Friday, July 07, 2006


pineapple cake recipe correction

Hi everyone, I just noticed that I spelled the word sugar wrong.

It reads sugatr (suga"t"r). Sorry for hitting two keys at once.

It should have read 2 cups sugar.

Wanted to correct this error before i took off for the week-end to attend a Nephews wedding.
Have a great week-end everyone. I will be back sometime Sunday, if too late than i will be posting on Monday.

hurry back dot so you can tell us all about it. you are a very busy person. don't you ever rest. your as bad as i am.
Mr haney, I got back Sunday evening, and still feeling a bit tired. I will tell you more after I get rested up more. Very nice wedding. Took the almost 4 hours drive out Friday afternoon and the 3-4 hours drive home yesterday.
Yes, I am as bad as you are as I seldom just sit and rest. No fun when there is noone to sit with. Don`t you agree that your wife is what makes your sitting resting more enjoyable?
Thanks for dropping by again.
Thanks Jac for understanding my spelling error. That happens often with the arthritis in my fingers. I always re-read before publishing, but still I miss some of the errors. Sometimes I am in a hurry and don`t take the time to use the spelling corrector.
Drop by my blog again and have a great vacation yourself.
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