Saturday, August 12, 2006


My Shop

This is what it looks like in my shop right now. All the boards I sanded and stained yesterday and the day before are laid on their sides to give me more room to place all the boards that I sanded and started staining today. My small table business in progress.

The first picture above and the last one on the left side are the finished ones turned sideways and pushed together for more room. The 2nd and 3rd picture are the ones laid showing width of boards and are the ones I worked on today. Hoping to get the 2nd coat of stain on the ones in the third picture (top right) tomorrow and start the other side of the ones in the 2nd (middle) picture. Had to push all three saws back to get enough room to work in. As you can see i even used empty boxes for more work surface.

I see Santa's workshop is in full swing.
It looks like you are ready to assemble the tables as soon as the stain dries

I am here, from Neermathalam's blog! Roamed about a bit, fed Champ, and had a good read. I shall be back to dig into those archives, and read much more!!

Glad to have found this place!
Take Care!
Hi Walker, Not quite redy. I did go out and put the 1st coat of stain on the back of those on the blue box, plus the lighter ones on the long table. I am hoping to get the 2 nd coat on later this afternoon and maybe the 2nd coat onto the other side tomorrow and get them re-sanded. Then they should be ready for all the screw drilling holes. OH, yes, I still have the stining to do on all 7 short pieces of oak Dowels, but I find things like that easier to do by screwing a screw into one end and using string to hang them under the top frame of my wood extender that I use to hold the other end of the long boards when I am sawing. It has the open top with just the sections of ball bearings going across the top for the boards to slid across with.
But I am slowly getting done. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.
Hi Velu nair, Thanks for stopping by. I will be out to also check out your blog.
is it ready or will still take some time? anyway, All The Very Best ;)
Dew Drop, There is still a bit to do before I can start assembling them. I went out and added a coat of polyurethane on all the boards- all 180 of them. I counted them out of curiosity. Noticed I still will need I more leg cut as I had origionally counted my pattern leg before and I want to keep the pattern pieces. But, it is getting closer every day.
Dot, thank you so much for stopping by with get well wishes...I'm doing great. Your comment was very much appreciated. I hope you are having a good day. :)
That's all YOUR work?? My goodness dot ... you're amazing!!! Keep up the GREAT work!! :)
What are you making? The wood is beautiful :-) Looks like a lot of work.

Have a great day!
Was not around you a few days. Your work is absolutly amazing, dot!

Where do you get this energy from ?
Monica, so glad to see you back. Hope you are taking it a bit easy for a while longer until you are back feeling like your old self again. Quite an ordeal to go thru. Wishing you the best.
Thanks, I Love Munich. Yes it is all my work with lots more to get done. Hope you are finding things you love to enjoy doing. Life goes by much too fast.
They say Idle hands are the Devils workshop. Well, busy hands is my workshop. :):)
Thanks Karen. Yes it is a lot of work, but it`s not truly work when you enjoy doing it. My hands sometimes get a bit stiff or my back will start aching from bending so long and I have to quit for a whilt. But in a couple hours I will be able to get back out and get more done.
Making some small tables for my kids for Christmas. I made one last Dec. to see if I could do it. You can see a picture of it if you check under my Dec. 7, 05. Now I am making 6 more if I have good luck.
Hi Jack. Who has energy? HaaHaa!
I think boredom takes more out of you than working does. Got one finished yesterday,one done today and now on the third one. Will finish it as soon as my back say "OK". Have muscle relaxers that work where no pain meds ever did. Just one problem, can`t operate car or saws while taking them and I want to get more done before I quit today.
You know me, I am just too stuborn to give up and sit. Are you smiling???
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