Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Bad news

I received a phone call shortly after my last post. My older sister`s husband passed away . She lives about 3 to 4 hours drive from me and when I get more details I expect to make the trip to be there.
Yesterday I was so happy celebrating my 75th birthday with many of my family showing up and one Daughter and her husband taking me out for Lunch. They had my youngest granddaughter with them. I couldn`t believe any 2 year old could sit there that long waiting for her food without complaining at all. She was a real little Lady. The restaurant gives little ones 4 crayons and a 3 page coloring book and she was busy coloring in the book. Every once in a while she would say " Where is my food?". One of her parents would tell her they had to cook it and would bring it to her as soon as it was cooked. Only 2 years old, and she just said- cooking it? I have seen many kids much older than her that were a big problem to take to a restaurant.
Hard to believe that was just yesterday when i was feeling so happy.

Now I feel really down. He was a wonderful fellow and a great one to have for a brother-in-law.
Now I have lost 2 of my 3 brother-in-laws in the past couple years. I think I said the other one was little over a year ago, but thinking about it, it was a little over 2 years ago. So 2 of my sisters are in the same place I am. I feel so sorry for them.

So sorry to hear this Dot.

A big hug for {{{{{you and your sister.}}}}}
Mrs. Dot I'm so sorry to hear this news.

I will keep you and your sister's family in
my thoughts.

Please be safe on your trip.
Thanks Kat. I could use that hug right now and I will give one to my sister when I see her.

Thanks Ms Vickie. We are still waiting to find out the dates and then we plan on heading there. Should hear sometime tomorrow.

Haveing such caring friends helps a lot. Thanks to both of you.
So sorry to hear of your family's loss, Dot. It's never easy saying goodbye to those you love. May you be comforted by the closeness of your family and the memories that you all share about your time together.
I dont know how to console...or what to say ?
may god give your sister enough strength to cope with the loss.
And may you celebrate many more birthdays with health and peace of mind,You are the real happy lighthouse.
wow Dot... I'm so sorry to hear this. I'll include you and your family in my prayers tonight.
Oh, such sad news Dot. It's always so difficult to grasp such thing.

They say time will heal, but I think it's only smoothering the worst pain. The sorrow is always there, just a little bit milder.

The warmest sympathy from me and my mother.

I'm glad that you did have a happy birthday before that at least. May your coming years be uplifting and continue to be signs of creation, as they have until now :-)

Take care :-)
I'm so sorry about your brother in law, how sad.

Thanks Skye. Yes memories will always be remembered and they last forever.

neermathalam, thanks for the nice words and for the birthday wishes.

Denny, thanks for the prayers and for caring.

Lifecruiser, Thanks to both you and your wonderful Mom. Yes time helps to take off the sharpness of the pain, but the missing lasts forever. thanks for the birthday thoughts.

Thanks Deni. We can`t get too many warm hugs at a time like this.

Thanks you everyone. Having such wonderful friends is more help than you know. It is times like this when my home seems the lonliest. I sure miss Walt`s shoulder to lean on right now. Knowing there are friends, like all of you, who do care helps a lot.
Despite the sad news of the passing of your brother in law ...


I am so sorry to hear that Dot - I'll keep you in my thoughts!! On the trip - BE CAREFUL PLEASE, OK??
I am sorry to hear about your brother in law.
A sudden death is a shock we could all do without.

Happy Birthday!!!!

Kids can surprise you sometimes..all the time lol
Thanks Karen, both for the Birthday wishes and for the caring. Three of my daughters and two husbands will accompany me to my sisters, so I won`t need to drive. Even with all my older sister is going thru, I received a birthday card from her today. This card is even more precious. She must have made the card out before since it was also signed by her husband, just mailed after. I would have understood if she had forgotten me this year. She had sent me a card over the net on my birthday.
Thanks Walker. I hadn`t thought he looked well since last fall when they left to spend the winter in Florida. Then I saw him again in June at his birthday party and again in July at their youngest son`s wedding. So, it wasn`t quite as much of a shock as I have been worrying about him since last November. I just didn`t expect it so quick. He caught cold, entered the hosp and it was just a short time later. He had gotten so bad he was on oxygen and using a walker, but I expected him to worsen slowly, not so fast. He was a special one. Thanks for caring.
Yes kids do surprise us all the time.
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My thoughts are with your family dear Dot.
Thanks Nan. I will be leaving in the morning and won`t be back till some time Sunday.
Having you and all my other wonderful on-line Friends has helped keep me going thru all the hard times since I lost Walt. I am so thankful to have such caring friends.
Thank you.
Hugs to you Dot and your sistar. However one mentally prepares for a loved one's passing away, it is still a shock when it actually happens. Prayers for you all.
Sorry about your brother-in-law..my prayers and thoughts are with you.may god give you strength through this pain.
Thanks Suemamma. Your words are greatly appreciated.

Thanks starry nights, Having such caring friends does help to lighten the pain.

Sometimes i feel like I started something that just hasn`t stopped. It has been 4 yeatrs since my Walt, then 2 years later was my youngest sister`s Husband and now 2 more years later it is my oldest sisters Husband. I have just one more sister and her husband had heart by-pass over 5 yrs ago. I will keep praying that this sister has much longer than that 2 years between. I can`t ever remember this happening in our family before this. I also have two older brothers with poor health that I worry about.
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