Friday, September 15, 2006


my heart goes out in many directions.

My head is going in circles. Soo very much to think about. A couple weeks ago we learned that one of my older brothers has a leg that could break at anytime. He had osteomylitis at age 13 and back then they had none of the newer meds to fight osteo with so all these years that leg often breaks out and starts draining again. The osteo was too far advanced when the newer meds were discovered, so they can`t help him. Dr says that the osteo eating away at the bone for so many years has deteriated the leg bone so bad that it could break at any time. The Dr also said that right now my brother is actually walking on air and he is surprised he can still walk on it. He added that when it does break, the leg will need to be removed above the knee. I thought that was enough for me to worry about till I received a phone call from a granddaughter who is only 37 years old.
This sweet granddaughter has had a rough growing up life- a Mother who was never a true mother to either of her kids, a father who decided he wasn`t able to care for two kids. A woman she baby sat for finally got custody and cared for this granddaughter thru her High school days. I had nothing to fight with since her mother was my step daughter. I didn`t even know what was going on until after the court hearing was over. I have stayed close with both this granddaughter and her brother who lives in Florida. Wonderful, loving grandchildren. I knew she had been having some tests done at the hosp and had a Dr apt. today. Well, today the granddaughter called to tell me what the Dr told her. Her Heart is so weak that it could stop at anytime. He called it Cardiac myopathy and told her her Heart was beating way too slow. She is on cumiden and gets 2 shots a day to try to disolve the blood clot behind her knee. Her pro coagulation time isn`t very good. She has become unable to walk and she says the pain is unbearable. This is a person who never complains with all she has been thru- more than any child should have to go thru. So, my heart is breaking for her and my brother and my older sister who just lost her husband.
This granddaughter has two children that she loves so much and her biggest worry is about what would happen to them. I know her brother said he would raise her son ( his Nephew) if he was needed, but the other child was her husbands child that she got full custody of when they Divorced. There is the fear that the birth mother`s family might go to court for her if anything happened and they never bothered with her all these years. I don`t think they could win as the girl is now old enough to choose where she wants to live and she told me a while ago that she would take her brother and run away if she had to go live with them. It would be bad to ever separate the two children. I pray we never have to worry about any of this. I pray my granddaughter`s health improves and she is able to raise her own two kids.
I had the furnace fellow come clean my furnace today, so one more thing done before winter. It has rained for the past few days so I haven`t been able to get anymore painting done. Today I noticed a few places where the paint is blistering on a couple boards on the house beside my front porch. It has been about 4 years since it was last painted. Seems like it should have lasted longer than that.Sometimes I wish I was three people so I could accomplish all that needs doing before winter.
Thought I might have won the fight of getting Sassy to come in the house more. But, she hasn`t been back inside since I let her out yesterday morning. She comes out of the dog coop and comes running to meet me the minute she hears the door opening, but stops on the porch and doesn`t want to come in. I`ll just keep hopeing!!

hello dot.
i am feeling very sad now to hear about your brother and grandaughter. i will say a prayer for them. it seems like life is very hard on some people. we all think we have so many problems until we hear about some thing like this. i hope and pray that things will get better.
oh my... I send many hugs and much love to you
Thanks Mr Haney, Glad your wife is back home with you. I know how much you miss her when she is gone, but you still put her happiness ahead of your own. Thats what makes for a good marriage.
November rain, thanks for your caring thoughts. Returning the love and hugs. You are a good caring friend.
I was just hoping as well that Sassy might have come in by now. Wonder whatevers stopping her??? :( Anywayz.. am hoping along with u that she wud be back inside soon...

Thanks Velu Nair. Maybe your hoping helped to bring her inside after almost a week. She came in this morning and so far is still inside. Praying that it lasts.
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