Five things i forget to buy at the grocery store:
always forgetting to pick up
waxed paper
hotdog rolls
reg. white bread for company

Six things I like about Autumn:
changing color of the leaves,
fresh smell after a rain
working outside in the fresh air
walking thru the woods and watching the birds, animals and late flowers

Seven things I value about my family:
Knowing they are willing to help each other in times of need.Even when they are angry with each other, they still jump to help when they see that person needs them.
The trusting way they share their feelings for each other
The way they can trust each other with their secrets
The way they look out for and protect each other
The way they keep a promise once they make it.
How they don`t try to get out of a jam by blaming someone else.

And the way they are there for me if and whenever they think I need their help.

Eight things I watch on TV:
Everyone loves Raymond
Upstairs/Downstairs and the Half hour one with the clothing store, plus the other short one with the silly lady and her husband- can`t think of the names right now -- good for a laugh at times.
Movies on "Life " time station ( I especially like the true stories).
Weather station
CSPAN News station to catch up on whats being discussed by Congress.
Ghost Whisperer
Daytime Soaps, Soaps, Soaps.

Nine things I loved about school:
Actually I always liked school.
Gym and sports- was on a baseball team that our coach handled after school, but wasn`t actually a school ran like the boys teams. But we did play other schools. Belonged to the Ticket Please Club- so saw all the home game for free. Was in all the intrameral gym doings that were put on for the school and public to watch. Many times you would see me either standing on my head for a long time on the end of the formation , or the one way up on top of the human chain. Often got stuck way up on top because I only weighed 98 pounds then and it was easier both for them to hold that extra weight on their shoulders as a fourth row up, and because I was a good climber and ballanced well up high.
Loved the Mechanical Drawing and Design drawing classes.
Loved Math - Algebras, Geometry, advanced Algebra, because it was my easiest subject.
Had mostly great teachers ( one was nicknamed killer Caine and few liked her, but for some reason she like me) Actually she hated students that came from District 9 because we already knew the Science she was teaching, while the other schools didn`t. We just needed to do the experiments . She first had my older sister who was the second highest one in her grad class. Then when an older bro started High her first question was -- are you Elizabeth`s bro. When he said yes, I was told she replied "Oh, another smart allec ( not sure of her spelling for allec) number 9 student. I`m surprised he didn`t tell her there was no such word as allec in the dictionary. A couple years later I started high school and she asked if Gerald was my Bro. I held my breath as I answered yes. But after a couple months I became the one she always asked to take things to the office for her. Don`t know what changed her mind about Number 9 students, but she liked me.)
Met my first crush there, plus other nice guys that I dated.
Our Gym Teacher was great. Besides the baseball games, she also became our Senior girl Scout leader and with her we climb Mt Marcy two years in a row. She also would allow us who had to walk a couple miles to bring our lunch when she worked the gym at lunch time. Only those who rode a bus were allowed to eat lunch at school. We pratically ran home, had about 15 minutes to eat before hurring back to school so we wouldn`t show up late.
Having trouble thinking of a ninth one. Guess I can only say that I always enjoyed school right up to the day I graduated. Only hard time was back in third grade when the teacher was an older cousin. Another cousin was in the third grade with me. Sometimes we would forget and call her by her first name instead of Mrs...and she would send us to the back room where the coats were hung. After school, she would say she was sorry, but if we kept doing it all the other students would start doing it. As 8 yr olds, we didn`t care if the other kids called her by her first name as long as we didn`t get in trouble doing it. Hard calling your cousin by her first name all week-end and on monday remembering to call her Mrs so and so like she wasn`t our cousin anymore.

Ten little things I love about life:
my kids
my grandkids
my great grandkids
making things in my wood shop
knowing I can still knit and crochet even with the arthritis in my fingers
Being able to still enjoy playing my organ
Having wonderful friends- both on the net and around home.
Knowing someone was smart enough to invent special glasses with prisms built in to correct double vision so i can safely drive and keep working with all my shop tools.
Having had the privalege of finding someone who loved me and was there for me for over 50 yrs. Some never get that experience.
Knowing I am loved by my family. Another nice thing was yesterday -having a bro tell me I am the one member of our family that he prefers to have accompany him when he goes places. He worried I might feel dumped with him asking a nephew and his girfriend to go grocery shopping with him instead of me. This nephew and girfriend will be staying with him after his leg is removed, so he wanted to be sure to buy things they liked as she would be doing the cooking. I told him I thought that was a smart move-- to go with them this time. I told him, I wanted him to do whatever is best for him.

