Thursday, August 17, 2006


my Extender standard

If you work with wood, you probably have seen this extension standard. It is used to hold the other end of long boards when you are cutting them on the table saw. When opened up I have it adjusted to match the exact height of my table saw standard. The roller balls on the top surface spin to allow the boads to roll along as they go thru the cutting process . It sure has made it possible for me to keep working with some larger boards, so I waste less wood. It was getting way too hard for me to hold up the longer ends and keep them level while pushing the boards thru the saw blade at the same time. Since I didn`t want to quit wood working I knew I had to find something to hold the heavy long ends up even while I was cutting them.

In the picture the standard is partly closed up to give me more working space. my reason for showing the extender table is to show you I also use it for other things besides supporting boards. I often need a place to hang some items so I can stain or paint them entirely at one time.
Hanging on the extension table you will see 7 short sections of dowels that I hung and stained yesterday.
I just take a screw and screw it into one end of the dowel, tie a string to the screw and drape the string across the top of the extension table and then tie the other end of the string to another screw in another dowel and let it hang down on the other side. . That separates the dowels so they don`t touch each other while drying. The reason I use one string for two dowels is -this way you don`t have to tie the string to the frame, no unting when done and just unscrew the screws from the dowels to remove the string and put the strings and screws away till I need them for another project. Best to hang them so they don`t get tangled. No wasted string or screws. Works great. I used to hang them other places, but found it easy to move them with the table if they get in the way where I am working. Actually the extension table top lays flat for holding boards. I just closed up one side a ways and thats why it is on a slant now. Both sides close up and the bottom legs close together for less room needed when storing.
Well, enough about this extension table with the rollers. here is the picture of it:

I see it didn`t publish the picture. so i will try again to add the picture.
I haven't seen this (the bottom picture before) so I guess that's cause I don't work with wood. :) However, that top one of the rocking horse is too cute. OK, not a rocking horse but a horse and girl and it IS too cute. :)

Have a great weekend.
Monica, A friend in one of the sites I belong to made the horse and girl one for me. She knew I liked Horses. I have many that others have made for me over the years.
The bottom picture is just showing how I was able to hang the Dowel sections for painting. The item they are hanging from is just a tall standard with a wide top that has large ball bearing type sections. The bottom legs open wide so it doesn`t tip over. When cutting a long board the end of the board away from the saw can sit on this standard and as you push the other end of the board thru the cutting saw, the ball bearing rollers roll along allowing that end of the board to glide along over the rollers while supporting that end of the long boards to keep it level with the saw table.
Hope I haven`t confused you even more.
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