Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Tables for Christmas finished

My 7 finished tables. Also shown closed up so you can see what little room they take up. You will count 8 in all, but the one on the back right, over by itself, is just the trial one I made last fall just to see if I could do them. One alone in front of the router is also the test one. That unpainted sheetrock on the right side wall is now painted a powder blue. I got tired of seeing that wall and how the dust collects on it, so swept it off real well, then bought some stain-blocker primer paint to clean it up and already had a gallon of the powder blue paint in the cellar, so I used that to paint the front wall and that one side wall. Did that the past couple days. Today it rained hard all day, so I spent the day rearranging everything in the shop. Still not finished. The back and the right side have that thick board that doesn`t need painting. Looks much better now. I also tore out the old bench and have hopes of getting new 2x4`s to make a better more level one.
You will notice the standard with wheels under the scrollsaw on the right. Well, today I finally put the other two bases together and can now move the scrollsaw, bandsaw and router by putting them up on their wheels. Now I can push them back to the wall out of the way to have more room for using the table saw. With the base standards that can go up onto wheels, it will be much easier for me to pull out whatever one I need to use and push it back when I am finished with it. I just won`t put a standard with wheels under the table saw even though the bases sit level on the floor when the wheels are raised. .
Still haven`t replaced the first window on the left, but hopefully will get it done later this week. As you can see I have the large double wide window on the back and three windows on the side that I can open when staining if the weather is nice. It should look better and be healthier out there when I get finished and warmer in the winter as I also sealed all around the bottom of the sheetrock where the sheetrock and floor come together. Every little bit helps the electric bill in the winter, as I use an electric oil filled space heater to heat it in Winter.

those tables are soo cute
Those tables are really cute.you are so talented.
thanks you November rain!

Thanks you Starry night!

I am glad you both liked them. I hope my kids also like them when they get them for Christmas. One more thing finished. When you have as large a family as I do, (children, their mates, grandkids and their mates, and great grandkids, plus sisters and brothers and their mates) . you do have to shop year around to be sure you don`t miss anyone.
DOT DEAR - YOU'VE JUST BEEN TAGGED! HAVE FUN!! :) (questions at my blog)
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