Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Trellis update

I love to see how fast things grows. Natures wonder always is amazing! Especially the climbing ones.
Lifecruiser, I agree with you. I love seeing how well whatever I plant ends up growing. I added three new flowering plants in the front yard, but i didn`t buy any of them. One Purple Gem Rhododendrun was given to me by a son and his wife for Easter. Then they gave me another rose bush for Mother`s day. The old one never grew back this year. Last Winter must have killed it. Then a daughter gave me another plant that has flowers that resemble the rose bushes with variagated red/ yellow beautiful blossoms on it. According to the marker with it, it is called Orange Kordana and was grown in Canada. Both this plant and the roses are in bloom now so my yard looks even nicer. I do love garden flowers much more than cut ones that only end up dying.
That is lovely, dot!
Thanks Jac. I got a nice surprise as when I opened this post to answer you the butterfly was flying around the trellis picture. There was a white butterfly flying by the trellis outside when I went out this morning.
Very pretty trellis!

Thank you for your prayers while I was gone!!

Thanks Deni. I thought of making a fancier trellis, but then decided a fancy one would take away from the fancy porch posts that I love so much.
Glad to see you back and still sending prayers for your Dad, for the mother and expected baby and for everything to settle down and become esier for you and the family. Glad to hear that your daughter is now living with you. Hard worrying about how a child is doing when they aren`t living where you can see them often.
Bet the little kittens are real cute.
Dot: Your trellis is beautiful! Much better looking than the ones I see in the stores. I bet it is sturdier, too!
Thanks itisi. I had boughten a small white plastic trellis- one of those that opens wider at the top but goes to a point at the bottom and I didn`t care for it at all. It was so narrow it couldn`t hold anything. So I decided to make one the size I wanted so I could plant climbers the whole width of the porch. I used round metal stakes on the back to hold it in the ground so I will be able to pull it up and store it for the winter. That way it should last many years.
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