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I was tagged by Hillgrandmom. hope this is what i was supposed to do.

I was tagged by hillgrandmom, and having a tough time trying to think of something to write about. Weird things or other things about myself??
1. Maybe some would think it weird that I do so much of my own home repairs when I have kids who would do it for me. Must admit that I prefer doing the work instead of waiting till someone is free to do it for me. I am a somewhat impatient person when I see something that needs to be done. I hate letting the job wait till it becomes an even larger harder job for me to do.

2. I get irritated when people try to start an argument. I believe everyone should have the right to their own opinion about things. I don`t believe anyone should get mad at others just because they have a different view on things. If you can`t agree, then you should agree that it is ok to disagree. If everyone agreed, what a boring world this would be. I never stand firm unless I know I am right and am afraid someone might get really hurt if things keep going. I am never afraid to admit when I am wrong. I do believe in the words "Forgive me" or "I am sorry" and I mean them when I say them.

3. I am always willing to help others as much as I am able. I find it hard to ask others for a favor. My Husband once told me that I was too independant and should start letting others do more for me. I grew up with parents that seldom asked others for a favor. They set the example for us-showing us how they did their own work and never leaned on others. But they also showed us that it wasn`t being a failure to take advice from others who knew something we didn`t. I learned that you only learn as much as you are willing to close your mouth and listen to.

4. One of my worst character traits is that I feel like I wasted a whole day from my life if I didn`t get anything accomplished. Guess that might come from raising a large family and never finding a minute to waste while they were growing up. For years we either ran a bicycle shop or a grocery store on our property while the kids were growing up. So, there was always a lot of work waiting to be done after the shop or store closed up for the night. I often was still doing washings or ironings till very late or early morning so there would be school clothes and Hubby have work clothes ready for the next day. I just never had time to learn how to just sit around all day doing nothing.

5. My Family is very important to me. It bothers me greatly any time a couple of them stop talking to one another. Glad it seldom lasts real long. I learned to stay out of it and let them settle things by themself . I found that usually works out better. Not easy to do sometimes, but I do manage.

6. I am not as happy living here alone as I was when my Husband was here with me. I guess when we have lived with the same person for over 50 years, we expect them to be here for us forever. Common sense tells us there is no such thing as forever, but our Hearts don`t use common sense. Was very hard to learn to cook for just one. Some days I don`t feel like eating and have to push myself to fix meals. Take some pills that require food with them, so do have to eat. Was real easy when I was cooking for a house full and even when I was spending hours making something special that I knew he liked to eat. His favorite sayings were either "you`re so good to me", or "Why are you so good to me". I never went to the grocery store without buying something sweet that he liked. He was a big sweet eater. I also enjoyed picking up items at the other stores that I thought he would enjoy having. It felt good having a little extra money to spend on him after all the years he worked hard to provide for us and the kids.

7. The one thing that did bother me about my husband was back in the 60`s when he kept trading new cars every year for 4 straight years in a row. The payments kept getting larger every year and harder to make, but he did start working overtime to cover the extra cost till the year our last son was born and his ex kicked out their son and we also took him in to raise. That year costs added up so much that he lost the new car and bought a cheap second hand one. It was in 1983 before we finally could afford another new car. He said he was buying the new car for me to make up for all the Birthdays and Anniversaries over the years when he couldn`t afford to buy me anything really nice. He kept his old car for driving back and forth to work. We kept the new car till it was totaled in 1994. We never again owned a brand new car. My next car was the 1990 Mazda which I am still driving today.

8. I guess you might think I was a bit superstitious when I say I hate saying anything bad about anyone. I think to myself that you never know when what you said just might be the last thing you might ever say to them and I wouldn`t want to always remember it. That probably also came from my upbringing- Don`t say anything bad about anyone that you wouldn`t want said about you. Plus- If you can`t say something nice, then don`t say anything at all.

9. I am not one who gets real angry easily. It takes an awful lot to get me really mad. I can only remember getting real angry once. I am one who will start to cry if I am furious and then you wouldn`t want to be up against me. Usually when I start getting that furious, I walk away and give myself time to cool down and then go back to handle things in a much calmer attitude. Only lost my temper once and I knew I never wanted to do it again. It was the only time I ever got into a bad fight- it was with a boy much older than I was and after that fight noone ever wanted to get into a fight with me. I wasn`t proud of beating him up even though he kept shoving me over and over because I wouldn`t get off the sidewalk while he walked by. He left crying and all my friends were backing me up saying I was right to protect myself. But, I still didn`t feel good about fighting and made up my mind never again unless someones life might depend on it. I was brought up under the same rules I raised my own children with. My Dad told us- Don`t ever come home and let me find out you started a fight, but also don`t ever come home and let me hear you just stood there and didn`t defend yourself if someone started beating on you.