I have decided to Tag itisi, Annie and Hillgrandmom. Hope you haven`t already done this one.

I knew I picked the right person to do this meme.
Loved your answers. I forgot about head cheese yuck.
I got to go out tomorrowe and buy a cinimmon bun and now brownies and fudge. These memes are fattening , Great Meme Dot.
Have a nice weekend
Dot -- I've been tagged by you! Thanks a million! And I mean that. It kinda reminds me of being chosen in the first few rounds of Red Rover in grade school, you know? Instead of being the last kid standing there, you're chosen early. Nice feeling. I'm new to this Blog Thing and have been wondering what a meme is. I even asked someone that question on their blog, but I lost track of where I asked it so I never got the answer!! LOL I'm catchin' on here goes and thanks again. I really enjoyed your answers and also finding Walker's blog. That's the fun of blogging -- finding new blogs from favorite blogs. Have a wonderful day.
Thanks Walker. I still haven`t made any brownies or fudge, but I did eat a pkg of cinnamon buns last week-one a day made them last longer. I do have a pkg of Duncan Hines brownie mix in my cupboard and have been looking at it for over a month. I really should use the oven and warm up this end of the kitchen where my comp sits. Cheaper than the electric heater would be. Maybe tomorrow if it stays this chilly.
Thanks for stopping by.
Dot: I see that you tagged me so watch for my answers the next couple days! I really enjoyed your answers, they were so straightforward. I am thinking we really should not let Fizzy and Walker get together on their blogs, they always seem to start something! LOL
Annie, I answered your comment yesterday, but I couldn`t post it before. So, I am trying again. The meme stands for the words me and me- meaning about me. There have been lots of different kinds of tags going around, but this one is questions asking about yourself-- so it`s a meme.
I remember my first tag and I didn`t have the least idea how to do it. I found it easier to do after reading how a couple other people had answered the same questions on their blogs. So, since I knew Walker had just done this tag, I thought it might help you to read both his and mine.
Thanks for agreeing to do the tag for me. Glad you are enjoying your blog. They can be lots of fun.
Hi itisi, gee, maybe we could get all the little kids in the neighborhood together and have them start blowing soap bubbles to build a moisture barrier between Walker and Frizzy. HaaHaa. But, I think it is more fun to tag them back when we can. They do give some good answers.
Thanks Itisi for agreeing to do this tag.
PS, should I make Walker even hungrier for Fudge by telling him that when I went grocery shopping today I bought some Maple Walnut flavoerd fudge? HaHa.
Hi Dot. Thanks for dropping by! Yes, I love to crochet, too, but had to give it up totally this past summer. I was having sooo much pain in both my thumbs and the doctor x-rayed and found extensive arthritis in them. I had cortizone shots in them and that helped for six months. No crocheting at all...just knitting and not obssissively like I used to do crochet (hrs. and hrs. and hrs.) so I'm just a knitter now. Sounds like you're a little more advanced than me. I made a zillion scarves and now knit sweaters for the Guideposts Knit For Kids program. (See their website for directions -- very easy and satisfying pattern). That's about it. I try to have two or three sweaters (different sizes) going at once for variety. One stays in my car in a tote bag for when I'm stopped in traffic, etc. It's amazing to me how much I can get done in short amounts of time! What's your next project? Any suggestions on how to learn to knit socks? That's what I really want to learn to do.
It is "Keeping Up Appearances" that you watch. Hyacinth is a riot!
Thanks Jan. That is the one-"Keeping up Appearances", and the clothing store one is "Are you being Served". They are good for a laugh most of the time.
Thanks for dropping by. Come back anytime.
Annie, I left a comment on yopur site about knitting. It`s nice having something to enjoy doing. I do a lot of crocheting, plus some knitting, but spend lots of time in my wood shop. I can`t knit or crochet for hours at a time like I used to, but I still make gifts for showers and for christmas.
I once made a pair of argyle socks for my Dad and then he asked for a warm higher pair to wear with his high boots. After he passed away, my mother gave me back both pairs and I still have the high pair today. He wotre them all the time wityh his high boots in the winters and they really last.
I have to confess that I was thinking the whole time: I hope she remembers she got me on her last one...thank goodness.

Great meme.
yes Monica, I did remember that I
tagged you before. But must confess you usually do give good answers to tags.
Do you worry like I sometimes do that you hope you aren`t tagging the same person again?
Thanks for stopping by.
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