Tuesday, August 22, 2006

This is a picture of my shop roller standard with it`s 3/8 inch rollers.
The legs close up together and the top can be slanted down to a verticle touching the legs to use up little space for storing when not being used. The height is adjustable and the slant of the top can be set level or at any tilt needed. This standard costs, but well worth the price I believe.

The pictures of just the rollers shows better
what the rollers actually look like. The tiny
center of each one can spin in any direction inside the unmovable base.
These single rollers can also be bought to make your own standard. They are fairly cheap. It`s like having a metal round ball
that moves so easily when ever you push anything across it. Moves so easy you can spin the centers with your finger. These roller bearings can be bought in 3/8 inch or I inch size.
Lots of the woodworker catalogues sell these. I just went on line and checked out the Rockler catalogue to find these pictures.
I am not one who shops on line unless I can print it off and mail in the order.

You buy directly from a shop ?
Jac, they are Hardware and Tool companies that sell to the public or anyone who wants to buy from them. They have catalogs that you can order from. They do sell on line, but i never liked putting my credit card number on the net. So, I only order from those companies that will send their cataloges to me so I can mail in my order with a personal check. . Most of these companies also give phone numbers so you can also call and give them your order if you pay by credit card. look up "Rockler " on the net- the Rockler that sells tools. then you will see some of the things they sell.There are many other such companies and I get catalogs from a few of them so I use whichever one is selling what I want for the cheapest price.
You are always busy on something.
Yes Ms Vickie, I do stay busy. I think staying busy helps to keep us young as it leaves less time for stress to get to us. I think it is stress that ages us. Thanks for stopping by.
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