10. I often have feeling before something happens in our family. Like one time I woke up very early in the morning feeling something was wrong with my oldest brother who lived in another state at the time. I just knew he was taken to the hospital for an emergency op. It was so real, but being so very early in the morning, I had to wait a few hours before I could call my mother . I asked her if she had heard from my bro and she told me his wife had called them. I said - was it about quarter to 4 this morning? She said thats what time they did the emergency appendex op on him and then she asked me how I knew. Told her I woke up knowing it. Happened again when my mother called to ask me to meet my other older bro at the hosp as they were taking my younger bro in the ambulance. Told her ok, then called her right back to tell her I wouldn`t be going as it was too late, I knew my bro had already died. Same thing when my Dad died. I knew before I was told. Guess you might call this a weird thing about me. It is often scarry when I start getting these strange feelings, especially if they are bad as they usually end up to be true.

Guess that gives you a lot about what I believe and how my up-bringing had an effect on my life. Hope this is what I was meant to do with the tag.

Now. I have no idea who would be willing to be tagged by me? Mr Haney, would you be willing? Anyone else willing?? I`m not sure who to ask as I don`t know who has already been tagged for this one.

I am extremely touched by #6!!

loved every line.good work Dotm!!
Thanks Velu Nair, but when you love someone as much as I loved him, nothing is too much or too hard to do for them. He was my life for over 50 years and I still can`t walk thru a grocery store without seeing things I would have boughten for him. Just a couple days ago I was walking thru the store with a bro and was telling him, "Walt loved this, or that and I would have bought them for him". Habits are hard to break.
Thanks for stopping by.
Thanks HipGrandma. Wasn`t sure what I was supposed to write about, but did my best. I read your tag and Hillgrandmom`s to get an idea what was expected and hoped.
Thanks for stopping by.
Hello Dot.
This was a great post and I like the things you put up.
6 is the favorite for me, it says a lot of the love you and Walk have.

Why sit back and wait when you can do something you know how to do and it helps you keep busy.

Have a nice Long weekend Dot
Very well written tag and I learned a lot about was a very touching post. I think you are a beautiful, caring and sensitive person.Found nothing weird.
I tried to leave a comment immediately after you replied to the tag. But somehow I just couldn't and so left a message in your c-box. It is difficult thinking of things about your self isn't it? I found mine tough to do too. About #10, must be scary sometimes I bet.
hello dot. i will try and do this tag but it may take me some time.
Thanks Walker. Walt was special and well liked by everyone who met him. If he ever had an enemy it had to be before I ever met him. Even today I still run into guys who worked with him and they still tell me what a great fellow he was and how much he was liked at the mill. Kids, well they are grown men today, who knew Walt thru Scouts or thru the bike shop still talk about all they learned from him. I did a lot of begging to get him to become our Scout leader, but after a while he loved it so much that he continued for over 10 years.
Yes, I find living alone is much easier if you can end each week knowing you accomplished something and it also helps fill up the days so you have less time to feel lonely.
Thanks Starrynights. Such nice words to hear. I`m just an ordinary person who believes you can accomplish much more with love and kindness. You are right about my being a very sensitive person though. I hate seeing others hurting or being needlessly hurt.
Hillgrandmom, I also was having trouble posting later that evening. Yes it was awful hard trying to write about myself as you said. I bet if you were writing about your grandchild you could think of lots to write about and so could I. But about oneself, that takes a lot of thought.
Yes, many times I wish I didn`t get those feelings since many of them are sad ones. The only thing they sometimes do is give me time to get myself a little more together before I reach their homes and so I am more able to help others since I had the warning ahead of time. My younger daughter has inherited those feelings and she often wishes she didn`t. I often wonder if being so overly sensitive to peoples feelings has anything to do with it.
Mr Haney, I didn`t realize you were having computer problems when I decided to ask you. But, if it will be too hard right now, I will understand. If you want to, then take all the time you need and thanks either way. I couldn`t think who to ask this time, but felt you would give some great answers.
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