Thursday, August 17, 2006


My extension table to hold long boards

WOW! I added the picture three tomes before it finally appeared.

Now I know I am tired when writing "time" ends up reading "tome". Actually, my crocked fingers playing havoc on me again and skipping the "i" and hitting the "o" beside it.
I`m off to do more work on the third table.
Have a wonderful day everyone!!!
It was really tough for me to clear carpentery workshop exams..I had a hardtime in making dovetail joints and all...when i was doing my engineering.
nice to see your detailed blog about your work.
i can't say i thoroughly enjoi ur writing but i do enjoi n envy the spirit behind it..
neermathalam, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I never had to pass any tests because what I didn`t learn from my Dad I had to learn the hard way- by doing and sometimes redoing to get things looking right. Would have been much easier if I had someone to show me the right way the first time. If I was younger, I might have gone to our local College to learn more. But, at my age I work much slower than they would in College. One thing about woodworking is that once you learn something you seldom forget it and you do a better job if you need to repeat it. I`m no pro, but what I do is good enough to suit me and please those I make things for. Had a friend of my oldest brother ask me if he could hire me to do some work at his house for him. He liked what he had seen that I had done. I told him I didn`t consider myself good enough to work for others. He has the money to hire the best and shouldn`t settle for what I am able to do. As my Dad used to say- I`m a jack of all trades, but master of none of them.
I'm so impressed every time I read your posts. You're such a handy woman.

Thanks for visiting, both my Mom and me :-)

I've actually written a post now about "My lost garden", if you care to read about it.

I have a picture of an Iris there that I'm not sure of it's name, maybe you have a clue?
lifecruiser, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will surely come to your blog as I would love to see your garden.
That is lovely, Dot !
I love it.
Came back to say that you are not the jack of all trades but I am.

My name is misused. LOL
Jac, my Dads real first name was Frederick and most called him either Fred- by all those he repaired cars for- (a mechanist at work and a mechanic in evenings at home and everything else that needed repairing at home)or farmer at the mill as they knew he had a cow, pig chickens and Mothers garden(when I was young). But all his own Family called him Jack. I never thought to ask anyone where they got the Jack from. So, he was known as Jack by family and close friends and he was a jack of all trades and master in his machinest mill job ( according to those at work) and master mechanic at home in his evenings and spare time ( people just kept bragging after he fixed their vehicle and word of mouth kept him loaded with more and more to repair). He even repaired a neighbors truck the day before he died at almost 73 yrs of age. But he always said he was jack of all trades, but master of none of them. Thought you might get a kick out of this - a Fred called jack!
were you named after someone special?
that is one thing i do not have dot. i have a table that my miter saw sets on and it is portable but it does not have rollers. yours looks real good. you should get your own t.v. program. it would be very interesting.
awww ... we try supload or tinypic

when blogger acts up with pictures
Oh YEs... I have gone crazy at times too, when Blogger acts funny with pics!! Great to see them up here anywayz!!

Oh YEs... I have gone crazy at times too, when Blogger acts funny with pics!! Great to see them up here anywayz!!

Mr haney, this standard isn`t connected to any of my saws it is a separate item that I bought to help me with the weight of the long boards where they hang so far off the end of saw table. Was getting way to hard to hold all that weight up so it stayed even with the height of the tble so the board would glide smoothly thru the saw. Much safer having both hands free to guide the boards thru the saw. You know how it grabs if the board ends are not held up even with the saw table. This item holds the end of the longer board where the board end hangs far from the saw table. A great help for anyone who works with table saws and lengths of wood. Rollers are a great help.
November rain, thanks for the tip. Thanks for caring enough to leave your idea, and thanks for stopping by. Nice seeing you again.

Valu nair, It`s always nice knowing others sometimes have the same problems. Makes someone my age feel that the reason they are having problems isn`t because they are not smart enough. Tells me that Others sometimes have the same problem posting pictures. Funny how most times the pics post great and then there is that next time when the pics just make you wonder if it is worth all the trouble. As you can see, i am stubborn when it comes to doing something and I don`t give up trying easily.
Mr Haney, Did you know there are bases with wheels to set under saws and other things. The base allows you to step on pedals to raise the saw up onto the wheels for moving and then you just lower it off the wheels to allow it to sit flat off the wheels. I won`t add one under my table saw or my band saw, but have one under the scrowl saw table. I also bought one to put under the router table, but haven`t taken time to add it on there yet.
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